Monday, December 17, 2018

Nail Art Featuring Zoya Jubilee for Holiday 2018

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We are firmly in holiday season, and with Christmas next week, there is only a week left to make whatever holiday purchases you have planned! To make the holidays all the more stressful, I am leaving our house in California behind today and flying with my boys to Arizona to start our new life. New house + completely new location + now getting to shop for gifts means I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment! It's most likely going to be a simple holiday for us this year, but as long as we're together, it should all be fine. Now how about we get to some nails!

This holiday season, Zoya has really stepped up their game with the new Jubilee Collection. This year we have seen so much red and pink from the brand, and I am delighted they took note and brought back more colours, like purples and teals. They also introduced their new Leopard Spots topper. Designed as a crackle polish for placement over their PixieDust polishes, I really wanted to create nail art that was a play on the topper. Check it out!

Leopard print nails are always so fun to wear with the added bonus of being super easy. You really cannot mess them up! I'm particularly fond of incorporating fun and unusual shades in my animal print designs, and this look really won me over.

Polishes used:
Leopard Spots Topper
Willa (black cream not part of Jubilee Collection)

In addition to the leopard print design, I was also really inspired to create another design for this collection. Rather that creating a second post, I'm just going to add it here.

To create this colourful design, I dotted polishes over my base and used saran wrap to blend the shades together slightly and to blot away excess. I then added in a few random dry brush spots of the golden Astrid to tie the nails in with my simple accent nail.

Polishes used:

What do you think of these nail art designs? Both are simple and quick to create, but the final result is beautiful! There is also the added bonus of blowing people's minds when they discover you did it yourself!

The Jubilee Collection is available for purchase now, and each shade retails for $10. While all the other shades in this collection come with the usual thinner Zoya brush, the Leopard Spots Topper uses Zoya's new Z-Wide brush. For those that prefer a wider brush in general, and wish to switch out the brushes they already have, they can be purchased for $2 per brush.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Nicely done! Seeing your cute leopard spots, I'm wondering if I could do something like that. And the crackle polish is so innovative. You're right, the Jubilee collection is gorgeous

  2. I love the purple leopard print, and the saran wrap design is so pretty and unique! I have to try it out (and mess it up LOL)!

  3. Astrid looks beautiful! I love the gold!

  4. Good luck with settling in to your new home. What a big change during the holidays. And to find time to do some nail art is amazing.

  5. The Saran Wrap mani is beautiful! Love the colors.

  6. I love both manis but definitely love your play on the leopard spots topper!

  7. I love the Leopard mani!!! So cute!! I was thrilled to see they brought back the PixieDust line, loving those the most.


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