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KBShimmer: The Office Space Collection

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Happy 2017, dear readers! It's the first week of a brand new year, and now that the holidays are over, it's back to the daily grind at the office. I am blessed that my work allows me to be as wild and crazy with colours on my nails as I chose, but I know a lot of people aren't quite so lucky. There are plenty of neutral colours available for painting your nails, but many are lacking in any sort of punch. Rest assured, dear readers, do I have something to share with you! KBShimmer heard the cries and frustration of those who wanted something other than a very basic nude. This week, they will be launching The Office Space Collection, and eight piece collection of 8 work appropriate shades that will keep your boss happy but still gives you the pop of colour and sparkle to your nails that you crave. Let's check them out!

Take Back CTRL
Two coats

This dusty rose, mauve leaning shade is the perfect punch of pink for the workplace. This neutral shade will look good on warm or cool skin tones, and covers in two easy coats.

Have I mentioned just how much I love KBShimmer's cremes? I'm sure I have, but I feel the need to mention it again- they are AH-mazing! In my experience, main stream polish cremes are so hit or miss with formulas and opacity, but KBShimmer nails it every time! (Please don't disappoint me, KBShimmer, you've set  high bar for yourself!) Not only is the formula so deliciously creamy, I quite like this colour! It's subtle but beautiful, and it is densely pigmented enough that you may even be able to get away with one coat if you tend to use thicker coats.

Caught On Tape
Two coats

There is no need to look for cameras when wearing this shade. This pale mauve shade is super creamy, and a dream with 1-2 coat coverage. This trendy pale shade will make you make your nails pop on even the worst security cameras.

This is another lovely creme shade! Even though the description says 1 to 2 coat coverage, I found the first coat to be a little patchy and really needed a second coat for full coverage. Due to the slightly tricky nature of these really pale shades, I'm not sure that you really can get away with a single coat unless you are a extremely adept at painting with this type of colour. I know I certainly couldn't, but it applies beautifully with two thinner coats to full in the slight unevenness the first coat leaves on the nails.

A Hint Of Manilla
Three coats plus top coat

We dare you to call this vanilla shade boring. This mega flame polish is loaded with holographic sparkle set against a soft tan base. This shade is perfect in 2-3 coats and will make filing a pleasure.

I love this shade so much! I wasn't sure it would be possible to make a work-appropriate shade that has "mega flame" in the description, but it works! This polish definitely sparkles but is still toned down in base shade just enough to get away with it. I'm certainly in love with it, and the formula is superb! Two coats would suffice if you tend to use slightly thicker coats, but i needed a third for some slightly thinner spots on my nails for full coverage. This does dry to a slight textured finish due to the glitters, but a quick layer of top coat smooths the nails out perfectly.

Makin' Copies
Three coats

This pale silver color is filled with white shimmer, but when the lights from the copy machine hits, you will see a rainbow of linear holo sparkle. Best in 2-3 coats.

I knew this polish was gorgeous in the bottle, but I was not prepared for just how much it took my breath away once I had it on my nails. Delicate and feminine, this is definitely going to be a go-to shade for me regardless of office attire (which may be leggings in my case, but that's not the point). Makin' Copies is my favorite from this collection for this reason, and it's already on my contender list for top indie shades of 2017. Flawless formula!

Fax of Life
Two coats

Before email, those gray fax machines were the most important pieced of office equipment. The ring then hum of the fax was a great sound for those waiting for important paperwork. This dark platinum grey polish plays homage to the fax machine. We loaded the polish with linear holographic pigment, for a sparkly grey manicure while waiting for a fax or when enjoying happy hour! Best in 2 coats.

Oh fax machines, I remember you! We've come so far since then that it is strange to me the few times recently the only way I could send personal paperwork to some companies is through fax. Seriously, who does that now? While I never was fond of the fax machine, this grey polish is beautiful and makes them look good! The formula was on point and applied perfectly too!

