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Literary Lacquers: Pop Up Shop Offerings for February 2017

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Good morning, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well! I'm playing catch-up with my trip out of town for the International Salon and Spa Expo earlier this week, but I'll have a post up on it soon. For today's blog post, I wanted to share the shop offerings for the first ever Literary Lacquers Pop Up Shop this weekend. If you aren't familiar with the popup, let me fill you in! Amy, the mastermind behind the brand, has decided to use a new format for her shop. Rather than keeping open stock of all Literary Lacquers shades, the store will now be open the first weekend of every month with a release of two new shades and the return of a select few older shades. This is the first month the new Pop Up Shop format will be in effect, and I wanted to provide a blog post with all the details in one location. Let's check out the shades!

The Happy Prince *new shade*
This was created for my 5th blogiversary, and I already shared it on my blog here. All the details can be found on my previous post, but since it is part of the February Pop Up Shop, it warranted another mention. Besides, it's a magnificent shade of blue and one of my favorite polishes of all time!

"Hope" Is the Thing with Feathers *new shade*
Three coats with top coat

Described as a pink amethyst holo with blue shimmer, "Hope" Is the Thing with Feather was inspired by the poem of the same name by Emily Dickinson. According to Amy, "Personally, I have been in need of a little hope to get me through these last few months. I created this polish to cheer myself up, and I hope that it will breathe a little fresh air into each of your lives as well."

It certainly adds a bit more brightness to my day and my fingertips! This polish is beautiful! I had no application issues whatsoever with this beauty, as it applied flawlessly. I needed three coats for opacity, but if you tend to paint with slightly thicker coats, you may find you only need two coats.

The sun was playing peek-a-boo when I swatched this last week, and I managed to get a quick shot in when the sun was out.

In addition to these two new shades, Literary Lacquers will be offering the following previously-released shades to to February 2017 Pop Up Shop this weekend.

Bluestocking Romance
Two coats

Deep Blue creme from the Fall 2015 Creme a la Mode Box

While I bought this shade when it first came out, I apparently never shared a swatch of it on my blog! I know it's been used in some nail art previously, so I'm happy to finally actually swatch it to share! While I used two coats here, it is actually quite opaque with one; one of my nails showed a hint of visible nail line under the bright lights so I opted to add a second coat.

Breathing Dreams Like Air

Lilac Grey creme from the Winter 2015 Creme a la Mode Box

My original review can be found here.

Salmon Chanted Evening

Pinky-coral creme (fluoresces) from the Spring 2016 Creme a la Mode Box

My original review can be found here.

Cyan-Tifically Proven

Turquoise cyan creme (fluoresces) from the Summer 2016 Creme a la Mode Box

My original review can be found here.

Desdemona's Handkerchief

Aqua blue creme from the Summer 2016 Othello Duo

My original review can be found here.

If Thou Hast Eyes To See

Sea-green creme (fluoresces) from the Summer 2016 Othello Duo

My original review can be found here.

Pop Up Shop Details
The February 2017 Literary Lacquer Pop Up Shop will open Friday, February 3rd at 8pm MST through Sunday, February 5th at midnight MST. Polishes will be restocked as they sell out during the weekend. While the new shades are not currently being considered to be "limited edition" shades, Amy currently has no plans to restock the shades. The Happy Prince and "Hope" Is the Thing with Feathers will retail for $10 each, and the cremes will each retail for $9.50.

Which shades do you have your eye on? Are there any favorites? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. The Happy Prince puts a smile on my face every time I see it. It's gorgeous!

  2. These are really gorgeous polishes. I need to try this brand, soon.

  3. Hope Is A Thing With Feathers is a beautiful polish. Love the holo.

  4. "Hope" Is the Thing with Feathers yes please! I am such a sucker for purple shades. The pop up shop idea is interesting - I haven't heard of a brand using this technique.

  5. These are all gorgeous, but those summer cremes are really calling my name!

  6. I'm in love. The creme colors are GORGEOUS!

  7. The two new shades are gorgeous!

  8. Love Bluestocking Romance, and your accent nail is adorbs. :)

  9. I can't decide if I love the sparkles or the cremes more. They're all so pretty!

  10. ohhhh, I need Hope is the thing with feathers! So pretty! I would wear it with breathing dreams like air :-D

  11. all gorgeous shades, specially the pastels. I really like your dotticure!

  12. These are so pretty - I looooove the cremes!

  13. Happy Prince is gorgeous but whoa, all those cremes look amazing!

  14. I really like Hope, Handkerchief and Eyes to See. Gorgeous shades and gorgeous swatches.

  15. I just did Happy Prince as my pedi for the week - it is amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. I love Happy Prince and all the creams!!! Gorgeous swatches!!


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