Saturday, March 11, 2017

That's a Wrap: February 2017 Empties

Greetings, dear readers! It's been a busy, but fun, day around here! I'm finally able to sit down a few minutes and get my February empties post together so I'm running with it. Let's jump in!

Oxygen Eye Mask, VII Code
I finished up the first treatment box! A full course of treatments is three boxes, but I opted to not continue the treatment. I found the gel masks shift far too much when I'm sleeping, and even when I try to wear them during the day while hanging around the house, gravity pulls them off my face. I just don't have the luxury of laying down for the extended time these need to be on the eyes. Check out my original review here

Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum, Algenist
This was just a sample size container, and to be honest, that's not really enough for an accurate assessment of the product. For what its worth, I didn't find it too harsh on my skin with what little I used it, and I am contemplating picking up a full size version to test out further.

MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel, AmorePacific
There was such a small amount in this foil packet I only had one use, and that's definitely not enough to decide if it is any good or not. I did like that it wasn't greasy and my eye area did feel hydrated after the single use.

MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Serum, AmorePacific
I only had a single use from the tiny amount in this foil packet, but my skin definitely felt nice afterwards! This is on my list to pick up a full size bottle when I have the funds to spurge. At $100 a pop, it's a little pricey, but a little seems to go a long way!

Foaming Skin Polish, Yu-Be
This foil packet is not empty. There, I said it. There was enough for two uses, and I despised it right from the get go. The rice bran and bamboo particles were still far too harsh on my skin, but it was the smell that really killed it for me. I felt like I was scrubbing my face with Lysol, and it disgusted me too much to even bother attempting to use this product again.

Pineapple Scented Cuticle Oil, Top Shelf Lacquer
Oh my goodness, this cuticle oil has the most amazing pineapple scent and I am sad to see it empty. That being said, it didn't work very well for me at keeping my nails and cuticles in top condition. With my swatch schedule, I really need my cuticle oil to use jojoba oil as a primary ingredient to keep my nails and cuticles sufficiently moisturized, and it is sadly the last ingredient in this cuticle oil. I was still hopeful it would be enough, but combined with my sickness, this cuticle oil was unable to keep up with my needs.

HK Girl Top Coat, Glisten & Glow
I've been using HK Girl top coat for  several years now! It's a great quick drying top coat and I love the shiny rock-hard effect it has on my nails!

Bath bomb, Ginger Fizz Boutique
Unfortunately my packaging for the bath bomb did not include any details regarding the scent, and I tend to have a difficult time placing scents myself. I picked up this bath bomb with adorable unicorn topper at Polish Con in Chicago this past fall, and I finally got around to using it! I really like the products from Ginger Fizz Boutique and found this bath bomb to be nicely scented but not overpowering. I also like that it didn't dry my skin out!

Seaside Escape Bubble Bar, Front Range Balm
I found this bubble bar while cleaning up my nail swatch room, and I believe I picked this up at the Uber Chic Beauty launch party last year. It crumbled up nicely under running water, and there was a nice volume of bubbles in the tub. I also really enjoy this scent! It did leave my skin feeling a little dry though, so I definitely recommend lotioning up afterwards if you try this for yourself.

That concludes by empties for the month of February! I have a couple empties already for this month, so I'll be back with more in a few weeks!

Just a reminder that the clocks jump forward tonight if you live somewhere that observes Daylight Savings. I've been getting the kids' schedule shifting little by little the past two weeks so they don't have to adjust to a time shift all at once, and I'm probably heading to bed early tonight myself.

Have you tried any of these products in this post? Did you like/love/hate it? Is there something you want to try? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!


  1. That bath bomb is so cute! I love reading empties posts

  2. I've yet to try the HK girl. The only thing putting me off is the composition! otherwise it sounds great!

  3. I just used my ginger fizz bath bomb and it was just okay. Almost too moisturizing for me!

  4. Ah... I have yet to try the HK Girl polish... I really need to get on it - those are my initials :)

  5. I still want to try Frontage Range & Ginger Fizz! :) The pineapple cuticle oil sounds divine!

  6. Nice selection of products! I love the little foil packs for trying things out but it is hard to get an impression of long-term results.


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