Monday, February 6, 2017

The Jedi Wife Celebrates 5 Years with KBShimmer!

Happy Monday, dear readers! I'm convinced this past weekend must be the shortest on record, but here we are yet again, Monday! After my trip out of town, I'm mostly back onto the swing of things, and I wanted to continue on with my blogiversary celebration. As mentioned previously, my blog is currently celebrating its 5th anniversary. Because five years in a milestone year for anniversaries, I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate. I partnered up with three different brands to design and create polishes inspired by one of the suggested gifts for a fifth anniversary. In my first post, I shared my Literary Lacquers polish, The Happy Prince, inspired by the modern (jewelry) gift; today I am sharing the polish created with the inspiration of the traditional gift: wood!

Deciding the details for this inspiration prompt was surprisingly easy. I wanted to work with one of the indie brands that I love that has been around for many years, and my mind first jumped to KBShimmer. Christy is truly a visionary, and I always look forward to seeing what she is going to release next. Because I often think of brown when it comes to wood and KBShimmer already has the most amazing shade of brown (Oh My Ganache! anyone? Seriously, it's such a perfect chocolatey brown!), I needed to come up with something a little different for Christy's unique spin. I found my inspiration in the Petrified Forest in Arizona. I originally started blogging when I was in Arizona, and it's no secret that I am quite a rockhound. The coloured petrified wood from the state is so beautifully colourful, and I knew Christy could knock my socks off with her amazing interpretation skills. I provided different photos should one spark her imagination more than another, and she created TWO gorgeous polishes from them! Here are the inspiration photos:

Now onto the polish! My rambling is even driving me crazy!

I Never Wood Have Guessed
Two coats plus top coat

I Never Wood Have Guessed is a stunning cinnamon-brown holographic polish with added copper shimmers. This polish is so warm and inviting, especially with all the rainy grey day I've seen around here lately! The holo effect is also really spectacular, and there's still the rainbows even in low indoor lighting. The formula is so creamy and smooth, although any KBShimmer fan already knows Christy kills it with fantastic formulas all the time!

It's Petrifying
Three coats plus top coat

It's Petrifying is a light taupe or buff crelly base and filled with glitters of assorted sizes and colours to imitate the look of the colours in the petrified log slices. I'm really digging this crelly! White-based shades sometimes look harsh against my skin tone, and the hint of colour on the base makes it more wearable. I particularly love the depth when using three thin coats! The glitters make the finished a little textured, and I needed two coats of top coat for a smooth finish.

I love how these shades turned out, and I hope you do too because.....they're going to be available for purchase at The Indie Shop in Atlanta, Georgia on March 11th! I also have a few sets that I'll be giving away, so stay tuned to catch the giveaway, both on my blog and IG! These shades are a great way to celebrate my 5th blogiversary, and it was such an honor to work with Christy on these! She nailed the inspiration beautifully!

What do you think of these shades? Will you be picking them up at The Indie Shop, or are you hoping to win a pair? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!

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  1. Beautiful nail polish shades! (I visited the Petrified Forest back in 1996....what an interesting place to go. Would love to go back if I could.) Christy sure knows how to create gorgeous colors, doesn't she?

  2. That petrified wood is absolutely stunning - and so are the two polishes, of course!

  3. 5 years? That's so awesome! I Never Wood Have Guessed is stunning!

  4. Happy 5th anniversary!! I ADORE that holo!

  5. I just saw these in the Indie Shop group and I didn't realize they were for your anniversary! I'm going to grab these for sure!

  6. Congratulations! These are both amazing shades and I love the inspiration!

  7. Happy five years!! My little blog is also turning 5! But I just love I never would have guessed and I'm not even a holo person!

  8. How exciting -- congratulations on hitting 5 years. That's awesome!

  9. These are both gorgeous, and KBShimmer names always crack me up! Congrats on 5 years! x

  10. Happy 5 years!!!! Here's to 5 more fabulous years!!!


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