Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Starlight and Sparkles Polish Duochrome Top Coats Swatches and Review

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Good morning, dear readers, and happy hump day! I have some gorgeous duochrome top coats made by Starlight and Sparkles Polish, and they are AH-MAZING! I love these types of polishes, and I am always taken back at just how much they can transform your base colour. Since these polishes are frequently shown swatched over black, I wanted to wear coloured undies (hehe) to really show off how you can wear these beauties. The formula on all of these was perfect: not too thick or thin, and I had no application issues at all. They all applied very smoothly and dried quickly. On to the swatches!

Dragon (1 coat) over Color Club Artsy Crafty (2 coats)
Dragon flashes from a bronzey gold to a green, so of course I had to layer this over a dark green. There are also flashes of orange and teal, and you'll have to click on the photos to see the enlargements in order to see them. Unfortunately you can only really see these flashes on the finger tips and the blurred nail that is out of focus. 

Phoenix (1 coat) over Julep Alicia (2 coats)
Phoenix is supposed to flash from red to green to gold, but I didn't see any of the green in the colour shift. Perhaps this combination wasn't conducive to showing off all three colours, but it definitely brought my boring base to life! I'll have to play around with more base colours to get the full shift, but I absolutely love the effect it had over Alicia.

Unicorn (1 coat) over Zoya Breezi (2 coats)
As I was doing these swatches, I didn't think I could out-do my love of the previous combinations, but this one took the cake. Unicorn changes from green to blue with flashes of indigo and turquoise, and my camera just could not capture the awesomeness of this polish. Boo! This colour combination reminds me of the ocean, and hopefully these photos can convince you this is an amazing top coat.

I was very impressed with these polishes, and now I just want to put them on top of everything!

These and other gorgeous polishes can be purchased at the Starlight and Sparkles etsy shop. Keep an eye out of my blog where I review some of the holos!

Do you like duochrome top coats? What would you layer them over?

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  1. Beautiful! I think Phoenix is my favorite, but you made all 3 look phenomenal!

  2. These are such pretty polishes!

  3. Very, very pretty! Loving the first combo the most.

  4. These are really interesting and look very pretty!


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