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Literary Lacquers returns with A Court of Feels and Sparkle

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy hump day! Do I have some good news for you! My dear friend Amy of Literary Lacquers has just launch a new collection! Go ahead, take a moment to whoop and cheer; I know I certainly did when I heard the news myself.

Are you a little calmer now? I have the full seven piece collection to share with you today plus the bonus limited edition gift with purchase. Inspired by the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, this collection, aptly names A Court of Feels and Sparkle (ACOFAS) will take you on a journey through the seven courts of the High Fae of Prythian. I have admittedly not read this series, but Amy has me convinced I need to give it a read! Let's jump in and check out all the gorgeous new shades to join the Literary Lacquers brand lineup!

Veiled in Roses

Rosy pink packed with holographic and opalescent microglitter

Inspired by the Spring Court’s beautiful manor house, an alabaster estate covered in roses and ivy, surrounded by meadows and forests in a perpetual springtime.

I generally don't consider myself a pink fan overall, but Amy has a way of creating pink nail lacquers that I simply adore. Veiled in Roses is certainly no exception to this rule, and I love how bright and cheery it is for spring and the upcoming summer months! The formula was overall easy to work with although the first coat had an uneven application. A thicker second coat went on perfectly and evened my nails out beautifully I also added top coat for these photos.

Retail: $10


Aqua opal, this polish is loaded with blue, green, and white opalescent flakies and microglitter

The Summer Court is home to the beautiful city of Adriata nestled in its half moon bay.

I don't know if it is the water sign in me (Pisces represent!), but I have a particular affinity to these types of colours. Adriata won me over the moment my eyes spied the bottle, and it was love at second sight when it went on my nails. Like Veiled in Roses, I found the best application method is to use a thicker second coat as the first coat can be a little uneven if applied too thinly. Photos are shown with two coats plus top coat.

Retail: $10

Autumn Fire

Deep coppery red holo with microglitter

Fire is the power of the High Fae that reside in the Autumn Court.

Autumn's Fire is the most perfect fall-appropriate shade if I ever saw one! I'm generally not drawn to this type of colour this time of year, but once I had it on my nails, I was loving it immensely. It may not be a springy shade, but I'm going to have to break all rules and enjoy this during the warmer months. It applied flawlessly with two easy coats to opacity on my shorter nails. I also used a layer of top coat for these photos.

Retail: $12

High Lady of Winter

Soft grey holo with white, silver, and blue flakies

This polish inspired by the frozen Winter Court is a little shout out to the fandom and my girl Vivianne, may her voice be heard.

I love a good grey polish, even if greys don't suit my skintone the best. I don't know if I was blinded by love for this particular shade or if this one actually suits me better than many others, but High Lady of Winter is going to be getting a lot of wear time from me! Application was a dream, even with all the flakies in this polish. I used two coats to reach opacity although those with longer nails may find they need to use three coats. I also added a coat of top coat for these photos.

Retail: $12

Sunstone Palace

Delicate metallic that shifts from copper to rose

The books’ action only visits the Dawn court for a short period of time, but the description of the breathtaking palace inspired this lacquer.

I'm convinced everyone needs a good rose gold nail polish in their collection, and Sunstone Palace is definitely a gorgeous option! I'm still undecided how I feel about it on me when worn as a solid manicure, but I am looking forward to using this in nail art designs. I have it swatched here with two coats plus top coat.

Retail: $10


Bright white gold metallic with a subtle green iridescence

The mysterious Day Court is home to Helion Spell-Cleaver, his power of Cursebreaking is vital to something I can’t tell you about because it’s a spoiler. These are hard to write, y’all, just read the books, they’re good.

Oh. Em. Gee. These photos don't even come close to doing Cursebreaker justice. This polish glows and dazzles, and for a name that breaks curses, it certainly found a way of bewitching me! It has the perfect amount of warmth for my skintone and I could not stop starring at me nails once I had it on. It applied beautifully with three coats to opacity, and I added a layer of top coat for these photos.

Retail: $10

Court of Dreams

Black base with holo microflakes, silver flakes, and shimmer that shifts from blue through indigo to violet

The Night Court is home to the mysterious and dark Rhysand and his hot muscular Illyrian warriors (ahem). No spoilers but fans self anyway.

Please pardon my reddish colouring in the last few photos. My light setup is bright and can emulate sunlight, which is great for overcast days or nighttime swatching, but it doesn't permit the colour shifts when my nails are directly under them. Once I moved my nails slightly out of the setup, I could see the beautiful colour shifts as I moved my nails around. While it is loaded with flakes, the application was a breeze! I used two coats plus top coat for these photos.

Retail: $12

Limited Edition Gift with $50 Purchase

Deep navy holo with microglitter and opalescent green flakes

I really wanted to call this polish My Other Ride is an Illyrian Warrior, but I decided to go with the more sedate Starfall. Starfall is a holiday celebrated in the Winter Court on a night where star spirits migrate across the sky.

If you want a My Other Ride is an Illyrian Warrior name label, let me know in your order notes and I’ll hook you up!

Not gonna lie, dear readers, with the optional other name, I'm even more intrigued with this book series! It sounds like a yummy addition to Literary Lacquers The Good Parts Collection from back in 2013. Maybe it's because the days are getting warmer around here, but I would love to see an encore to the previous collection! Whether or not that happens, Starfall or My Other Ride is an Illyrian Warrior is the perfect excuse to buy all your desired Literary Lacquers shades now rather than waiting! This limited edition gift with purchase will be added to all orders over $50 (pre-shipping) placed through May 1st. You've got a week to get those orders in, and you will not want to miss out!

Swatch photos are shown with two coats plus top coat.

The A Court of Feels and Sparkle Collection (ACOFAS) is available for purchase now. Each polish can be purchased individually or you can pick up the entire collection for the discounted price of $70.

In addition to the gift with purchase for $50 pre-shipped purchases, all Literary Lacquers shades are currently on sale with a 25% discount. This sale goes through May 1st as well, and I definitely recommend taking advantage of it! Amy has created some of my favorite polishes, and I know you'll find many to love yourself!

Have you read the series that inspired this collection? If so, are these nail polishes fitting the courts as well as you envision? Which court and nail polish is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  3. These are gorgeous. I've been craving pink nails so the first one appeals to me and so does Court of Dreams.

  4. Autumn Fire is calling to me!!! Love the glow of the glitters in the pink at the top (too lazy to scroll back up for the name, lol!)

  5. Ohhh sparkles! court of dreams and starfall are my faves!

  6. The First two are SOOO happy and beautiful! I love them!

  7. I definitely need to read more but I love Autumn Fire a LOT.

  8. Autumn Fire is soooooo pretty. I love that shade!


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