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Exploring Space with Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate

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Good morning, and happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and the new week is off to a good start. Last week was particularly bad for me with caring for a sick kid, and the weekend culminating with my other child getting sick (with something different, I might add) and getting sick myself yesterday. I spent all day yesterday either resting and napping on the couch or my bed. While it makes for a less than glamorous story to share here, I am cautiously optimistic I am fully over it and can resume normal life. Cross your fingers for me!

While my weekend was certainly uneventful, I did have some time to paint my nails on Saturday during my kids' naptime. I had the cutest celestial-themed stamping plate from Born Pretty Store waiting for review and did I create an adorable manicure with it! Let's jump in and check it out!

This is the "Deep Cosmos" stamping plate (BP-A09). As you can see, it contains 14 etched images to choose from.

While there are certainly cosmic images on this plate, there are a few that I personally find to be a stretch for "cosmic". Adding in a few stars or a moon is a stretch for me, but in spite of that, I do still enjoy the images. The night city scene in particular is calling to me and will definitely be worn some time soon! The angel "Peace on Earth" is a little too holiday for me for this time of year and not quite to my taste in general. Other than this particular image, I can see myself using everything on this plate.

How cute is the image of shooting stars over the penguins? I generally don't gravitate towards penguins in nail art until the winter and will have to remember this image later in the year!

The Deep Cosmos Stamping Plate can be found here at Born Pretty Store.

Let's check out the nail art I created this weekend!

I love space-themed nail art and have often shared designs with planets and stars. While there are many of these styles on this plate to choose from, I opted to go a little different route and selected the astronaut image. Please pardon the bit of smearing from top coat issues on my one nail. Other than that, how cute is this manicure?

Normally when I sit down to do stamping, I grab my tried and true stampers. This time, however, I had a couple new stampers I purchased awhile back I wanted to try out. This experience left me rather well acquainted with this plate. One of my new stampers is firm, a fact I did not realize when I bought it. I still wanted to try it and found my firm stamper could not pick up the image on this plate at all. I quick tried it on a different plate by MoYou London and had success. I then attempted to stamp with my other new stamper that I had used once before with success. This second stamper is a little squishier than the first, and while it picked up some of the image, is still did not pick up the full image well. In the end, I used a third stamper that I love and is very squishy a slightly sticky. I had success with this final stamper picking up the full image and transferring it onto my nails.

I had already suspected the etching on this plate to be on the shallow side, and my testing utilizing several stampers in a range of firmness only confirmed it for me. Firm stampers do not transfer images well, if at all, on my curved nails so this is not a deal breaker for me, but it is something to be aware of if you tend to prefer a firm stamper. The images are really cute, and for such an affordable price, it's still worth checking out.

As you can see from this stamped image, I only got the astronaut and the lower part of Earth onto my nails. This is about the longest I keep my nails now, so if your nails are the same or shorter, you won't have the full image on your nails. I do like that this design is so accommodating to long nails, but I would have liked the astronaut and most of the earth to fit on my nails. The gap for the Earth up at my cuticles sadly just looks like the image transferred poorly. I am by no means a stamping expert, but this image is a little less forgiving than others I have used. Also, you can see the star pattern (four cardinal points-type) by the Earth loses its crispness due to the shallow plate etching.

I love the images on this plate, but I do wish it was etched deeper. Even with a dedicated stamping polish, I still needed to use a sticky and squishy stamper, often referred to as a "marshmallow" stamper, in order to fully pick up the image. While this is my preferred type of stamper, I know it doesn't suit everyone. I am still glad to have this plate, but it is sadly a little limiting for who can use it. This plate normally retails for $5.99, but at the timing of this post, it is on sale for $2.99.

While you are shopping, be sure to check out all the items Born Pretty Store has to offer for your nail art needs. Also, be sure to use the discount code QWL91 to save 10% on all full priced items. Please note I do NOT get any commission if you use the code; this is just a way for my readers to save some money on already affordable products. Free worldwide shipping is slower and can take up to 6 weeks although my experience has been between 3 and 4 weeks. Alternately, you can purchase expedited shipping and should have items in about a week. 

Other products used for this nail art look:
Literary Lacquers: Court of Dreams
Journey & Co: HALOgraphic
Powder Perfect : Black Stamping Polish

Have you used any products from Born Pretty Store? What types of nail art products do you like or dislike? Did you do your nails this weekend? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oooooh! I love the outer space stamps!!

  2. I hope your little one is better now. I love the space theme, and the polish you used against the black base - it pops so well! Love the holographic astronauts!

  3. This reminds me of the MTV awards from long ago. I like that cute little astronaut aka spaceman.

  4. Love the astronaut mani! Too bad the plate is a bit hard to work with coz most of the images are very cute.

  5. Oh I love this plate!!! I need to grab this. I am still using my Konad stamper from about 10 years ago, lol! I tried a squishier one and it didn’t pick up the image. I wanted it to work because you can see through it for placement!

  6. Definitely need to add this on my list of stuff to get for my next BP order!

  7. Ooo that holo you used it sooo pretty!

  8. Definitely a great price but I hate that it's so picky on the type of stamper head you use. That's normally my most frustrating part about stamping.

  9. Stamping plates have really come a long way from the older round disks! I find it hard to do nail stamping too because of how some of my nails are really curved


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