Thursday, May 2, 2019

Brand Preview of The Makeup Show New York City

Happy Thursday, dear readers! I am so excited for this weekend as I will be in New York City for The Makeup Show once again. It is such an incredible event where professionals in the beauty industry have to opportunity to learn a lot of information, rub elbows with fellow artists, and pick up items to add to their kits. If you are available and in the area, I strongly encourage you to attend! If this weekend isn't a good time for you, be sure to check out The Makeup Show lineup for details on the upcoming shows in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Chicago. For those that are not beauty professionals, have no fear! The shows in Washington DC and San Francisco are opened to the public and you can enjoy the pro experience as well!

For today's post, I wanted to highlight some of the brands and products that you can expect to see at this weekend's show. While the brand lineup varies from location and even year to year, I can promise you that you will have a plethora of quality brands present, whether you are stocking up on a professional kit or attending the public events later in the year and making personal purchases.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has been one of the sponsors for all The Makeup Shows I have attending thus far, and they are one of the Silver Sponsors for this weekend's show. I have used many of their products from eyeliners to lipsticks, and their foundation is one of my absolute favorites. I'm going to be picking up more foundation in particular as my current colour isn't such a good match for me now that I'm getting more of a tan in spite of my constant sunscreen use.

This is a brand I am ashamed to admit I wasn't familiar with prior to attending The Makeup Show in the past, but I am a big fan of the products I have tried! I obviously have sunny days and summer on the mind as I am immediately drawn towards the Prism FX lotion as it adds such a gorgeous glow to the skin (HELLO, SHOULDERS!) and I am all about this bright orange liner! I don't know exactly what products will be capturing my attention at the show this weekend, but I know I want to experience more from this quality line!

I have a few eye brushes from Cozzette that I really like, and I am obsessed with their eyeshadows! Available in magnetic singles, they also offer magnetic palettes with a padded top to provide, well, extra padding, in order to protect your investment. This photo only shows a small selection of the shades I currently own, and they have a new one I hope to pick up at the show. While I could do on about the gorgeous options, I'm going to be practical for a moment and steer you in this direction if you are looking for a quality black eyeshadow. It is incredible, and when mixed with their mixing medium, makes for a budge proof liner.

If you prefer eyeshadow palettes or are on the hunt for eyelashes, Ruby May Cosmetics might be a good stop for you. They offer several glitter eyeshadow palettes that are really pretty if glitter is your jam, and the price point is certainly affordable. I personally don't wear glitter enough for me to justify picking up a full palette for myself, but I really like their lashes and am hoping to pick up a few different styles.

This is another brand I had never heard of prior to my first The Makeup Show experience, and I really hope some of you check out the brand! I adore their sheet masks and have a few left from my last shopping experience with them. I was on the fence about including them since I have made a conscious effort to not buy more sheet masks as the packaging is not particularly eco-friendly. That said, this post just wouldn't be complete without the mention. I still mask when traveling, and since I like to travel light, the individual masks are still a good option for me. Another product they have that I love is this brush holder! I love that it holds my brushes I take with me while traveling (because let's be honest, my brush collection is pretty large and broken up amongst several cases), and I LOVE that the top part can be folded down while the bottom keeps my brushes standing upright. I don't consider myself a germaphobe, but hotel bathroom counters are always a bit questionable and I don't really want them touching my face.

Rebels and Outlaws is a brand that turns makeup application from just a same ole same ole into an experience. The brand uses colours, stones, and scents in candles to create a desired environmental energy in which to work. I know this isn't something everyone believes in, but the brand is about lovingness and positivity that regardless of your specific beliefs, I feel most people would want to get behind. If candles just aren't something you want to bring into your beauty routine, they do offer a nice hand sanitizer.

Inglot Cosmetics
I was first introduced to Inglot by their fully customizable Freedom palettes, but it was their collaboration with Jennifer Lopez that made me pay more attention to the brand. There is no question that Jennifer knows how to glow, and my most favorite product is the Illuminator. Mine had been put aside during the fall and winter months, but now that it is getting warm here in Arizona, I have definitely pulled out this baby again for a gorgeous warm glow to my skin! Inglot Cosmetics is one of the Supporting Sponsors for this weekend's show.

If you've been following me for the past couple years, you already know what my go-to obsession by Smashbox is: The Cali Contour palette! I bought this immediately after it launched, and it is without a doubt my most used palette. I believe Smashbox has updated to look of the palette with a more California-vibe cover, at least it appears so based on more recent photos of this palette. Not only is this palette beautiful on the face for blush, contour and subtle highlight, I actually use this on my eyes as well for when I want a soft natural look. If you apply the highlighter with a damp eyebrush, you get some beautiful shimmer to the lids! Smashbox certainly offers other quality products, but if you can only have just one item, this is my pick. Smashbox Cosmetics is also a Supporting Sponsor for the upcoming show.

