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Literary Lacquers: Upcoming Limited Edition Shades and a Few Returning Favorites

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Good evening, dear readers! In my previous post, I shared the new Literary Lacquers trio inspired by The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I had mentioned in my post that there will be two limited edition shades also available with the shops' relaunch, and I have them and a few returning favorites to share with you today. Let's check out the upcoming Limited Edition Shades first!

Handful of Falling Stars
Literary (&) Lacquers group custom
Navy blue mega glitter holo

Inspired by The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. Designed with Kaitlin Vasatka.

If you're a fan of literature, book clubs, and custom polishes inspired by books, I hope you're joined the Literary (&) Lacquers facebook group! If not, now is a great time to join! Of course, if you're like me and always have the best of intentions to read the current book and usually fail miserably, you are still welcome in the group! Handful of Falling Stars is the newest book club custom, and it is a beauty! This sparkling beauty captures the night sky so perfectly, and I am quite smitten with this one. Between a gorgeous colour and a formula that applies like a dream, I can't image why anyone wouldn't want to adorn their nails with this stunner! Shown here with two coats plus top coat.

Feather Family
Gift with purchase
Soft pink holo with holo microflakes

Inspired by The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

Named by Alex Bacon-Leslie, LitLaq Marketing Director

When I was searching for the right name for this gift with purchase polish to adequately express the gratitude I have for the support and love given to me by my fans and customers as I come out of this long dark period of LitLaqlessness, Alex pointed me in the direction of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, a brilliantly fun sci-fi book by Becky Chambers. The book introduces a few interesting alien species, including Sissix, the reptilian feathered Aandrisk tech. 

“Okay, well, on her wall, there’s this big fancy frame with a mess of Aandrisk feathers hanging from it. Every Aandrisk’s got one, as far as I know. See, if you’re an Aandrisk and somebody really touches your life in some way, you give that person one of your feathers. And then you keep the feathers you get from others as a symbol of how many paths you’ve crossed. Having a lot of feathers on your wall shows that you’ve had an impact on a lot of people. That’s a pretty big priority for most Aandrisks. But they don’t give feathers out casually, not, like for helping you carry something or giving you a free drink or whatever. It’s got to be an experience that sticks with you, but it can totally be between strangers.”
Thanks for being my feather family.

I've become a big fan of pink polishes since I started blogging, and Feather Family is simply beautiful. The colour is lovely and the ultra-smooth formula practically applies itself to the nails. I wore it here with two coats plus top coat.

This gift with purchase shade will be included in any orders over $20 at the Literary Lacquers shop. Purchases of $20 will include a mini-sized bottle of Feather Family while a full-sized bottle will be included in orders of $50 or more.

Feather Family and Handful of Falling Stars are Limited Edition shades that will only be available June 23rd through July 9th.

Returning Favorites

The relaunch of the Literary Lacquers shop means the return of several favorites from previous launches. I have revisited a few of the shades for this post to help convince you to add these to your collection if you don't have them already.

Green Gables
Mid-toned grass green linear holo

Part of the Green Gables Collection

While holographic nail polishes with extra bling are pretty spectacular, sometimes I just want something beautiful but without all the frills. Green Gables is the perfect option for any green lover! It's a great shade of green no matter what time of year! The formula is not too thick or thin and applies flawlessly with three coats for opacity. Those with shorter nails or who prefer to use thicker coats may find they only need to use two coats. I also added top coat for these photos.

Marilla's Amethyst Brooch
Amethyst shimmer with a pink to orange colour shifting flash

Part of the Green Gables Collection

Marilla's Amethyst Brooch is one of those shades that is so gosh darn pretty and yet I rarely see it get any love in the polish community. If holographic polishes aren't quite your jam or you just want to mix it up every once in awhile, Marilla's Amethyst Brooch is a beautifully delicate and feminine option. I just love this polish and would love for others to give it some more love too! The formula is a little thicker than what I've come to expect from Literary Lacquers, but it was still easy to apply to my nails. I have it shown here with two coats plus top coat. Because it is a thicker formula, it could potentially be a one coater with careful application should you tend to paint with thicker coats.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
Part of the Literary Liquors Collection

Ah, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (PGGB)! While Amy has created so many gorgeous polishes, PGGB is an iconic Literary Lacquers shade. If you're a fan of holo, teal, and sparkle, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is a MUST HAVE for your collection. I had this on my toes while on the beaches in Hawaii, and I have to say, it was pretty amazing! The formula is really easy to work with, and I needed two coats for opacity. I also added top coat for these photos.

Here is a complete list of the returning Literary Lacquer favorites:

1. And So I Step Up 
2. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster 
3. Ether Binge 
4. Flickum Bicus 
5. Grasshopper With Candy Colored Hair 
6. Porco Rosso 
7. Some Glad Morning 
8. Green Gables
9. Lake of Shining Waters 
10. Raspberry Cordial? 
11. Marilla’s Amethyst Brooch 
12. If It Pleases You 
13. Happy Prince 
14. Hope Is A Thing With Feathers 
15. Amortentia
16. Mysterious Irrevocable Sacred
17. Orgasm
18. If Thou Hast Eyes To See
19. Desdemona’s Handkerchief
20. Salmon Chanted Evening
21. Bluestocking Romance
22. Breathing Dreams Like Air
23. Laters Baby
24. Long May She Reign

The Literary Lacquers shop is scheduled to relaunch this Friday at 12 noon MDT. Please note this is NOT a pop-up: the shop will continue to remain open. Feather Family and Handful of Falling Stars are Limited Edition shades that will only be available June 23rd through July 9th. Other than these two polishes, the listed core polishes will be restocked continuously. If your favorite Literary Lacquers shade is not on this list, have no fear! There will be other shades returning to the shop at a later time. You can also join the Literary (&) Lacquers facebook group to suggest shades you would like to see return to the shop.

Are you excited about the relaunch of Literary Lacquers? I know I am! What shades are you planning to pick up? Is there anything you hope to see make a come back in the future? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. These are all so pretty! I don't know how to pick a favorite!

  2. Green Gables is so pretty - all that holo!! I remember when Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster first came out!!

  3. Handful of Falling Stars is so gorgeous!

  4. I can't choose a favorite! They're all so amazing on you!

  5. I'm going to have to add Green Gables and Marillas Broach to my must get list. I absolutely loved Anne of Green Gables when I was little.

  6. I'm in love with the first three. The Handful of Falling Stars is my absolute fave - I may need to have it

  7. I still don't have any Literary Lacquers yet. Dying to try them. Will I see you in July?

  8. Such pretty colors! I'm loving the first one the most.

  9. You take some of the most gorgeous holographic swatches I've ever seen!


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