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That's a Wrap: A Collection of Empties from February and March

Greetings, dear readers, and happy hump day! Can it be Friday yet? While I don't have anything in particular planned, I would love the opportunity to sleep the day away and not have to worry about going into work and let my husband take care of parenting duties. A mom can dream, right? Now on to today's blog post!

I have another collection of product empties to share with you from the past couple of months! It may have taken me a little longer to get this post together than I had wanted, and I already have another box of empties started for a future post! Rather than include them in this post, I am limiting my post to the empties from the past few months. Let's get a closer look at what I've finished up lately!


While not my preferred dry shampoo, I do like this Beach Babe version from Not Your Mother's! I like that I can pick it up easily from my local Walmart and it is definitely affordable. While I don't like the original version, this one is a good option that I keep replacing when my bottles empty.


While on my recent family vacation, I forgot to bring my own bath bombs with me (I knew our hotel room had an awesome bathtub!), and made a quick stop at Target while out of town and picked these up. I've never used them before, but I had seen them at my own store before and wanted to try them out for myself. The directions said to put three to six melts in the tub, but I have to admit that I ended up tossing in about 10 in the HUGE tub. Even though these contain cocoa and shea butters as well as Vitamin E, these were nowhere near as moisturizing as I thought they would be, particularly with how many I used! They weren't bad by any means, and my skin still felt soft after a long soak in hot water. I was also glad to not have a big oil ring to clean up before my kids could use the tub! With using so many at a time, I was able to enjoy two soaks with these. As for purchasing them again, I'm on the fence about it. I'm not sure that three to six melts would feel sufficiently moisturizing after a hot bath, and I would prefer to not splurge with so many at a time; that was my allotted vacation excess! I have a few other bath bombs on hand so I've got some time to think about it, although I may buy these again in the future.

Lush: Butterball Bath Bomb
The Butterball Bath Bomb is one of my favorites from Lush, and I enjoyed my soak with it! While I'm not generally a big fan of vanilla scents, this bomb doesn't having that cloyingly sweet and fake vanilla scent that I dislike about many other products. As this is a favorite, this is not the first, and certainly not last, Butterball Bath Bomb I'll be using!

Village Naturals Therapy : Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak
My husband sweetly put together a bath pampering package for me as a Christmas gift this past holiday season, to include these bath salts, a candle, and a bottle of wine. I would not have picked this out for myself, and still wouldn't as I dislike menthol, one of the ingredients, BUT it turned out to be a very useful product to have on hand! While the scent was odd, a combination of menthol, eucalyptus and spearmint, I really appreciated having this on hand while my recent bout of respiratory sicknesses. Instead of putting them in my bath water, I partially filled up an empty soap dish and set it inside my shower as a sort of steamer to help clear out my lungs. I don't love it, but it certainly helped! Now that I'm dealing with respiratory sickness #5 in the past two months, I'm thinking I should pick up another one to use as a steamer again!


Avatara: Drink Up Face Mask
I really enjoy a good face mask, and I've been eying these every time I go to my Target store! With being sick so much lately, I wanted to give my face an extra moisturizing boost and picked up the Drink Up mask. While I'm not convinced that a one time use of a single mask makes a huge difference, but face certainly felt soft and moisturized after using this mask! Because I don't generally have dry skin I doubt I'd use this particular formulation again, but I'll definitely keep the brand on my radar, as you can see below....

I picked up the Light Up face mask which is supposed to help lighten up age and sun spots with a cocktail of brighteners. I have a few spots on my cheeks that are incredibly stubborn, and while I don't expect a single use to help much, this was a good trial run to make sure this mask was comfortable on my relatively sensitive skin. I really need to pick up more and get into a consistent, and more frequent, routine if I really want to get my darker spots lightened!

This cleanser is a frequent visitor to my empties posts! It is one of the very few face washes I can pick up from my local Target or drugstores that doesn't turn my skin into a painful, red mess. The sensitive formula works well to clean my face without making it feel stripped. While there are other more expensive face washes I have tried and enjoyed, I have a hard time stomaching the idea of washing that money down the drain so I keep going back to old faithful here.