NUDESTIX is a brand that I associate with quick, on the go makeup with easy application. Dot a little colour on your face, eyes, or lips, dap with your fingertips to spread, and then you are on your way! I was on the fence with this brand at first as I either wear makeup or not, and when I wear makeup, I use my brushes and sponges. In the end, I still opted to treat myself by curating my own tin at last year's show in New York City, and I am so glad I did! These are perfect for the days I don't want to deal with makeup but my face could use just a little touchup. Their Nudies Tinted Blur is also fabulous for a no-makeup look just to help even things out, and I have a darker shade I use for contouring my face when I'd rather use a cream instead of powder.

NYX Cosmetics is one of those brands that needs no introduction- whether you are a beauty professional or a minimalist that occasionally just shops for yourself at your local Target, NYX has made a name for themselves as an affordable beauty brand. As with any brand, some products can be a miss for me, but those that I enjoy I keep coming back to time and time again. Their glitter primer is a go-to product for me on the days I use glitter or even extra shimmery products that I want to pack on and POP. I also like their Matte Finish Setting Spray as a great way to set my makeup and at such a good price! It is one of my preferred go-to setting sprays and I often have a backup bottle on hand lest I run out. NYX Cosmetics is one of the Supporting Sponsors for The Makeup Show NYC.

I had not heard of Stilazzi prior to attending my first The Makeup Show, but it is another brand I am glad to have met! I have picked up a variety of their brushes, and their Precision Crease Blender L216 suits my hooded eyes well and is one of my most used brushes. A little small than their L215, it gives me a little more control that I prefer. Stilazzi brushes are also very affordable, and I even have two of these particular brushes on hand for when I'm lazy and delaying cleaning my brushes. I recently tried a couple Stilazzi cosmetic items and particularly enjoy their Lip Vinyls!

Moira was a brand I discovered at Cosmoprof North America last summer, and I had the pleasure of seeing the yet-to-be released products from the brand. They offer both makeup and skincare products. I had picked up their blush palette with I enjoy using, and I am debating on pickup up more cosmetic items to try out. Their price point is very affordable so it wouldn't break the bank, but I am making a effort to only buy items I think I would use with some frequency. That said, some of their palettes have peaked my interest so I may have to get some to test out for you all! I am interested in some of their skincare items as well, and there are some I am already planning to pick up for myself!

CōTZ Skincare
This is another brand you have likely seen mentioned either on my blog or social media numerous times and for good reason: I am totally in love with their sunscreen! Shown above is my absolute favorite, the Face Tinted SPF 40. Please note they have since expanded on the product lineup, and this particular product is now called the Face Prime and Protect Tinted SPF 40; I just haven't picked up the new tube yet. The texture of this sunscreen is silky and dries down to a lovely matte finish that is far from drying. I actually prefer this product over other sunscreens I have tried because the finish lends itself well to makeup application and I can skip adding primer between sunscreen and makeup application. The tube lasts me surprisingly longer than I would have expected based on the size and I will definitely be picking up an extra couple of bottles!

Esum at MUSE Beauty.Pro
Your makeup look can only look as good as your brushes will allow, and Esum offers some great brushes! The Esum W23 Medium Filbert Shader is one of my favorites to quickly get even eyeshadow coverage on my eyelids. I also really like the Small Tapered Eye Contour Brush (S31) as it picks up colour perfectly and lends itself well to precise colour application. Whether I am trying to place colour in my crease or along my lower lash line, this is a tool I know I can rely on. Esum also fairly recently launched their Pro Mixing Medium, and I have had good experience with it. I can intensify eyeshadows for a bolder look or mix it with eyeshadow to create my own custom eyeliner shade.

Viseart at MUSE Beauty Pro
Not to knock cheaper eyeshadow brands, but if you are really wanting to up your eye makeup game and have a little extra cash to spend, Viseart products are the way to go! I really enjoy my eyeshadows from the brand, and they are one of the few brands I actually still will purchase a palette. Of course my palette rules still apply and I only buy the few that comes in a range of shades that I am confident will get substantial use. They introduced their new SlimPro packaging a year or so ago, where the pans are magnetic and can be popped out and palettes mixed and matched. You all know I'm a big fan of magnetic palettes, especially when I have to travel, so this was a fabulous conversion for the brand. Not all the older Viseart palettes have made the conversion, but some of the 12-pan palettes have in addition to the newer palettes and smaller 6-pan Theory palettes. While I find the cost of Viseart to be well worth it, I can see where the cost is a little higher than some people want to spend. If you've been wanting to try out the brand but haven't because of the cost, I am beyond thrilled to share that Viseart will be launching SINGLES at this weekend's show! This launch includes 50 of their most requested shades from their palette assortment and empty 12-pan palettes. This is an excellent way to try the brand at a fraction of the cost as well as just picking up the shades you are interested in from some palettes but don't want or cannot splurge on the whole thing.

