Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Add Bling to Your Nails with LynB Designs Shimmer Me This

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Ah, Facebook groups! While I am not a member of every single Facebook group in existence by any means, I am part of many that cover a range of interests. It seems that no matter  what catches your attention, there just may be a Facebook group for you! As for myself, I am a lover of all things shiny and sparkly, so it should come to no surprise that I am a member of the Precious Metals, Gems, & Jewels Polish Goddesses group. If you're not already a member of the group, now is a really great time to join: LynB Designs has created a nail polish that will be available exclusively to group members.

Shimmer Me Timbers is described by Jenna, the owner of the brand, as a rose gold flakie bomb with silver galaxy holo and linear holographic sparkle.

Now this is one sparkly polish! I love the colour of rose gold, so I am particularly excited to see that Jenna went this direction with her group exclusive shade. While it may be jam packed with all sorts of sparkled goodness, I had no issues with application onto the nail. The formula is a little thicker than seen from main stream nail polish brands, but it is the normal consistency I've come to expect from LynB Designs. While I personally prefer this slightly thicker consistency, you can easily add a few drops of nail polish thinner if you prefer a thinner polish.

I was easily able to reach opacity with two easy coats. Unless you paint with extremely thin coats or have very long nails, I anticipate two coats being sufficient for most people. The final look is slightly textured due to all the components, and I was able to smooth everything out nicely with a layer of top coat, as shown in these photos.

My apologies for this last photo as my camera pulled it a little more towards to orange colour spectrum, but look how much sparkle is in this polish!

Shimmer Me This will be available for purchase from the LynB Designs website from this Friday, June 22nd through June 29th. It will be marked up significantly on the site to prevent non-Facebook group members from purchasing it. Prior to the launch, a special discount code will be posted in the Precious Metals, Gems, & Jewels Polish Goddesses Facebook Group. Shimmer Me This will retail for $10 per bottle with the discount code.

Are you a fan of rose gold polishes? What other precious metals or gemstones are you hoping to see inspire future group exclusives? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear reader, have a wonderful day!

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  1. How the heck did I not know about this group!? Just asked to join. Gorgeous swatch!

  2. Just joined the group myself! I love rose gold everything right now but I'm so picky about my rose gold lol. :D

  3. Holy moly this is gorgeous! So many Facebook groups!

  4. This is super pretty. Rose gold is a hard color to get just right.

  5. Oh my, this polish speaks to me so much! It’s so stunning!

  6. I love jewel tones! I’ll check out the group as well. Amethyst and emerald are my favourites.

  7. Oh my this Rose Gold is SOOO pretty!

  8. I know I've already said it...but I'm loving the new blog design/name! And this rose gold polish is so beautiful!!

  9. That is quite blingy indeed, and I bet it sparkles in the summer sun like a champ. I wouldn't mind doing a fun summer pedi with this one!

  10. The first picture took my breath away.. wow...just wow.. So blingy and I absolutely loved it :)


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