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Lyn B Designs: Be Your Own Princess Collection

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Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well! I had originally planned to take this week off from the blog, but after coming down with one of my kids' sickness, I opted to take off a week earlier than planned. I'm happy to be back and eager to jump in with postings! I wanted to start the week off with the fabulous Be Your Own Princess Collection designed by LynB Designs and inspired by Sailor Moon. The collection consists of nine glorious shades; let's check them out!

Sailor Moon-Usagi
Three coats plus top coat

Bright pinky red with blue shimmer, holo micro flake and golden sparks

I figured the best place to start with a Sailor Moon inspired collection would be with the Sailor Moon polish itself, and what a beauty is this! This is a stunning bright shade already, but it's the flashes of blue as you shift your fingers that make it truly remarkable. With an easy to apply formula, it's sure to be a winner for any pink lover!

Sailor Mercury-Ami
Three coats plus top coat

True blue base with intense linear holo and blue galaxy holo

While I fully expected the orange shade in this collection to be my favorite, it was Sailor Mercury-Ami that ended up winning the coveted position. This vibrant polish applies effortlessly, and if you tend to paint with a slightly heavy hand, you may find you only need two coats for opacity.

Sailor Venus-Minako
Two coats plus top coat

Orange crelly base with holo micro flakes, silver and gold holo glitters, and a smattering of navy holo glitters

I really love the combination of orange with a hint of navy glitters in Sailor Venus-Minako! I may have a slight bias since orange is my favorite polish color in general, but this shade just makes me happy and forgetful of the grey overcast days we've been having around here. The formula was really nice as well with no special glitter extraction techniques needed, nor did I have trouble with glitter dispersal over my nails.

Sailor Mars-Rei
Two coat plus top coat

True red base loaded with shift from indigo to purple to red to orange, and hints of purple glitter

I've really been feeling red polishes lately, and this one does not disappoint! While not a dominant trait, Sailor Mars-Rei has a little bit of squishiness that is so fabulous in red shades. While I used two easy coats here, the bright lights in my setup is showing a hint of visible nail line; some readers may find a third coat is necessary for full opacity.

Sailor Jupiter-Makoto
Three coats plus top coat

Emerald green jelly base with purple shimmer and iridescent chameleon glitters

LynB Designs has a knack for putting out some slightly unusual combinations, and Sailor Jupiter-Makoto is a bit of an outlier from the rest of the collection. In spite of its differences, I am in love with the addition of the iridescent chameleon glitters, especially when it flashes orange against the green base! It applies flawlessly, even with all the glitters, but it does dry to a textured finish. I used a single coat of top coat for these photos, and I probably could have used a second for fully smoothed out nails.

Sailor Saturn-Hotaru
Two coats plus top coat

Deep purple crelly base with holo micro flakes and red orange shimmer

These photos just do not do Sailor Saturn-Hotaru justice. While purples are generally not one of my go-to shades, I was swooning over this beauty, especially with the addition of the red orange shimmer. This polish is certainly something special, and with an impeccable formula, what more could you possibly want? This is definitely one of my top picks from the collection!

Sailor Uranus-Haruka
Two coats plus top coat

Darkened blue jelly base with golden micro shimmer and red to gold shifting shimmer

Another magnificent shade filled with glorious colour shifting shimmers! I love that is collection is has several, and Sailor Uranus-Haruka is another winner from the collection. The colour shift is more obvious on the nails than in these photos, especially since My normal nail angles aren't the most accommodating at showing off the shift. This applied nicely as well without any issues.

Sailor Neptune-Michiru
Two coats plus top coat

Black base with intense linear holo and shimmer that shifts from green to blue to gold

I might have died a little (in a good way, that is) when I first put Sailor-Neptune Michiru on my nails. Dark polishes have captured my attention, and the flashes of green in this beauty is truly remarkable. With an easy application and no issues to report, it's the perfect polish for those that want their nails on the darker side.

Sailor Pluto-Setsuna
Two coats plus top coat

Darkened green crelly base with red shimmer and holo micro flakes

Sailor Pluto-Setsuna is another one of my top picks from this collection. I am fond of this shade of green and the red shimmer adds an unexpected but still fantastic twist. Like the rest of the collection, I had no issues with application as it practically applied itself. Two coats was enough for opacity until I hit the bright lights for photos. If you tend to paint your nails with very thin coats, you may find you need a third coat for opacity.

The Be Your Own Princess Collection is scheduled to launched February 3rd at 7pm EST on the LynB Designs storefront located here. Each polish in the collection will retail for $10. The first week of the release, polishes will be on special for 50% off with discount code SAILOR through February 10th. You can also use the code to purchase the entire 9-piece collection for only $40 and have free shipping within the US.

This is such a beautiful collection, and it's so difficult for me to choose just one single favorite. Each polish offers something a little different, and you really can't go wrong with any of them! This is definitely one of LynB Designs best collections, and I hope you're just as excited about these shades as I am!

Are you a Sailor Moon fan? Do you think these polishes represent their respective characters well?What is your favorite polish from this collection? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. i'm not usually a huge green fan but the two greens are really jumping out at me! so pretty!

  2. Sailor Saturn-Hotaru is absolutely beautiful on you!! Love your swatches of all of these.

  3. Her sales are always amazing! Pre-order 50%! WOW! Sailor Uranus-Haruka definitely calls to me - purple!

  4. Oh wow, that orange is so unique! I love the unusual dark glitters in the mix.

  5. Sailor Saturn! I love this purple, its so captivating!

  6. Sailor Mercury-Ami is really pretty :)

  7. These are gorgeous! The last three are my favorites, but all of them are really pretty.

  8. The ones with the contrasting shimmers are my favorites. That's one of the coolest looks to me. My favorite Sailor Scout was always Sailor Jupiter, I'm surprised I don't like that one the most.

  9. I've also been more of an Outer Senshi fan so I love Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto! But I think all the polishes really capture the characters!

  10. These are all beautiful - it's hard to pick a favorite! But Sailor Jupiter-Makoto is super unique *heart eyes*

  11. This collection looks really beautiful, stunning swatches x


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