Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Comparison post: CbL Oops and Luke, I am Your Father

Good morning, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well and you are having a wonderful day! I just have a quick comparison post for you today. In a previous post, I wore a Colors by Llarowe polish from in a mystery grab bag. At the time, I had mentioned that it was believed to be fairly comparable to the new Luke, I am Your Father from the May A Box, Indied, but at the time, I had not yet seen any photos of the two polishes side-by-side. Now that I have both polishes in my hands, I thought you might appreciate a follow up post. Let's check it out!
Both shades are dark and holographic, and while that may be enough to say they have some relation, they are definitely different polishes. Oops has a navy blue colouring whereas the Oops is far more black. Luke also has black flakes that aren't the most obvious when the polish is opaque, but they are certainly very present when you put on the first coat. Oops is also more pigmented; depending on how thickly you apply your polish, you may find you only need a single coat of this particular Oops whereas Luke is more sheer and will require a second coat. Both shades are lovely!

I hope you've enjoyed today's quick comparison post! Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day! XO!

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  1. Different, yes, but I don't think they are different enough so I would need both of them. I would buy Luke because of the name :)


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