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Spring Break SkinCare and Makeup: How I Keep Both my Makeup and My Luggage Light!

Happy Hump Day, dear readers, and happy first day of Spring! While spring has officially launched today, last week was my kindergartener's Spring Break. With my husband starting his new job only a few months ago and limited vacation time, we had decided against taking a family vacation for the time being. Instead, I took my kid back up to Northern California so he could visit with some friends we left behind with the move and I could check in at the office. It may not have been the most exciting spring break, but my son was thrilled to visit with his friends, and I did enjoy seeing my colleagues.

As much as I enjoy traveling, I used to always stress out when it came to figuring out how I was going to pack my beauty routine. I don't like to check my luggage when I fly, but with liquid restrictions on carry on luggage, what's a girl to do if they use a variety of products that all take up that precious quart-sized bag? For today's blog post, I wanted to share with you what items I took with me and how I like to pack my routine with limited space.

I have shared my biggest tip once before, and with spring break and summer vacations not to far off, I have to share it again! No matter where I go when I travel, you can expect to see my MYO Cosmetics case in my bag. This magnetic snap-closed case is a lifesaver, especially when it comes to traveling with my skincare items. One of the accessories that comes with the various versions of the kits are magnetic beauty pods. These pods are the must have item you didn't know you needed, and I can assure you, once you've tried them, you'll never want to go without! For my four day trip, I filled each of my pods with with their own respective serum, eye balm, day facial moisturizer and night moisturizer, and I organized my pods so one half contained my morning routine and the other half my night routine. There was also room to accommodate my mini product scoop. With a little more space available, I put my MUD eyebrow cream in one of my pods and filled the last bit of space with my eyebrow brush. To read more about the MYO Cosmetics Case, check out my original review here!

With my skincare needs already taken care of, it was easy to collect together my cosmetics items. I do have a second MYO Cosmetics kit that I use for my cosmetics, but I opted not to go that route this trip as I was trying out the new Wet n Wild Photo Focus Stick Foundation and wanted to keep my makeup light and fresh. For my cosmetics, I packed the following:

CōTZ Face Tinted Sunscreen While it technically is a sunscreen, it also serves as a primer as well! I have a full sized tube that I use at home, and I have this smaller sample-sized tube to take with me when traveling.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Stick Foundation I really like the Photo Focus liquid foundation in spite of the awful smell before it dries, and I was eager to try out their new stick formula. I think this foundation would be too much for me when it gets too warm, but with the drier winter months, I am loving it!

Kokie Cosmetics Be Bright Illuminating Concealer I really like this concealer for under my eyes but I do wish there were a few more shade options. Even though I wear sunscreen daily, I've been getting a bit of a tan already. This one is a little too light for me now so I have to put a little foundation over it so I didn't have too-pale under eyes.

Smashbox The Cali Contour Palette I normally don't get very excited about contour palettes, but this one is my must have! I use it as intended to contour my face and add blush, but I also like to use it to create a beautiful natural eye look.

Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow As much as I enjoy using my Smashbox contour palette for my eye looks, I occasionally like to add just a little more oomph with my Stila liquid eyeshadow in the shade Kitten. My tube is a smaller size, although the full size isn't going to make you use up much luggage space either!

L'Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lengthening Mascara I know you've seen this baby appear here on the blog already, and this is my go-to mascara! The tubing technology is exactly what I need to prevent mascara smudging!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray I really like this setting spray and picked up a smaller travel sized bottle from Sephora for in my luggage. I may have kept my makeup very natural looking on my trip, but I still wanted it to look good after a full day of wear!

I often like to pack fun lipstick shades when I wear natural eye makeup, but I just wasn't feeling it this trip. Something about the freshness of spring made me want to keep everything simple so I just packed my Profusion Charm Matte Lipliner and Yes To Carrots Rosy Bloom Color Balm.

I love playing with fun colours at home, but when I'm traveling, I prefer to travel as light as possible and add in drama with either a vibrant lipstick or a fun shade of eyeliner. My makeup might have been natural for Spring Break, but I certainly added some pizzazz to my day by carrying it all in my stunning KBShimmer Multichrome Zipper Bag!

I hope you've enjoyed reading today's post, and I hope it gives you some ideas on what to take on your next trip! I am a huge fan of multitasking products and easy portability!

What items do you like to take with you when you're traveling? Do you prefer to travel light or do you like to have a lot of options available? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love those Stila liquid eyeshadows too

  2. You've got some great items. I took my MYO kit with me on my last trip but I find that the pods are hard to open and I spilled several of the contents. I need new pods to replace the ones that were totally messed up.

  3. that makeup case is really helpful indeed. need to get me one.

  4. Sounds like a fun trip to me. You get to see the ocean again. I ordered the Cali Contour the day it was on sale at Ulta. I'm kinda eyeballing the new one, too

  5. I wish I was organized enough to keep my travel cosmetic bag light, but I always end up bringing a ton, haha!

  6. I really need a cosmetics case like that. Everything is so neat!

  7. Since I'll be traveling in 2 weeks and seeing YOU this post is so timely! I really love the MYO case.

  8. That MYO cosmetics case is awesome! Must get one asap!

  9. That MYO case is so neat for people who travel frequently!


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