Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher, Mental Health Advocacy, and Donations

Greetings, dear readers. As The Jedi Wife, I've been on the fence about writing this post given the news about Carrie Fisher's passing. It has certainly been a sad day here in the Sky Walker household because of it, and to be honest, I just didn't have the heart to write. While Ms. Fisher was best known for her role as Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan and later General Leia Organa, I would like to focus on Ms. Fisher the person rather than a fictional character. Carrie Fisher was a mental health advocate, inspired by her own struggles with bipolar disorder, and had even started this year to write in an advice column for the Guardian. Her final contribution to the column was addressing a young man that reached out to her about how to deal with bipolar disorder. Ms. Fisher was certainly the ideal person to respond to his letter, and she offered him some important advice on finding community for a sense of belonging.

"We have been given a challenging illness, and there is no other option than to meet those challenges. Think of it as an opportunity to be heroic – not “I survived living in Mosul during an attack” heroic, but an emotional survival. An opportunity to be a good example to others who might share our disorder. That’s why it’s important to find a community – however small – of other bipolar people to share experiences and find comfort in the similarities."

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I am writing about this on my blog, and this is the part that I hope is of interest to you. In May 2015, I shared this post sharing the Star Wars "May the Fourth Be With You" A Box, Indied polishes. The A Box, Indied box is no longer in existence, and two of the contributors to this box, Contrary Polish and Girly Bits Cosmetics, each created a shade inspired by Princess and General Leia. Both of these makers have very generously decided to sell their contributions to the box to raise funds for mental health awareness. Let's get a closer look at them!

Slavegirl Bikini
Contrary Polish
Blood red jelly polish with scattered gold and holographic shimmer/microglitter

100% of proceeds will be donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

I Like Big Buns
Girly Bits Cosmetics
A warm chocolate brown full of brown and wine shimmer and violet and blue sparks

100% of proceeds will be donated to the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. Pam will be selling the overpour bottles, and there are approximately 15 available for purchase. Shipping will resume on after the holidays starting January 4th.

Ninja Edit: It appears as though these have sold out quickly! Thank you everyone for your purchase and supporting this organization!

Many of us know someone affected with a mental illness, and it may even be yourself. Thank you to these makers for selling these polishes to raise funds to help support those that are affected. To Ms. Carrie Fisher, thank you, for being you and speaking out and giving support to others. Thank you also for touching our lives on screen. You will be sorely missed.

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