Monday, April 29, 2019

ellagee polish for May Polish Pickup: Couples Skate

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Who can forget those Friday nights at the skating rink? For teenagers in the 80s it was the place to be, to see and be seen. And the best part? When the DJ announced the couples skate. The lights went down and the mirror ball reflected the colored spotlights in shards all around. You did a quick check that your feathered hair was in place as you waited with your friends, hoping that certain person would ask you to skate. Or if you felt brave enough, you asked them. Holding hands and skating in circles as your heart pounded felt like magic. After, you both went back to goofing around with your friends, but stole little glances for the rest of the evening. Maybe next weekend you’ll actually talk to each other?

April is just about over, and Friday is the May opening of the Polish Pickup! This month's theme is the 1980's, and brands have really come up with some fun inspirations based on the theme! One of the contributors for the upcoming month is ellagee polish. Can I say just how much I adore the name of this polish! I was too young in the 80's to be skating, especially for the couple's skating time, but this does remind me of fun times with friends in the 90's!

Couples' Skate by ellagee is a silvery royal purple holographic polish filled with chameleon shimmer that flashes blue, pink, and violet plus sparks of tiny silver holographic microglitter. As magical as your 80s memories.

Couples Skate has a nice formula that is easy to apply to the nails. Not too thick or thin, I was able to cover all visible nail line with two smooth coats. ellagee polishes can get a little thick if you overwork the formula as it dries, so your best bet is to work with thinner coats and not fuss around with the polish too much.

Couples Skate will be available for purchase from the Polish Pickup website this Friday, May 3rd through Monday, May 6th. Each bottle will retail for $12; there is no limit to the number of bottles that will be made available.

As always, please keep in mind that orders submitted to the Polish Pickup are submitted as a preorder. Once the shopping window closes, makers fulfill their specific orders and ship to Polish Pickup headquarters. Final orders are then put together and shipped out to customers. Please allow three weeks for shipping of your orders.

Did you ever spend time at the skating rink? Have you had the chance to skate around with a special someone? Will you be picking up Couples Skate this weekend? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Definitely had a spot in town for all of us to go skating! This polish is a beauty! The swatches are beautiful!

  2. I remember the roller rink in the 80s! I did one couples skate with my best friend’s brother, who I did have a crush on lol. Polish is pretty.

  3. Not how I spent the 80s, but a cute theme and very pretty polish

  4. What a stunning shade and it's going on my list ASAP.

  5. I love that they're doing 80's theme for this month. This is a gorgeous polish and I totally get the inspiration for it.

  6. We didn’t have a skating rinks where I grew up, so I missed out on these kinds of experiences. This is such a sparkler!

  7. I'm klutzy, and fell over a bazillion times before giving up on skating. This polish is stunning though - purple, and holo, my two favourite elements come together!

  8. This is so sparkly! I love ultra holos.

  9. Omg, the holo in this polish is stunning!!

  10. Haha I love the inspo, even if I was too young too! This is so blingy and pretty!

  11. It's so nice to see her participating in PPU! This looks like such a fun shade.


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