This is another product that has returned from previous That's a Wrap/product empties blog posts! I keep grabbing for this serum as I love the light, moisturizing feeling it gives my skin before I add on my actual moisturizer. Overall, my skin feels plumper and more moisturized since I started using this product, and I already cracked into another bottle that just may be empty by my next empties post!

After hearing so many good things about this brand from other beauty bloggers, not to mention the overall affordable price tag, I finally caved in and picked up the "Buffet", a peptide-filled serum. I really wanted to like this product, but unfortunately, I really did not. It left my skin with an uncomfortable sticky feeling, and it never seemed to absorb fully and dry into my skin. I found it impossible to use in the mornings whenever I would wear makeup. Even giving it thirty minutes to absorb before starting my makeup routine, it left me with patchy and uneven foundation that really accentuated my pores. I ended up using it at night to use it up, but even then, the sticky feeling bothered me and would wake me up on occasion.


I'm normally a powder girl when it comes to my eyebrows, but I opted to pick this up to try when ordering a few other items from ColourPop. With the $5 price tag, I figured it was a cheap investment, and if I didn't like it, I wouldn't think twice about tossing it. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this brow pencil! Nicely pigmented and a smooth application, it also stayed in place all day with my normal makeup routine. I've not repurchased another as I have a few other eyebrow pencils on hand I want to use up first, but I liked this one a lot and will be repurchasing this over the other ones I am currently using!

I am so much happy with my lash game since switching over to this tubing mascara! I've actually used up two of these since my last empties post and opted to just include one in photos for esthetic purposes. I love that my mascara stays securely wrapped around my lashes- no more raccoon eyes for me- but this still washes off so easily with soap and warm water. I keep wanting to try other tubing mascaras, but with this so readily available at my local stores at an affordable price, I keep repurchasing this particular product. I suppose if I'm happy with it and it works for me, why change it, right?

This product has been a visitor here on the blog before as well! I've purchased a few other setting sprays, but this is a solid option that works well for me. I've heard some people have issues with it stinging their faces, but I've not had any problems with it on my sensitive skin (although I have with another more recent one that will be here on the blog soon). The dispersal isn't quite as fine overall as I would prefer, but with the accessibility and affordable price, I can definitely make it work in my beauty routine!

This concludes my current That's a Wrap post with my product empties! My box I keep on the corner of my desk is slowing starting to accumulate another set of empty containers. Depending on how quickly it fills up, I may have a post for just April empties alone!

Have you tried any of these products? What have you finished up lately that you've loved? I'm always happy to hear product recommendations!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Butterball bath bomb sounds amazing!!!! I need to check out that mascara - I hate getting raccoon eyes!

  2. Butterball is a one of my favorite LUSH items and I like the Not Your MOthers Beach Babe to add texture to my fine hair. You used up a lot!

  3. Lots of great empties. I stopped using Buffet since I didn't like the feel on my face yet some people rave about it. I go through several face masks a month too.

  4. I like the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe.

  5. I am a fan of both the NYX Setting Spray and Not Your Mothers. I also have recently picked up 2 new products I originally came across in one of your empties post; Seoul Vitamin C Serum and Vapid Nail Sauce.. I love the serum and still deciding on the nail sauce.

  6. I've not used that dry shampoo but I use the texturing spray and I really like it but it smells SO good!

  7. Great empties! Butterball is one of my favorites, too; I've got one sitting around that I haven't used yet. I want to try that dry shampoo, I love the NYM Beach Babe line.

  8. I have been using the sea salt texturizing spray from Beach Babe and have been enjoying my natural waves! I haven't tried to the dry shampoo though.

  9. This is impressive! I just tend to go through products so slowly I never finish a satisfying amount of things.

  10. That's a ton of stuff!!! I really would like to try that bath soak!

  11. I want to try that ache stuff... wow you did a great job collecting empties!

  12. I think anything from Lush is a win. I haven't tried The Ordinary but I have also heard lots of good reviews about it, thank you for the honest review but sorry you didn't like it.

  13. Great empties! I don't do baths enough, but I should take advantage of our jacuzzi tub.

  14. Wow, that's a lot of empties! Good job finishing all of these!

  15. I've always wanted to try the Beach Babe dry shampoo - the packaging is so eye-catching!

  16. I bought this expensive setting spray that refuses to work, cant remember the name!


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