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Get Ready for Wedding Season with Zoya Bridal Bliss

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was wonderful and your week has been off to a great start! Now that June is here, wedding season is in full swing. Zoya opted to repromote several of their nail polish shades and introduced fans to a new shade with their Bridal Bliss Collection. Several of the shades are quite similar, especially in their respective bottles, so I wanted to swatch and compare several of these for you. Ready to jump in and pick out your perfect shade for a wedding? Let's jump in, starting with the newest shade!

Three coats plus top coat

A full coverage, diamond holographic soft nude

I love a good nude polish, and Brighton did not disappoint! If you want your nails to dazzle on your big day, this a gorgeous option! The formula is fantastic!

Avril and Rue are very similar to each other, so if you're like me and want a polish "just a touch more _", you'll appreciate the subtle differences between these two. Rue is a tad darker and with a kiss of a nude while Avril is a little more bright and peachier.

Two coats plus top coat

A soft neutral pink with light brown undertones in a milky creme base.The perfect universally-flattering nude.

Even though Avril is described as having a light brown undertone, I actually saw more of that aspect with Rue, at least against my skintone. It is a touch on the sheer side, and while I was able to reach opacity with two coats, those with longer nails or who paint with thinner coats will likely need to use a third.

Two coats plus top coat

A full-coverage, boudoir blush cream.

Nice and creamy, Rue has quickly become a favorite nude shade! The formula was on point so I will definitely be grabbing for this one a lot!

These three shades looked pretty similar in their respective bottles, and they are all on the sheerer side.

Three coats plus top coat

A light beige with a sheer creme finish.

Loretta is the sheerest of the group, and it is the perfect polish when you want to go for naked but better or for a french manicure. I was able to build it up with three coats although you can still see some visible nail line here. This isn't a shade that I personally am fond of due to the sheerness, but that is strictly personal preference and shouldn't sway any other opinions!

Three coats plus top coat

A ballet slipper pink in a sheer, milky creme finish.

While sheer, Bela is a little more pigmented and coverage can be built up to opacity. It is a little more pink than Loretta and quite lovely. The formula was fantastic as well!

Three coats plus top coat

A soft, girly pale baby pink with lots of fine gold shimmer.

Erika is the least sheer of the trio and can be build up to opacity with three coats. Alternately, it is a gorgeous shade that can be layered over a base shade if you prefer. The shimmer in this polish really dazzles!

While these three shades are definitely different, I hope this shows the colour differences for you.

Two coats plus top coat

A full-coverage, French, Nude vanilla cream.

I had been eyeing this particular Zoya polish for a little while now, so I was pretty intrigued to see it as part of the Bridal Bliss re-promotion. It is a little more of a warm nude than I have seen at weddings, but I'm sure it is the perfect shade for some brides out there! Add a great formula to boot!

Two coats plus top coat

A full-coverage, soft and delicate pale baby blue with a glossy creme finish.

Blu is probably the lightest shade of blue you can get before you end up with white. It is the slightest bit darker than photographed here, but my camera goes a little bonkers with until pale hues. If you are looking for your "something blue" but don't want an intense and obvious blue, Blu may be the shade you are looking for. I found the formula to be a little thick and uneven to apply, but with a little patience and a good top coat, the final result is still quite pretty.

Snow White
Three coats plus top coat

A pure white creme that's as clean and bright as freshly-fallen snow.

My camera definitely freaked out a little with Snow White and gave a slight vanilla hue. Snow White is actually a stark white and often my go-to base shade for nail art. The formula is a little uneven and streaky at first, but it does level with a little bit of patience. If you opt for a french manicure, this is the perfect white for your tips!

Two coats plus top coat

A light lavender cream.

This type of pastel screams spring to me, and while it isn't something I've seen a bride wear, it is very close to the colour of the bridesmaid dress I wore in my brother's wedding. The first coat was a little patchy but a second coat evened it out nicely.

Three coats plus top coat

A sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold.

Leia is certainly a Zoya favorite shade- since its release at part of the Petals Collection for Spring 2016, it was re-promoted with the Kisses Collection and again here for Bridal Bliss. It is sheer, so while you can build it up to an extent, as shown here, those that want to avoid visible nail line would likely prefer to use this as a topper. I love this polish!

Two coats plus top coat

A refined pearl in a soft almond.

I love this colour, but I was not a fan of the streaky finish. The application was a little patchy and uneven that partially leveled out, but it was the top coat that ended up giving it a more level look.

The Bridal Bliss Collection features several beautiful options whether you're the bride, an attendant, or planning to attend a wedding. What shades are your favorites?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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  1. I was bummed about the repromotes but it did revive some colors I hadn’t known about!

  2. Brighton is such a good wedding shade!

  3. Gorgeous swatches. There are several polishes here that would make for great bridal manicures.

  4. I would wear any of these. Great shades for the brides and bridesmaids

  5. I love Brighton!!! I hope Zoya releases more shades like this one!

  6. I'm so happy I bought Leia. I love how it changes up a manicure before I get my nails done again. I'd love to wear it over Blu or Rue.

  7. All those shades are so light and feminine--perfect for a Bride!

  8. Re and Avril are so close!!! Hmmm can't seem to backspace to correct Rue's spelling. I think I'd like Avril best but I have two Rue cuz I'm dumb and didn't remember I had already bought one. But even as close as the are, I think I'd prefer Avril.

  9. I LOVE Brighton, it's so gorgeous!!

  10. I think all of these would be great for weddings, whether in the wedding party or as a guest. I do think that I might have to pick up Brighton, Avirl, and Rue just for myself though!

  11. All of these are perfect for weddings (whether you're starring or a guest). I especially like Brighton. That said, I wouldn't mind a classic red polish on a bride either.

  12. It's hard for me to choose what my most favorite shade is because I literally love each and everyone single one of them. Especially Avril and Blu. Those are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these nail colors.


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