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KBShimmer: Nauti By Nature for Spring 2017

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Happy Saturday, dear readers! It's been a rough week around here with a sick and super crabby toddler. We were planning a fun zoo trip for my oldest child to celebrate his birthday, but with the youngest being sick and the weather taking yet another turn to rain, we opted to take a quick trip to the beach instead. Both boys enjoyed playing in the sand and dipping toes in the water, so it was the perfect short outing for us- it got us out of the house and wasn't too stressful for my little sick man. Naturally, as luck would have it, I started to feel a little under the weather on the drive home, and in spite of me hoping it was weather/allergy issues, I am sick once again. At least it is the weekend and my husband is home to take care of the boys while I hopefully recover quickly. I did not sign up for another long-lasting illness so if you can please send all the get healthy vibes my way, I would certainly appreciate it! Now that I've rambled far more than I intended, let's dive in on today's post!

I had the pleasure of swatching the new Nauti By Nature Collection by KBShimmer! This collection is inspired by spring break and takes you on a trip to the islands where life is slower, the days are warmer, and flip flops are the norm. This 12 piece collection embraces different aspects of a tropical vacation: the oft-seen pastel homes of the Bahamas, vibrantly hued ropes on fisherman's ships, and the iconic fronds of the palm trees. The Nauti By Nature Collection takes you away your own nautical adventures inspired by the shimmer shades of sea life and the bold colours of the Macaw. Consisting of six holographic colours and addition shades in shimmery, crelly, or glitter finishes, prepare to decorate your digits with a truly tropical collection! Let's get a closer look at each of the colours, shall we?

Starfishing For Compliments
Three Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

This soft taupe crelly is filled with hex glitters in white, black, coral and aqua with a scattering of black and aqua stars. Two - three coats recommended.

You won't be needing to fish for compliments with this beauty on your nails: they'll come pouring in anyway! With an easy to apply formula, the assorted glitters in the base offer incredible depth with each additional layer. I'm generally not a fan of shaped glitters, but the small smattering of stars adds a beautiful touch I can stand behind!

Show Me The Mahi
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

A jelly polish is loaded with scale inspired holo glitters in lime and teal, and color shifting iridescent glitters that morph from golden greens to vibrant red orange colors. Two - three coats recommended.

Show Me The Mahi is definitely one of my favorite shades from this collection as these colour shifting iridescent glitters just slay me. It is a jelly so it is a little on the sheer side. I personally prefer my jellies showcasing the sheerness and stopped with two coats here, but you can easily add more for more opacity. Alternately, you can layer this over a cream if multiple coats aren't your jam. Fabulous formula!

The Girl Is Tiki
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

This rusty coral linear holographic shade pays homage to those tourist trap tiki bars. Two coats recommended.

The Girl Is Tiki is an unusual but still spectacular shade! It's easy to get lost staring at your nails and questioning is it rust? Is it coral? This is definitely unique to my collection, and I adore this colour! The formula is on point as well so you just can't go wrong with this beauty!

Latitude Adjustment
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

This holographic periwinkle polish was inspired by quiet morning sunrises on the beach. This lavender leaning blue shade is best in two coats.

I don't have a lot of periwinkle polishes in my stash, but I am certainly happy this one came to live with me! This is one of those shades that will make you question whether it is more blue or more purple, and it's really going to depend on your skin tone and still vary with different light sources. This applies easily as well, but that should come as no surprise to any KBShimmer fan!

Tempting FĂȘte
Three Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

This shade is inspired by bold and colorful Junkanoo costumes, with glitters in gold, grape, pink, green and orange. Two - three coats recommended.

I admit it, I had to look up Junkanoo when I saw the description of this polish. I couldn't help but think of Carnaval and Mardi Gras when I saw this crelly. While the street parade of the Bahamas has a different inspiration and date, it is still filled with music, dance, and costumes. This polish is a lot of fun, and it's made me want to plan a trip to the Bahamas so I can enjoy Junkanoo myself! As for the formula, it applies really easily with no issues with glitter clumping on the nails. While I'm not a fan of long bar glitters, I do like these brightly-hued shorties. They round out this polish perfectly!

Keep Palm And Carry On
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

A rich yellow leaning green, this palm inspired linear holographic shade brings to mind the lush greenery of the islands. Two coats recommended.

