Friday, March 22, 2019

Red-y for spring with Born Pretty Store's Glitter Red nail polish

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Happy Friday, dear readers! The season may have rolled over into spring this week, but the first couple days have been cooler than what it had been in Arizona. I'm certainly not complaining about weather in the low 70's, but it does have me wanting to step back from spring pastels. Born Pretty Store sent me a lovely reddish pink glitter nail polish, and while it was part of their winter series, I'm really feeling it today. Let's check it out!

Winter Light is a shimmering red polish that is designed for easy peel off when you are ready to change out your manicure.

Against my skintone, it looks like a strawberry red, with a subtle touch of pink to the base shade.

I really like this colour, but the formula left a lot to be desired. I found it to be an odd combination of thick and stringy, and it made even application to the nails exceptionally difficult. Even with patience and careful application, I couldn't quite get this polish to be even over my nail beds.

I used two coats of Winter Light for these photos.

While I'm admittedly not crazy about this polish due to its formula, Born Pretty Store has a lot of other great items for your nail art needs!

While you're there, be sure to use discount code QWL91 to save 10% off regular priced items.

What nail polish shades are you currently feeling drawn towards? Are you a fan of spring pastels or are you wearing other shades? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Tood bad the formula wasnt good. I enjoy peel off polishes and have been using the Kinx Active ones

  2. Meeeeeeeeeh. BUT, Born Pretty has such a great selection of stuff. I’m a big fan of their nail art supplies!

  3. Bummer on the formula, it looks good tho on photos

  4. I hate that the formula sucks but this is why I love blogs and they are SO VALUABLE. If I just saw your photos on Instagram, I would have thought it was a great buy.

  5. I wonder if you got a bad bottle? What a shame coz the color and gold flecks are lovely

  6. The polish looks gorgeous but if it's a pain then I won't waste my money.

  7. I also had the same terrible formula with this line. Super thick. Like applying jam.

  8. This shade came off a lot lighter on the nails then I thought it would be from the bottle. I like how it looks on you though.

  9. Bummer on the formula, that def makes you not want to grab it, but it is pretty at least for this time right!

  10. I love that it has a slight jelly-like sheerness to it, even though it's mostly opaque/

  11. The color is so pretty. Too bad the formula is horrible.


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