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Literary Lacquers: The Ocean at the End of the Lane Trio

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! I am thrilled to report that Literary Lacquers is coming back, and not just as a short Pop-Up next month! While Amy, the creative genius behind the brand, started a monthly pop-up pre-order system earlier this year, she decided to go back to her roots and bring back an open Literary Lacquers etsy shop all month long! To kick off the official shop reopening, Amy is releasing a new trio inspired by Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at The End of the Lane. Let's dive in and check them out!

Lettie's Ocean
Soft turquoise holo with holo sparkle

Designed with Carolyn Chambers
Lettie is an eleven-year-old girl who just may have very well been eleven for a very long time.
"Lettie Hempstock was made of silken sheets the color of ice, filled with tiny flickering candle flames, a hundred hundred candle flames. Could there be candle flames burning under the water? There could. I knew that, when I was in the ocean, and I even knew how. I understood it just as I understood Dark Matter, the material of the universe that makes up everything that must be there but we cannot find. I found myself thinking of an ocean running beneath the whole universe, like the dark seawater that laps beneath the wooden boards of an old pier: an ocean that stretches from forever to forever and is still small enough to fit inside a bucket, if you have Old Mrs. Hempstock to help you get it in there, and you ask nicely."

This polish is simply beautiful! The colour is exquisite and the formula is so smooth and easy to work with! The holo sparkle adds the slightest touch of texture to the nails, but it is still surprisingly smooth even before adding top coat to the final look. Shown here with two coats plus top coat.

Miner's Gift
Blurple multichrome with holo microflakes

Inspired by the character of the opal miner. The death of the miner is the catalyst for the awakening/actions of Skarthach. His offhandedly adult means of compensating for the loss of the one thing that gave the boy comfort is counter-balanced by Lettie’s selfless, childish (as in done by a child – not as in immature) and steadfast determination to make things right for her friends. As such, the Miner (and other adults – Hempstocks excluded) is the initial counter character to Lettie.
“He was a South African, although he had made his money mining for opals in Australia. He gave my sister and me an opal each, a rough black rock with green-blue-red fire in it. My sister liked him for this, and treasured her opal stone. I could not forgive him for the death of my kitten.”

Another winning colour and fabulous formula from Literary Lacquers! Miner's Gift applied nicely to my nails and the colour is breathtaking! Shown here with two coats plus top coat. Those that use thinner coats or have longer nails may find they need a third coat for opacity.

Swaying Grayly
Matte grey with silver flakes and glass fleck

Designed with Adrienne Nguyen
Inspired by the persistent description of Ursula Monkton in her true form as Skarthach of the Keep as represented by tattered grey canvas.
“It was my old bedroom, but it wasn’t. Not anymore. There was the little yellow handbasin, just my size, and the walls were still robin’s-egg blue, as they had been when it was mine. But now strips of cloth hung from the ceiling, gray, ragged cloth strips, like bandages, some only a foot long, others dangling almost all the way to the floor. The window was open and the wind rustled and pushed them, so they swayed, grayly, and it seemed as if perhaps the room was moving, like a tent or a ship at sea."

While all three shades in this trio are beautiful, I am particularly loving Swaying Grayly! The combination of matte and metallic is swoon worthy! This dried a little quicker than the other shades in the trio although I had no issues applying it to my nails. I have it shown here with three coats and no top coat to show off the full matte effect.

The Literary Lacquers Etsy shop will be reopening Friday, June 23rd at noon MDT. Once relaunched, the shop will remain open and continue to be stocked to you can pick up your favorite literary-inspired shades whenever you wish! In addition to this trio, the relaunch will include the return of 24 favorite shades and two limited edition shades. I'll have the limited edition shades and a couple returning favorites on my blog later this week so don't go too far!

Do you have an eye on any particular shade from this trio? Which one(s) will you be picking up? I think they are all gorgeous and you can't go wrong with any of them!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Love these polishes and the inspirations. Your swatches are flawless.

  2. What beautiful base shades, perfectly set off by the holo.

  3. Miner's Gift is beautiful! It would make a great base for a galaxy manicure.

  4. These are so beautiful! I can't wait to swatch mine. I love Neil Gaiman.

  5. Fantastic pictures! Not gonna lie... I'm super delighted to hear you like Swaying Grayly ;)

  6. I am in love with Miner's Gift! It's simply stunning!

  7. I haven't followed this line but it's always great to hear one coming back full time. I really like the first blue.

  8. Gorgeous swatches and polishes. These are all beautiful and classic shades.

  9. Miner's Gift is my pedi for the week!


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