Pacifica Beauty
Pacifica is a brand I came to know and love years ago thanks to their delicious Blood Orange scent. I have since branched out and have tried some of their cosmetic items, and I am looking forward to seeing what all they have decided to bring with them to the show this weekend. The last time I saw them at The Makeup Show, the offerings did not include many scented items and focused more on the new crystal-inspired items: foundation, highlighter, lipgloss and mascara. Given that it IS The Makeup Show, it wasn't surprising to see the main focus on cosmetic items. I am secretly hoping (or I guess not-so-secretly now) to see some of their newer skincare items at the show as we all know the better the condition your skin is in, the better your makeup will apply!

Urban Decay
UD is a brand that any beauty lover knows, and for good reason! The Naked eyeshadow palettes have become a staple in many a beauty lover's cosmetic arsenal. Even if these aren't to your fancy, Urban Decay offers numerous items that may not be flashy but still important to get the job done well. Their Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a cult classic and a staple in my own beauty routine. Trust me, on the days I skip it and use something else, I notice, and not for good reasons. I also started using their De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray after purchasing a travel-sized version, and I am seriously digging it! My face definitely gets oilier as the days get warmer, and this spray does help a lot.

Hourglass at Nigel Beauty Emporium
There are several brands to choose from at the Nigel Beauty Emporium, and it is a great stop to pick up a variety of items that fit your needs. While I am unsure of what all other brands they will have on site, The Makeup Show has Hourglass specifically lists as an exhibitor, hence my focus on the brand for this blog post. I'm hoping the mention means they will have a substantial showing with numerous products available for purchase rather than a couple token items. I won't know until I get there, but it is a quality brand I recommend checking out while there!

Ardell Beauty
Ardell Beauty is generally my go-to brand for lashes, especially when it comes to a more natural look. These lashes give my eyes the little extra oomph I desire without looking strange or taking away from the rest of my eye look. Ardell lashes are very affordable in general anyway, but you can usually get even better deals at the show when you stock up on several pairs! Ardell has expanded over the years to include cosmetic items, and I recall some of them being available for purchase in addition to lashes at the previous show I had attended. Ardell Beauty is a Silver Sponsor for The Makeup Show NYC this weekend.

Smith Cosmetics
Makeup brushes....oh how do I love thee! Let me count the ways.....but not the number of brushes I own! Higher price points aren't always indicative of quality, but when it comes to cosmetic brushes, there is a bit of truth to it. Don't get me wrong, there are some cheaper brushes in my collection that I use and work well for me, but as a general rule, better brushes usually cost a little more money. Smith brushes are fantastic, and if you use makeup regularly, are worth the investment. I don't find them to be crazy expensive personally, but I can understand why someone wouldn't want to pay around $25 a brush. As this post alone can attest, I don't have any one specific brand loyalty, and my collection of brushes includes a range of brands. That said, I do have favorite brushes based on specific use, and for me, I have a lot of love for my Smith Cosmetics Highlighter Brush (#122). I use mine most often for its intended use as a highlighter, but I occasionally will use it to wash a natural shade on my eyelids before running out the door. This brush is too big for me to use it on my eyes with colours that stand out, but it places a nice touch of colour quickly on the days I'm either feeling lazy or just want to get my makeup done fast.

This post only contains a taste of the brands that will be available at The Makeup Show in New York City this weekend. For the complete exhibitor lineup, be sure to check out the list here. Your makeup needs can definitely be met at this show! Once you have figured out what shopping stops you need to make, check out the schedule for workshops, stage presentations, and seminars scheduled during the show. I strongly encourage you to check out as many of these shows that peak your interest and plan your shopping around your preferred talks. While shopping for makeup is a fun experience, The Makeup Show offers a wealth of knowledge you most definitely want to take advantage of. It is an incredible opportunity you will not want to miss!

I will be posting snippets on social media throughout the show days this upcoming Sunday, May 5th and Monday, May 6th. I actually just got a new phone since my previous one was old and had become less reliable, so I am crossing my fingers this one will work much better and let me post more often and regularly! I will also get a blog post up as quickly as I can after my return home to fill you in on even more details. I'm so excited and I hope you are just as eager to come along with me on this experience!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I am envious of the experience you'll have at The Makeup Show. I was introduced to a lot of new brands when I was able to go to IMATS but I've never been able to attend TMS. Excellent description of the brands. I hope you'll share this on the Beauty Spotlight Team too.

  2. Oh, you lucky! So that's why you're going to New York. Jealous💚 I would love to see Viseart and Stilazzi, but everything will be amazing

  3. I'm sure you'll have a great time, and I look forward to reading about your experiences. I'd never heard of Stilazzi (or Moira, or some of the others either) until this post!

  4. TMS is always a great time! Wish they did the popup here in Vegas again!

  5. Hope you have a great time! I love your show coverage and look forward to seeing it.

  6. Those eyeshadows look really nice!

  7. One day I'm going to get to TMS! I have been watching your Facebook Stories and can't wait to see your full blog about it!

  8. Awesome! I always forget about the events in my city lol. Enjoy!


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