I love green polishes, and they never seem to get enough love! Keep Palm And Carry On is a beautiful shade that really does remind me of palm trees! The formula is fantastic, as it practically applies itself to your nails. Because it has such a yellow-lean, it may not suit cooler skin tones well, but those with warm tones can certainly rock this beauty!

Saved By The Shell
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

This sandy peach color is accented by a coppery pink shimmer that pops in the light. Two - three coats recommended.

All I could say when I had this beauty in my hot hands was "WOW!" I know that a lot of people love the look of blingy holos, but I am taken by the subtle beauty of Saved By The Shell. It's always nice to see something more neutral in collections filled with vibrant hues, and this one is certainly capable of standing on it's own. Another star in the collection, this applied really nicely for me with two coats although those with longer nails likely will need a third.

Macaw Me Maybe
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

A bold red linear holographic shade inspired by the bright red tone of the macaw. Two coats recommended.

Can you read the name of this polish without the song "Call Me Maybe" running through your mind? I know I sure can't! This polish is a beautiful tribute to the Macaw and sure to win over the heart of any red lover! This is such a sexy shade of red, and I'll definitely be sporting this a lot on my toes! The formula is fantastic and applies easily as well!

Tropic Like It's Hot
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

This aqua linear holographic Caribbean sea inspired color is alive with the rich blue-green color found in tropical waters. Best in two coats.

Oh. My God. The name of Tropic Like It's Hot has me giggling like a crazy person! I love Snoop Dogg, and this polish makes me so happy! The formula is fabulous as well, and the only drawback is my camera just could not capture this polish for anything! It's looking more blue in these photos, but it is more aqua with the hint of green in real life. If this polish doesn't make you feel like you are enjoying time on tropical waters, nothing can!

Salt Water Sassy
Three Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

Caribbean color hex glitters swim among a pale, minty aqua base, where the punch of color makes one wish for salt water and sand. Two - three coats recommended

This polish makes me crave salt water taffy! I really love the assorted glitters against this base shade, and it will likely be my go-to crelly for the time being! There is just so much depth as you add layer upon layer of this shade to your nails, and the formula truly is fabulous!

Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

This golden toned yellow is a super sunny shade, complementing any swimsuit you wear. Perfect in two - three coats.

While very yellowed golds aren't usually my favorite, I have found myself staring at the beauty of Copa-Banana for long stretches of time. It is exquisite and can make you feel like royalty! The formula is a little on the sheer side, but it does apply flawlessly. While I only needed two coats for opacity, I definitely would recommend adding a third coat if your nails are longer. I just barely squeaked by with two coat opacity for these photos.

Got It Sandaled
Two Coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

A deepened lavender toned cream is accented by pinky violet shimmer. Best in two coats.

What a beauty! While the holographic finish dominates this collection, I am excited to see another stunning shimmer in this collection! I adore the flashes of sparkle as I wiggle my fingers around! In true KBShimmer fashion, the formula is perfection and applies like a dream.

In addition to the 12 stunning Nauti By Nature polishes, KBShimmer also is offering a new seasonal scent for their cuticle care and bath and body products! Shown in the Mani Shot here, Knotty Girl is a Caribbean-inspired scent. Knotty Girl is an alluring blend of sweet melon, raspberry nectar, Italian lemon, creamy coconut and raw sugarcane with a hint of banana. Even though this is called a "mani shot", I tend to use mine in my foot bath to pamper my feet and toes. Alternately, you can toss two or three in your tub for a luxurious bath bomb treat! The Unicorn Sugar Scrubs, lotion, and Picture Perfect Matte Cuticle Cream are also offered in this scent.

The Nauti By Nature Collection is available NOW at and from other online retailers.

Do you have a favorite shade from this collection? I'd love to hear your top picks!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. You've captured these polishes so well! I love the holos

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  3. Starfishing for compliments is amazing on you! There's so many great polishes in this collection! I love the shimmers.

  4. Show me the Mahi would be a nice Galaxy background.

  5. I don't have a favorite shade - more like SHADES! LOL The holos are amazing!

  6. These are all so gorgeous! I love the crellies the best, but the holos are amazing too! I need The Girl is Tiki!

  7. This collection is so beautiful I want them all lol stunning swatches x


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