Saturday, April 5, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Spring 2014 Holos

Good morning, dear readers! It look like it is going to be a beautiful day here (knock on wood), and what could be better to share than holo polishes! For today's post, I have the holographic polishes that are part of the Colors by Llarowe Spring 2014 lineup to share. Leah Ann release quite a few, so here comes a bunch of photos! So I don't sound like a broken record, I'll just tell you now that the formula was perfect on these. I personally didn't find them too thick to work with and they all dried very quickly for me. I used two coats for all these photos.

My Big Girl Panties
I'm not sure what I like more about My Big Girl Panties- the colour itself or the name. It is bright and springy, and just WOW.

Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle was the biggest surprise of this set. In the bottle on a grey day, the polish looks like a simple charcoal-grey, but in the sun, it just comes to life on the nails with this amazing blue hue. Even if you have other grey polishes in your collection, Concrete Jungle is a must have for every collection!

Lucy, I'm Home!
Lucy, I'm home! was another interesting polish for me. It looks like a medium red in the bottle and in the swatches I had seen thus far, so I was surprised at how pink it looked against my olive skin tone. I totally dig the colour, and I'll be painting this on my toes later today!

The Mighty Red Baron
I'm so glad Leah Ann released this rich red shade! I've been wanting a nice dark red that wasn't too vampy in my collection, and The Mighty Red Baron fits the bill perfectly! I tend to not wear dark reds over the spring and summer, but I can see myself making exceptions for this beauty.

Young Turks
A bright turquoise, Young Turks is THE colour I think of when I think of spring. I love shades that remind me of the tropics, and Young Turks does just that. It's a great colour for both spring and summer, and if you're a blue fan, you're going to want this baby.

Deanna, It's Blue!
Why yes, yes it is blue! And what a blue it is! I love that it is a medium-dark shade of blue- it's dark enough that nothing could describe it better than just the word "blue". I've not had my coffee yet so I'm probably not making any sense (sorry, readers!), but trust me, it's gorgeous and you need it!

In A Different Dimension
I knew I would love In A Different Dimension when I first heard it was a teal holographic polish, but I was still blown away when I first saw it. The green shimmer in this polish adds a level of depth and complexity that just took my breath away. This is another must-have for any collection!

House of Blues
I couldn't have bought my new camera at a better time than before having to photograph this blurple beauty. My other camera would have screamed curses at me before photographing it in either blue or purple, but my new one was able to capture the combo shade perfectly. The only problem you'll have with this polish is having people ask you all the time whether it is blue or purple!

These gorgeous polishes are about to be stocked within the hour at Harlow & Co., but don't fret if you miss out. They are also going to sold as a preorder some time next week at The exact date and time of the presale has not been announced, so be sure to follow Llarowe on Facebook to find out when these and other amazing polishes are available.  

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful weekend! <3


  1. Oh my good gosh! I don't know how she does it, by Llarowe does the most stunning holos!

  2. Holy smokes these are insanely pretty! Great swatches!

  3. Oh no my wallet is crying - these are all stunning. Love all of them!

  4. those are so beautiful! I need a red and pink holo for my collection. Great Swatches!

  5. CbL really can put other holo polishes to shame!


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