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OMG, Look At That Holo: The China Glaze OMG! Flashback 10th Anniversary Collection

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Ten years ago, China Glaze released their OMG Collection, one of the first nail polishes collections ever seen utilizing holographic pigments. It was a big deal for those that were interested in nail polish, and even after all this time, these shades are still often sought out by collectors and just those that want to wear these beauties alike. This summer, China Glaze is giving nail polish fans something they have been asking for ever since they retired into the lacquer vault: the return of the OMGs! I'm not gonna lie, I was ecstatic when I heard the news that these were being re-released, so much so my husband thought he was going to have to scrape me off the ceiling in order to leave the office. While there have obviously been numerous holographic polishes released the past ten years, and I certainly own a number myself, there is just something special about the pioneers in the industry. I was incredibly fortune to have a friend gift me a set prior to their launch, and I wanted to share them with you for this evening's blog post. Let's check them out!


We might as well start off with the collection namesake! I had never before given much thought to silvery nail polishes before, but OMG (the original) was a game changer for me. The formula of the re-released shade is a little thicker than I remember from the original, but it is by no means thick. It applies easily to the nails although with the semi-thin brush, you may have a little bit of brushstrokes during application. I already have nail art ideas floating around with this baby! Photos are shown with two coats plus top coat.


I love a beautiful teal polish particularly over the summer; there is just something about this hue combined with swimming pools and beaches that just makes this a go-to colour for me. DV8, and the rest of this collection for that matter, is very similar to that of OMG. It is not too thick or thin and applies easily to the nails. There can be a little bit of brushstrokes seen from application; photos are shown with two coats to opacity plus top coat.


The lilac colouring of IDK is more of a spring than summer shade to me, although so many people wear whatever colours they want regardless of season so it doesn't matter anyway. Whether you stick closely to the typical summer shades or not, you're going to want to add this to you collection before you miss out! Photos are shown with two coats plus top coat.


Ten years ago when the original collection was released, I was not a fan of magenta nail polishes and didn't pay any attention to BFF. Now, of course, I'm wondering what I was thinking since this polish is gorgeous! It is one of my favorite shades from the re-released collection and will be getting lots of nail time this summer! The formula was overall easy to work with, but again, you do have to take care with application to avoid ending up with brushstrokes. I have it shown here with two coats plus top coat.


I love blue nail polishes in general, and 2NITE in particular is pretty because the holographic effect gives it a touch of periwinkle as the rainbows dance over the nails. I actually have the beauty on my toes now, and I'm not too embarrassed to admit it took me an extra few minutes getting in and out of my car running errands today as it kept catching my attention. 2NITE in particular was the least forgiving with the brushstrokes, and it would best be applied with a slightly thicker final coat and as little brush manipulation as possible. I needed two coats for opacity and added top coat for these photos.


TTYL is the shade from this collection that caught my attention first. Given my often proclaimed love of orange here on my blog, I'm sure this surprises absolutely nobody, haha! TTYL isn't quite orange and is more of a red-leaning dark peach, but it is still quite pretty. I'm admittedly on the fence at the whether or not I like it against my skin tone, but I enjoy this colour and will wear it all I want regardless. I have it shown here with two coats plus top coat.

The OMG! Flashback 10th Anniversary Collection is a limited edition collection, so if you've been wanting to add the OMGs to your life, you'll want to pick these up while you can! The MSRP is $9.50 per full-sized bottle, or you can pick up the OMG! Flashback Micro Mini Kit (exclusively on for $9.99.

The OMG! Flashback 10th Anniversary Collection will be launching July 1st at Ulta and Sally Beauty stores nationwide, as well as online at

What are your favorite shades from the OMG! Flashback 10th Anniversary Collection? Do you have any of the original OMG shades, or have you been eagerly awaiting the day China Glaze pulled them out of their polish vault? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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  1. 2nite and IDK for me. I like purples lately and these two are right up my alley

  2. What a fun rerelease! I'm glad they decided to listen to their fans.

  3. So gorgeous I can't even choose a favorite! I think I really like 2NITE and TTYL. But they're all soo gorgeous.

  4. You work fast! Lovely swatches and I think DV8 is my fave!

  5. I don’t have any of the original ones but I want all of these! They’re just so pretty.

  6. I loved the original ones and searched high and low until I had them all. Are any of these similar? They are all so beautiful and so up my alley.

  7. I don't remember these, but I remember getting some linear holos from China Glaze about six years ago, when I first got into nail polish. IDK and TTYL are both so pretty!

  8. I have some of the originals, I should pull them out to do some comparisons! So glad they brought these back!

  9. I know that mainstream doesn't hold a candle to indies but this is the collection that started my love affair with polish so I'm all for the throwback!

  10. These are seriously both metallic and holo! I’ve gotta look for TTYL, my kind of peach on steroids

  11. Ohh that purple holo is super pretty! I'm excited that they came out with a holo polish -- I feel like I only ever see indie brands doing it.

  12. Beautiful swatches I love almost all of them. They looked so lovely on you. Also the names are amazing all the ones I like form a sentence 🤣.
    OMG, BBF, 2NITE, IDK!!! How amazing is that!


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