Thursday, May 7, 2015

SuperChic Lacquer: High Voltage Neon Chromes Collection

Good afternoon, dear readers! I hope you are having a wonderful day and week so far! The weekend is SO CLOSE, and I hope you have fun plans for it as well. I'm personally looking forward to some quality play time with my toddler for Mother's Day, especially since this week seems to have filled up with more errands than usual. I remember there being a time where all I wanted was to be an adult, and now I have moments where I wish I could just be a kid again. I suppose the grass really always does look greener on the other side... I digress, so let me focus back to today's blog post. I have the upcoming High Voltage Collection by SuperChic Lacquer to share with you!
Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

These eight polishes are intense bright chrome shade finishes featuring neon reflective glow with strong linear holographic effects. I found the formulas to be the same for all the polishes in the collection, so rather than sound like a broken record and repeat myself eight times, let me tell you my thoughts on them now. The formula is fantastic! It's a little on the thinner side than what I normally work with, so I did have to work just a tad slower and be mindful of cuticle flooding, but these polishes all applied like a dream. The dry time is also amazing. I would no sooner have the first coat applied to all my nails when the first nail I painted was dry and I could immediately put on the second coat. I am a busy mom, so I definitely appreciate the quick dry time! Each of these eight polishes were opaque with two coats, and they are shown below without topcoat. Now, onwards for more photos!

Caution: Hazardous zone beyond this point! This amplified lemonade may result in char-cution!

Hot Finger
This shocking pink blazes with an intense touch of fiery glowing amperage.

Hold onto your manis, this illuminated electrical storm of purple lightening is sure to whirl you right into tomorrow.

Live Wire
Imagine for a moment an intense lime shade that comes to life when super-charged to maximum voltage.

Reverse Polarity
A coppery flash of tangerine that glows within a hot mis-wired socket.

Short Circuit
This magnificent flaming hot blue sparks and zaps fiercely and uncontrollably.

The ultimate arc of electrified blue-green infuses this incredible turquoise to it's magnificence and perfection.

This radiant blue overloads every circuit to the brink with an intense deep glow of periwinkle.

I am totally loving these vibrant shades! I keep trying to pick out my favorites to end this post, but I'm really having a hard time doing so. Jewel-coloured holos? Sign me up!

The High Voltage Collection is scheduled to launch May 8th at 4PM PST on the WonderBeauty Etsy shop here and the new SuperChic Lacquer online boutique here. That's tomorrow! All of these polishes will retail for $10 each. Be sure to follow WonderBeauty/SuperChic Lacquer on Facebook here, Instagram here, and on Twitter here! I suspect you'll be seeing these again here as I was inspired to create a nail art look, and I hope I can pull it off!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll claim ya, tomorrow......uh, I better stop before my dog starts howling.....
Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! I always love your swatches so much!

  2. By chance would you be interested in selling these? I'll pay full price!


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