Wednesday, December 7, 2016

That's a Wrap: November Empties

Happy hump day, dear readers! I don't have a lot of time this morning to write, so I'm just going to jump in on today's post. I'm running a little further behind in sharing my monthly empties posts than I would like, but at least I'm sticking with it for now!

I emptied quite a few containers last month, so let's jump on it, shall we?

Foaming Facial Cleanser
Sensitive Skin

This facial cleanser has been a staple in my skin care routine for as long as I can remember. The skin on my face is incredibly sensitive, and this is one of the only cleansers that has been able to clean my skin without making my face painfully red and swollen. It gently removes dirt and makeup, and I'm already on my next bottle.

Bath Dust
Scents of Fall

Oh yes, I actually got to have a little time to relax in the tub last month! The downside is I've been having terrible headaches, so soaking in the tub has been my escape from the loud toddler noises and the bright lights. This particular scent was perfect for fall and divine! This particular scent is no longer available on the Ever After website, but there are new seasonal scents to choose from. I've got a few more bags of fall-inspired scents so I'll be enjoying more soon!

Cuticle Oil
Pear Berry Scent

This is such a great cuticle oil, and I really love the small dropper! I have a *ahem* rather large cuticle oil stash right now, but this is definitely going on my "must buy list" when I start running low!

Veggie Protein Deodorant
Salem Scent

I was on the fence about posting this, in part because deodorant really isn't that interesting. Also, it never was finished. This is one of the products from the I Put A Spell On You Hocus Pocus-themed box from this past Halloween. I wore this a grand total of 3 times when I had to discontinue use because it made my armpits burn and it only stopped after another shower. The first time it happened I didn't even think about it being the deodorant, and it only crossed my mind the second time. The third time I knew better, but I still wanted to confirm before throwing it away. I've never had a reaction like this to deodorant before so I'm not sure exactly what irritated my skin or wha I may be allergic to in it, but I'm obviously avoiding this in the future!

Daily Facial Towelettes

Last month saw a lot of painfully late nights as after the kids go down is when I am generally able to get any work done. Add them being sick and up at random times to the mix, and these facial towelettes was the only thing that guaranteed a clean face some days. I actually picked these up more for at night to remove makeup when I just want to collapse into bed. They aren't too harsh for my skin although they can be a little drying for me with routine use. Of course, generally if I'm at the point where I am using a facial towelette, I'm likely not taking the time to do my full skincare routine with moisturizer either, Because this is a Costco product, I have several packets left to use. While not my favorite facial towelette, they're acceptable.

Sugary Lip Scrub
Kiss of Death

I am crazy about lip scrubs, especially since I often wear long-wearing lipstick formulas that really require a smooth canvas prior to application. I really enjoy this one from For Goodness Grape- the flavor is fruity, and I especially love that I'm not having to either stick a finger in a pot or find some sort of utensil to scoop out of a jar. It's not currently listed on the website, but I'm hoping to see it return in the near future! I'm certainly going to be picking up another one as soon as I can!

Cuticle Oil
Jolly Rancher

What's this? Another container of cuticle oil? This was one of the cuticle oils I had misplaced and found recently, so I had already used a substantial amount of product before finishing it off last month. I love the cuticle oils from Different Dimension, and there are several delicious scents to choose from! There are several scents that are currently available that caught my attention. Now if only I can get through my large stash first.....

Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub

Woah, now this is old! I think I picked this up about 3 years ago, and it has spent a lot of time sitting on the ledge of my shower next to the window. I'm mentioning the window because the sticker used to be brown like the packaging. It wasn't a bad product, but I've keep my use of nut-based products limited until my kids were a little older and I knew they didn't have an allergy. I know it's a total paranoid mom thing, but when you know kids that are allergic to just about everything, it makes you a little more cautious yourself. I don't believe this is available any longer, but I doubt I'd pick it up again if it were. While the formula was mostly creamy, it still contains walnet shells which is still a little more abrasive than I'd like, not to mention the mess that needs to get rinsed off the tub. I think I'm just forever sold on sugar scrubs now!

Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel

I'm a long-time user of Paula's Choice products, and this Invisible Finish Moisture Gel is one of my favorites. It's very lightweight and still leaves my skin with a silky smooth finish. I have combination to slightly oily skin depending on the time of year, and I recommend this to anyone that has a similar skin type. If you have drier skin, this moisture gel may not be moisturizing enough for you. They do have other formulas to choose from should you need something more moisturizing.

It's been quite a month of beauty products! I'm not making much headway so far this month so I don't think the December empties post will have many products, but we'll see!

Have you used any of these products? What did you finish up last month? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a great day!


  1. I had a reaction to a natural deoderant once too. I am 99% it was the lavender.

    I love empties posts!

  2. Dude! I had the same reaction to FCS deodorants! I had stop after a few uses. My arm pits would turn red, burn and itch like crazy. I put it on before a 6 hour car ride and when I arrived at my destination my skin was peeling! I'm not allergic to lavender...I think there is something seriously wrong with their formula because I've now heard at least 3 people who've had this problem. :(

  3. You did a great job on emptying items. Every month I think I'm going to save things for this kind of post but I never do. Maybe that will be a New Year's resolution.

  4. I bet that pear berry oil smelled amazing!!

  5. Ooohhhh that Paula's Choice Balancing Gel sounds awesome. I love love love PC products, this sounds like something i need to add to my list to buy for sure.

  6. My oil stash is off the chain right now so even though I love some I finish, I'm not allowed to buy. I was never impressed with fcs items either

  7. Great empties post! I still need to post mine...

  8. I love empties posts! I bet that Jolly Rancher cuticle oil smells divine.....!!

  9. Great round up! I was intrigued at first about the deodorant but after your horror story I will certainly avoid!

  10. You've used up a lot of amazing sounded scented products! I want to smell most of these haha! x


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