Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ever After Eyeshadows

Happy Saturday, dear readers! It was an early day around here since my toddler decided he just couldn't let his momma sleep in. I opted to just jump in on the day and we went to pick up donuts for the rest of the sleeping family and a large cup of coffee for me. All things considered, I'd say it has been an excellent day so far! Now to stop rambling and get my post written!

I've been a fan of Ever After Polish since I discovered the brand not too long after its launch, and I have been happy to watch the brand develop and add more products to the brand lineup in addition to nail polish. One of the more recent additions to the brand are gorgeous eyeshadows, and I have a few of them to share with you this morning. After confirming with Miranda, one of the makers behind the dynamic duo, that these eyeshadows were both eye AND lip safe, it was game on. Let's check out some of the colours and how I used them!

Once Upon a Dream: Burgundy with gold shimmer
over Trestique Chile Red

First eyeshadow up and it's on my lips! Once Upon a Dream is a gorgeous colour that looks fabulous as the intended eyeshadow, but with my toddlers severely impacting my sleep lately, it really exacerbates my tired eyes in spite of ample concealer use. Instead, I opted to wear in on my lips. I started off with Trestique Matte Lip Crayon in Chile Red, a beautiful bright red hue. This particular lip crayon has the tendency to feather without lipliner and doesn't have the lasting power I would like, and I opted to add a light dusting of Ever After's Once Upon a Dream to give me both the deeper colour I wanted and to help keep it in place longer. I wasn't too sure what to expect when I tried it out, but I am happy to report that this lip crayon stayed on for several hours because of the layering technique! I've got a rather sizable collection of red lipsticks (I just love the colour so much!) and I suspect Once Upon a Dream has just signed itself up to forever add gorgeous depth and sparkle to my lips.

Tale As Old As Time: 24Kt gold shimmer

Check it out! I actually am capable of putting eyeshadow on my eyes! Haha! Seriously though, Tale As Old As Time is such a beautiful golden hue, and it is going to be a staple in my holiday makeup looks this month! I have it shown here over my hooded *grumble* eyes by itself (other than eyeliner and mascara, of course) so you could really appreciate the shade. I wore this for a day look so I opted to not built it up, but you can definitely do so if you would like. Alternately, you can layer this over a super light base or pale primer (mine is closer to my skin colouring) or apply wet for even more KAPOW on your eyes.

Tale As Old As Time 
Center accent over MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen lipstick in Obi Orange

Another fun use for Tale As Old As Time is to add it over a lipstick for a glorious golden kiss on your pucker, pun intended! I opted to place it over the center of my lips here for a sunset-inspired look that was fun, but still very much wearable. You can definitely play around with shadow placement and layering to get a very different look. Now that I'm writing this post, I'm actually surprised I haven't paired this together with Once Upon a Dream on my lips yet! I guess I know how I'm doing my makeup tomorrow.....

Leather: Dark almost black used for shading and lining
Dreamer: Icy silver with a hint of blue and white sparkle
Lace: Ivory with just a hint of pink

I used Leather as my eyeliner for both the top and bottom, and I also added in Dreamer along the inner portion of my lower lash line for a brighter pop of colour.

I also used Dreamer on my eyelids, and while it was much more obvious to the eye, my camera somehow managed to cancel it out substantially. You can still see slight hints of the icy hue on my eyelid, but I am not happy with how it photographed. In addition to using it as eyeliner, Leather also went into my crease for a not-the-most-successful cut-crease look. It definitely was placed too low to be seen, especially since I have hooded eyes, but that is entirely my fault and has no bearing on the eyeshadow itself. I'm going to have to redo this eye look and actually make it look more finished as I was rushed to snap a couple photos and then run out the door. I used Lace to highlight my browbone.
And here is my "yuck, not another selfie" face of my final look with the previous eyeshadow combination. Next time it's getting paired with a different lippie as well!

These and other eyeshadows can be picked up at the Ever After website located here. There are currently 10 shades to choose from, including the brand new shades Naughty and Nice. I have no clue what the new colours look like, but I still bought them on Black Friday so share with you when they arrive. Each colour retails for $8.

Have you tried any of the Ever After eyeshadows or other non-polish products? Do you have any favorites? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I adore how you've used Tale As Old As Time on the lips. It is STUNNING!

  2. Each of these are gorgeous. I'm so impressed with the direction they've gone.

  3. These are fantastic and you look gorgeous!

  4. YES to the lipstick with gold glitter shadow! Looks amazing.

  5. You look amazing!!! I love that sunset lip combo!!! Stunning!!!

  6. Tale As Old As Time is so gorgeous - i really love it as a lip tint!!

  7. I love the orange layered lip look. Its fantastic!

  8. Don't think I could do make up reviews now lol. You look fabulous x

  9. I'm always afraid to put eyeshadow on my lips but ugh, it looks so gorgeous!

  10. WOW I love how you used Tale As Old As Time on your lips! Absolutely gorgeous!

  11. i've never tried this brand but it looks like they have some pretty colours!


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