Friday, March 10, 2017

New Ellagee Shades Exclusive to Girly Bits Cosmetics

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TGIT, dear readers! This week has felt like it has gone on forever, and I am so glad it is finally Friday! It is a beautiful sunny day here, and I'm looking forward to a sunny weekend! Now on to today's blog post!

I recently shared the upcoming Born to Be Brave Collection by Ellagee, and today's post is about two new Ellagee shades that have been made exclusively for Girly Bits Cosmetics. Let's jump in and check them out!

Two coats plus top coat

A vivid plum purple deep jelly packed with micro flakes in shades of bright purple, shifting hot pink/blue, and iridescent rainbow

Purple has never been a go-to colour for me, but it just might be when it comes to this gorgeous shade! I really love the combination of the colour with the micro flakes, and with a fabulous formula, you really can't go wrong with this beautiful shade!

Two coats plus top coat

An ethereal aqua holographic polish with shimmer that shifts from pink to purple to blue plus golden flakes

Gossamer is a fabulous aqua shade to begin with, and the additional golden flakes add such a fun spin against the base colour. Like the other shade in the exclusive pair, the formula is on point with easy application and full coverage in two coats.

Dreamspell and Gossamer are tentatively scheduled to be released on the Girly Bits Cosmetics website on March 16th barring any issues. As I mentioned previously, they are exclusive to the Girly Bits Cosmetics shop and will not be available elsewhere. Both are beautiful, and I'm excited to see Ellagee launching at Girly Bits!

Do you have a favorite shade between these two? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them! Also, what do you have planned for the weekend?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!
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  1. Dreamspell is calling my name. Purple and flakies!! NEED!

  2. I agree with Kristi, dreamspell is gorgeous. Love both the swatches :)

  3. I love all these special polishes. Gorgeous swatches.

  4. Dreamspell is absolutely stunning! Such a gorgeous shade!

  5. Gossamer is gorgeous. I think I would love to have them all.

  6. I love purples so Dreamspell is a winner!

  7. Both of these are stunning dreamspell is definitely my fave x


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