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Darling Diva Polish: Deadpool Collection Swatches and Review

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Happy Friday, dear readers! I've been home for several days from my trip to Orlando, but life has been insane, hence the limited posts this week. My baby is currently sick and does not want to be put down, so I am taking advantage of his nap time and getting this written. Let's jump in!


Due to the nature of this collection, many of the polish names may be offensive to some readers. Please proceed with caution or avoid this post if profanity and sexual innuendoes are offensive to you.

Darling Diva Polish has created yet another fabulous collection! Launching this evening, this collection was inspired by Deadpool. Deadpool is a Marvel Comic character with quite a mouth. A film was made featuring Ryan Reynolds and has been a major blockbuster hit. Now let's get to the polish! 

These colours are beautiful, so I hope you're able to stick around to see what Darling Diva Polish has in store for the polish community. I am not going to be editing the names and descriptions provided. If you're still here with me, let's do this! After another warning, of course, since we're starting off with a doozy, lol!

Due to the nature of this collection, many of the polish names may be offensive to some readers. Please proceed with caution or avoid this post if profanity and sexual innuendoes are offensive to you.

Sexy Motherfucker
One coat plus top coat

This red holo is just what the name says, one sexy motherfucker. If you want to be as sexy as Deadpool, wrinkles and all, you NEED this polish to live.

That's right, dear readers, I only needed ONE COAT for opacity! It is a gorgeous red polish with a fabulous formula; I'd say it suits the name perfectly!

Big Rubber Masturbating Shoes

Three coats plus top coat

Brilliant cobalt crelly. Best in 3 thin coats. Looks just like his dead sexy crocs. Crocs can be dead sexy. Stuffed unicorn and Jergen's lotion not included.

This blue is beautiful and dries to a lovely satiny finish without topcoat. I am loving this shade and the formula! I have some fun plans with this beauty!

As Much Fun as a Sandpaper Dildo
Three coats plus top coat

Baby pink with blue sparks and holo shimmer. Best in 3 thin coats. I mean look at it. It really is as much

I'm not sure that a sanddpaper dildo would be much fun, but this colour certainly is! It pulls a little lavender on me because of the blue sparks and is stunning! Great formula for application!

One coat plus top coat

Teal holo reminiscent of Ajax detergent colors. Get it? ITS HILARIOUS....really.

Another one coat wonder! This shade is beautiful, and I am swooning over the extra pops of blue against the teal base. The formula was superb!

All the Dinosaurs Fear the T-Rex 
Three coats plus top coat

SUPER dead sexy fuschia holo. Walk around like a T Rex while wearing this, I bet you get hit on. Best in 3 thin coats.

While you're going around acting like a T Rex, I hope you find a good manicurist. With those stubby arms, you certainly won't be painting your nails yourself! This shade is so glamourous, and the formula is perfect!

Smells Like Old Lady Pants
Three coats plus top coat

Lovely light grey soft holo with blue shimmer and NO old lady scent. Ew. Just no.

I must admit I was so glad I stayed home when I wore this shade so I wouldn't have anyone asking me the name, lol! I already get eyebrows raised with one hand painted on occasion and the constant rotation of colours. The formula was fantastic although it did not play nicely with HK Girl topcoat. Adding the topcoat caused the odd wrinkling effect seen here.

What in the Ass?
Two coats plus top coat

Amazing warm purple holo. I use this line at least once per day. STILL cracks me up. Just don't say it to your husband, they'd think it's a request.....Best in 3 thin coats.

I admit it, I tend to swear a lot, but I am really good about not doing so around my kids. What in the ass makes me laugh as well and is a favorite expression of mine. I actually found this polish to be quite opaque, and I only needed two coats for opacity. If you tend to paint with thick coats, you may find that one will suffice. Great formula for a great polish!

International Women's Day
Three coats without top coat

Bright pink crelly. Best in 3 thin coats. BWHAHAHAHAAA I kill myself. Really. This is a brilliant color for this name.

This pink is gorgeous! This is the same satiny finish as seen in Big Rubber Masturbating Shoes, and it is so pretty! The formula is fantastic as well!

Time to Make the Chimifuckingchangas
layered over original version of International Women's Day
One coat plus top coat

Flakie fucking goodness in a bottle with scattered holo excitement!!! FLAKIE ALL THE SHIT!!!!

I just love flakie toppers, and Darling Diva Polish does them better than anyone! If you want extra flashes of colour over your favorite base shade, this polish is for you! I swatched this over the original version of International Women's Day when it was planned to be a darker pink; please note that the lighter version shared above is the current one that will be released. Time to Make Chimifuckingchanges applied easily and perfectly, even with all that flakie goodness!

Crown of Dicks
Three coats plus top coat

Intense purple shimmer with pink and blue micro flakes. Get it for the name if nothing else.

This colour is so pretty, and these photos just don't do it justice! There is so much sparkle in this beauty! Again, I had the odd wrinkled effect after I added HK Girl topcoat, and the wrinkling is NOT from the Darling Diva Polish.

The Deadpool Collection will be released Friday, April 8th at 7 pm CST in Darling Diva Polish's shop.

There are so many great shades to choose from, and I love the variety of finishes! There is certainly something for everyone, if you can get past the names, that is!

Do you have a favorite shade from this collection? What ones do you need? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. I haven't seen Deadpool yet, so the names don't necessarily mean anything to me, but I think they're hilarious and all the colors are really pretty; it's hard to a choose a favorite!

  2. So here's something I'd never thought I'd say--I love Crown Of Dicks! And after seeing this collection, I believe I need to see Deadpool. ;-)

  3. Gorgeous swatches! Those names had me cracking up and blushing at the same time. Old lady pants,cod and the flakie topper are my favorites.

  4. I knew this would be a great post when I read "Deadpool" and saw the content advisory notice. :-D The polish names and this post did not disappoint! Excellent job with this. <3

  5. I love Crown of Dicks!! I haven't seen the movie yet :(

  6. Loved the movie, love this collection and love your review! My favorites are definitely International Women's Day and Big Rubber Masturbating Shoes.

  7. Wow these are all gorgeous polishes and the names are just brilliant! Sexy Mother (I just can't type the rest lol) is my favourite

  8. I have been craving polish names like this ever since Bitch by Jaclyn closed! I am off to grab a few.

  9. I'm usually a sucker for Carrie and Rick's polish names to begin with, but paired with this movie (I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard about it)..KILLER!! Amazing swatches!

  10. I need these polishes they are stunning! And the fact that there deadpool themed is the icing on the cake x

  11. Oh my gosh I love everything about these!!

  12. Omg this was hilarious to read!! Love all the shades!!!

  13. Omg this was hilarious to read!! Love all the shades!!!


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