Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Moonlight Butterfly flakie nail polish topper by Born Pretty Store

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Whether you're Team Love Them or Team Over It, there is no doubt that flakies in nail polish have gripped the beauty world and are going nowhere anytime soon! For those that want to dress up their crème nail polishes or want to add even more flakes to your manicure, Born Pretty Store has delivered with their colour-changing aurora flakie top coats! It may be just about winter here in the northern hemisphere, but I just couldn't resist the beautiful Moonlight Butterfly from the Summer Dream Series and thought you may enjoy it as well. Let's get a closer look at this topper!

Depending on how you angle your nails and the location of your light source, these flakies throw off pops of colour in glowing indigo or vibrant greens, or they may choose to stay a subtle peachy-orange hue until they capture the light.

Born Pretty Store suggests a black base with this type of polish, and while it certainly is stunning, I actually prefer playing with my flakie toppers over a range of base shades. The result is often a little more subtle than if you had layered over a black base, but the colour combinations make me think of gemstones, my favorite thing outside of beauty world!

Base shades used:
China Glaze: Liquid Leather
China Glaze: Mix and Mingle

The formula is easy to work with and applies effortlessly off the brush on top of the nail. Because this is a flakie topper, errant flakies occasionally like to hang off of your nails. Simple push gently back up onto the nail or pull it off, it's entirely up to you! The flakies leave a slight textured finish to the nails, but I found a coat of top coat was sufficient to give my nails a smooth appearance.

Moonlight Butterfly can be purchased directly from Born Pretty Store at this link. While you are already there, be sure to check out what else Born Pretty Store has to offer for your nail art needs!

While many items are already at a discounted price, you can save 10% off fully priced items using discount code QWL91.

How do you feel about flake-filled nail polishes, either as a topper or with flakes mixed into the base? Are you still loving them, or are you ready for the craze to die out? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I think flakie toppers are always pretty!

  2. Other than removal I think that these toppers are fabulous. I love seeing it over the black and I bet it would be stunning over navy and red too.

  3. I love how it looks. I'm tempted. But how easy or hard is it to remove?

  4. That's really pretty - not over it yet!

  5. I love toppers like this! Over white would make it like a snow globe.


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