Friday, December 21, 2018

Product Flop Friday: bareMinerals BarePRO Foundation

Last month, I brought you a Product Flop Friday post, where I shared a product I had high hopes for but ended up letting me down. Today, I bring you another product I tried that let me sorely disappointed: bareMinerals Bare PRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation

This foundation is a little on the thinner side, but since I don't like full coverage foundations, I was pleased to see it wasn't very thick. It also made me hopeful that it would blend out easily without caking or drying too quickly.

Using my brush, I blended the foundation out on my hand. So far, so good!

Here it is on my face, with no other makeup, including no setting powder. Hoo boy, was I not happy with the application! My skin is not perfect- I have pores, and I have some wrinkling on my forehead. Normally, this isn't an issue with foundations I enjoy, but the barePro Foundation was able to emphasize pores I didn't even realize I had and settled it horribly into any wrinkling immediately after application. Ready for a not-so-pretty sight? Let's get a closer look....

Pretty sexy looking pores here, amirite? On a serious note, this pooling into my pores happened no matter whether I used a Beauty Blender or a brush for foundation. I'm not sure if this foundation isn't compatible with my body chemistry or skin care routine, but this is clearly an issue.

You can see it collecting here in my "thought lines". Needless to say, I was not pleased. Because I had purchased this product myself from Sephora and knew I wanted to return it after finding these issues, I didn't want to use up any more product to try and find a combination that would work beyond the four uses I tried. I am willing to make simple adjustments like use a Beauty Blender or a foundation brush, but to be frank, if I have to keep playing around and find the "perfect" combination of skincare products and primers, I'm just not that interested. There are far too many other options available rather than something that is finicky with my particular routine.

Here is my final look with this foundation. As long as I don't look too closely, it doesn't look too bad. That said, it was difficult for me to just be comfortable wearing my makeup knowing it was a hot mess around my nose and forehead.

This product flop post goes to show that what works for someone may not work for others. I actually purchased this foundation after reading a review from a trusted blogger, and while I have no doubt it works beautifully for her, it sadly was just not the case for me. As bloggers, we do our best to test out products to the best of our abilities using our own techniques and background products. Sometimes things turn out beautifully, while others, are just not a match made in heaven for ourselves, either due to body chemistry, non-compatible products, or for a myriad of other reasons. We can only share our own personal experiences when it comes to testing products, and this is part of the reason I like to emphasis what works for me may not for you.

I really wanted to love this foundation, and I'm a little sad it doesn't work for me. I'm occasionally switching up my skincare routine so I may pick up a small tester in the future to see if a change in products helps, but for now, this is a flop for me.

Have you tried the bareMinerals bare Pro foundation? Is it a hit or a miss for you? I'd love to hear about your experiences with it!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Is it too late to return it? I wouldn't be happy about it either

  2. Love this feature on your blog. I find many makeup stores allow you to return products. Hopefully you can

  3. My 10X mirror is my enemy since I see those pores when I look in it. I was considering this foundation - WAS - no more.

  4. Well thats a bummer, but yeah there are so many other options out there so! :)

  5. I absolutely love your look.. the foundation looked flawless until I saw the close picture of the nose... Nah... Not my foundation either...


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