Friday, December 4, 2015

China Glaze: Cheers! Holiday Collection

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Happy Friday, dear readers! It has been such a busy week here at the Jedi household! With the first week of December rushing to a close, I have been working fervently on craft projects. I am happy to report that I have already finished making most of the items I had planned for gifting and I've even started getting some shipped out! It feels so good to be ahead of schedule and able to enjoy a more relaxed holiday for a change!

I'm sure I'm not the only one enjoying the holiday bustle right now, and I thought today would be the perfect time to share the new China Glaze Cheers! collection released for this holiday season. Because I so rarely wear a single polish shade on my nails, I wanted to do something a little differently with this collection and show how I would to combine these shades for a colourful nail look. By using two or more colours on different nails, you end up with something more exciting without the time needed for elaborate nail art. Let's check out the collection!

This combination is all about the red! While I like these colours on their own, sometimes the deeper oxblood red is too dark and the brighter red is a little, well, bright depending on my mood. I love having these two shades together in general, and I especially love that they have different finishes! Mixing different finishes is something I just NEED to do; it adds a fabulous dimension to your nails!

Colours used

Wine Down for What?
Rich red crème

Two coats
Fantastic formula to work with!

Peppermint to Be
Glittering ruby shimmer

Two coats
Flawless formula!

I preferred this pairing more when I had the bottles next to each other. I do love each of these nail polishes though so they'll be getting a lot of love this holiday season even if they aren't worn like this!

Colors Used

Better Not Pout
Merry berry pearl

Two coats
Great formula!

Ugly Sweater Party
Multi-dimensional red glitter

Three coats
Easy to work with and great glitter dispersal. This would be great as a single coat layered over a similar shade too!

If the holiday blues are bringing you down, try adding a touch of green and a lot of sparkle to cheer you up! I am going gaga for this polish combination! Apparently combining darker shades with a brighter one is my thing right now!

Colours Used

Don't Get Elfed Up
Glistening deep emerald shimmer

Two coats
Great formula!

I Soiree I Didn't Do It
Bright and cheery green glitter

Three coats
This is photographing darker here in the single nail shot. Formula was great and easy to work with. This would be great layered over a similar shade too!

Colours Used

Mix and Mingle
Vivid deep purple crème

Two coats
Perfect formula!

Break the Ice
over Mix and Mingle
Icy prismatic silver glitter

Two coats dabbed onto the nail
The formula is quite thin. Next time I wear this, I'm going to sponge it on so the sponge can absorb some of the excess clear lacquer.

Brand Sparkin' New Year
Deep prismatic purple glitter

Three coats
Great formula to work with! This can also be layered over a similar colour if you prefer using fewer coats but want to avoid visible nail line.

I often end up wearing black and either gold or silver for my New Year's Eve manicure; this year I'm thinking of adding just a little more colour to the combination. I haven't fully committed to this combination yet, but I do like the brightness that this red-orange shade adds to the mix.

Colours Used

Coal Hands, Warm Heart
Midnight blue holographic glitter

Three coats
Formula was easy to work with a glitters spread nicely over the nail. This is another shade that would be great layered over a similar shade.

Son of a Nutcracker
Fiery red-orange pearl

Three coats
Fabulous formula!

Bring on the Bubbly
Gleaming gold glitter

One coat plus a little extra dabbing where bare
Nice formula and a good amount of glitter with each coat!

This is such a fun and festive collection for the holiday season! I love the range of finishes to choose from, and it will make for some fun nail art!

The China Glaze Cheers! holiday collection is available at fine beauty supply stores including Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply. MSRP is $7.50 for individual shades.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. These are all paired perfectly - and I love all of them! Beautiful collection!

  2. You did a great job pairing these polishes together. And I need peppermint to Be and Better not Pout.

  3. Love this whole collection so much. I'm waiting for mine to arrive in the mail.

    1. It is is beautiful collection- you won't be disappointed!


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