Supplies Party
Two coats plus top coat

This warm cream shade is loaded with metallic flakes and holo sparkle for a color that will make even the 5th meeting of the day enjoyable. This muted liquid metal (birthstone finish) polish is a must have for around the water cooler. Best in 2-3 coats.

I had a laugh when I saw the name of this exquisite polish. I have this love of office supplies- there is something about the smell of a brand new ream of printer paper and the scrawl of a brand new pen..... someone feel free to chime in and share they have this odd love with me so I feel less alone! Of course, with a name like Supplies Party, I suspect at least one person at KBShimmer headquarters shares the love with me! With an impeccable formula, I will gladly sport this shade when I go pick up a new pack of ballpoints!

Cubicle Pusher
Two coats

Ahh the cubicle life. Those tiny walled spaces where every conversation is public and your business is their business. This muted holographic grape shade will make your nails the one topic of conversation you don't mind if your neighbor hears. Best in 2-3 coats.

Oh man, does this bring back some memories! I had a cubicle in my pre-blogging life, and I was privy to many a personal conversation I really wanted no part of. Those with sense knew to take their private life to the stairwell, but even then some booming voices carried four flights up. My nails and cuticles were in such a sad state when I was in the office year ago, and I am so glad I have shunned the life of a picker. Well, 90% of the time at least; my poor Cindy hand occasionally gets a little nip here and there when my stress level is at its highest. Even though my nails weren't well cared for, these dusty purples were some of my favorite shades. I certainly would have taken better care of my nails had Cubicle Pusher existed then! In true KBShimmer fashion, the formula is sublime, and I'll definitely be wearing this beauty a lot this year!

Staple Relationship
Two coats plus top coat

Somedays it feels like the stapler is the best work relationship you have, that is, until you cast your eyes on this metallic shade on your tips! Silvery flakes and holo sparkle add shine to this deepened gray polish. While not a true Liquid Metal finish, this shade still has a great metallic finish with subtle purple undertones. Best in 2 coats.

Hello, gorgeous! I expected this to be a little more silver given the colour in the bottle, but my skin tone apparently really brings out the purple undertones quite a bit. Depending on your colouring, it may look more silvery on you, but either way, it is still a stunning colour! I really love the blingy look this polish gives my nails although that combined with the purple look on me might have been a little too naughty for the office. Thankfully I worked in academia in a research lab in an anything-goes-but-cover-your-feet environment, but if your boss is more of a stickler, it may be too much for the office. Hopefully you have an "anything goes Friday" so you can wear it then and be ready with blingy nails for date night or a night out with the girls! Like the rest of the collection, the formula was fantastic and I had perfect coverage in just two coats.

The Office Space Collection launches on the KBShimmer website this Wednesday, January 4th. I have found the shipping from KBShimmer to be incredibly fast, so you likely will have these babies in your hands and on your tips in no time! It's difficult to choose favorites since I love all the subtle differences between these, but Makin' Copies, Take Back CTRL, Cubicle Pusher, and A Hint Of Manilla are probably my top picks. That being said, these are all exquisite, and you can't go wrong with any of them! These polishes are perfect regardless of whether or not you are in the office; I know I'll be wearing them when I want something a little more neutral!

Do you have to wear "office appropriate" colours at work? Do you have any favorites from this collection? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm going to have to pick up Caught On Tape--it's so delicate and gorgeous!

  2. Such pretty swatches of these! I'm so glad KBShimmer did this collection of funky neutrals!

  3. Pretty swatches Jen. Staple Relationship is my favorite on you.

  4. I definitely need Fax of Life!!

  5. I'm not really a neutral type of person but there really are some beauties in this collection!

  6. If I wasn't already obsessed with this collection your swatches just put me over the edge.

  7. This collection is incredible, and your swatches are perfection!

  8. This whole collection is lovely. I like that they are nudes, but they aren't what you would expect.

  9. I can wear whatever I want to wear but I love this collection. Love it so much!

  10. I've been wearing a ton of neutrals the last few weeks - I always love them!

  11. These nudes, I have neeeeeds! Beautiful swatches!


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