Thursday, December 24, 2015

Darling Diva Polish: The Force Collection

Good morning, dear readers! I have been trying to get this post together since Tuesday and have hit so many delays. Rather than chit chat, I'm going to jump right in; I don't want to be delayed any longer from sharing some amazingly beautiful polishes with you! Let's do this!

The Force Collection by Darling Diva Polish consists of eight stunning shades with fabulous finishes.  I hope you're sitting down because these are glorious! On to the swatches!

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're My Only Hope!
This soft white polish is full of blue shimmer and holo sparkle. This is on the thin side so either needs to be layered over white, or built to the required opacity. My recommendation is to build it. Seriously the way the blue shimmer and the holo sparkle build up is gorgeous.

Ahhh! I normally shy away from white polishes, but HMOWK,YMOH (yes, I'm taking a shortcut with the name here) is to die for! This polish is so soft and delicate, and I adore its ethereal look. This was the first polish I swatched, and I was immediately inspired to create the nail art in my previous post. You need this one. Seriously, even if you don't normally wear white polishes, you're going to want this dainty shade on your nails! The formula was fantastic even though the pigmentation was on the sheer side. I used three coats and still have a hint of visible nail line in these photos.

Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder!
This complex brick red holo is full of sparkle and depth!

Oh Han, I'm sure Leia didn't mean it! Well..... I tend to be drawn to red shades this time of year, and this dark brick shade is perfection! It's a nice break from the lighter and brighter reds generally seen over the holidays, but it still works if you want something just a little different. It also has that perfect slightly vampy edge for sexy New Year's Eve nails to go with your fabulous attire. Or pajamas in my case as I inspect my eyelids at midnight. The formula was really smooth and easy to work with, and I used two coats for these swatch photos.

This warm brown polish is full of shimmer and holo spark. This is seriously my favorite of the collection because I am a HUGE Chewbacca fan:) It had to be perfect!!!

No Star Wars collection is complete without a polish made to celebrate Chewbacca! Chewie is one of my favorite characters, and he is sadly left out of a lot of Star Wars memorabilia. Of course those that grew up watching Star Wars are making sure to give the Wookiee the attention he rightfully deserves. As for the polish, it is definitely perfect for Chewie! It is also perfect for this time of year when it's cold outside (although it's uncharacteristically warm in some places right now)- it's just so cozy! Like the others in the collection, the formula was fantastic and easy to work with; I used two coats for these swatch photos.

I'd Just As Soon Kiss a Wookie
One of my all time favorite lines from the series :) This berry polish is packed full of holo flakies. Because of the irregular size of the flakies they may need an extra coat of topcoat for that glassy smooth finish.

While I'm raving about a love of Chewbacca, why not continue on with it, haha! I am crazy about the finish of this polish; it's glorious! I would love to have a rainbow of polishes that look like this (hint hint, nudge nudge, DDP)! This shade is gorgeous, and it just might make you want to kiss a Wookiee! I had no trouble with the formula whatsoever, and I used three coats plus top coat for these photos.

Sith Lady
Sith Lady is a gorgeous multichrome that shifts from red through to gold. Add to this a healthy dose of holographic flakes and you have a polish fit for a Sith Lady.

*sigh* Only two photos here since I just realized I didn't even take a close up photo of this polish when I had it on. At least my close-up photos kinda suck so you aren't missing much, right? That's definitely something I strive to work on and improve in 2016- I am determined to make it work! Or maybe it's my subconscious not letting me be a Sith Lady.... Whatever the case may be, this is still a beautiful polish! I am wearing it alone in three coats here, and I want to layer this over a similar shade next! It's truly a stunning polish fit for any Sith Lady!

I Know
This gorgeous berry linear holo is studded with contrasting glitter accents.

Han Solo is arguably my favorite character from the Star Wars series. Perhaps it's because I can identify with a fellow smart @ss. It's a side of me I try to keep under wraps from on the blog as the written word can easily be misconstrued, but those that know me well love me for this characteristic. I think. Or maybe not. Either way, even non-Star Wars fans are familiar with this famous line. As for the polish namesake, I Know is sure to be a popular shade from the collection. The base berry shade is a pretty colour, but it is the additional contrasting colour accents that really win my heart. Polish, I love you so much! At least it knows! The formula was superb; the glitters spread nicely without any clumping issues. I used two coats plus top coat for these photos.

And another shot I took and love because I can. 

May the Force Be With You
over Zoya Snow White and Lillian
This polish is full of color shifting flakies and holo flakies in a lightly tinted base. If you missed out on Eleganza this is the polish for you.

Huzzah for colour changing flakies! Darling Diva Polish definitely makes beautiful flakie toppers, and this is so fitting for this collection! I love how they look over lighter colours in particular, although it does make photographing them difficult for me. Even with the tinted base, my white base polish still looks white with just a single coat of May the Force Be With You. The formula was nice and easy to work with, and I used one coat over the base shades for these photos.

Jedi Knight
This one has it all, multichrome, flakies, holo..........It needs to be seen in all its glory in order to appreciate it. This gorgeous polish shifts from blue to red, with complementing flakies.

Wowza! Jedi Knight is gorgeous, and these photos just do not do it justice! It is definitely one of my favorite shades from the collection, and not because of Luke Skywalker. I always have a hard time choosing a favorite finish since I love them all; this is perfect so I don't have to pick! This polish is exquisite and definitely another must have from the collection. The formula was flawless; I used three coats for these photos.

And this needed to be done!

I don't think I could pick a single favorite polish from this collection. All eight polishes are beautiful and even without the awesome inspiration, I'm convinced you need them all. I like that this collection includes multichromes, holos and flakies; there is something for everyone to enjoy!

The Force Collection is currently available for purchase at the Darling Diva Polish shop here. After the business of the holiday season, go ahead and pick up a bottle or eight to start out the new year! The power of the Force compels you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. Really solid collection, but my favorite is I'd rather kiss a wookie! I just love how those holographic flakes play against the berry base.

  2. The collection fits so well with your blog's name ;))

  3. These are all so pretty but I love I Know the best.


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