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Get Your Mind in the Gutter with Dirty Mind Cosmetics

Warning! The sexual nature this post may be offensive to some readers. Please proceed with caution!

Greetings, dear readers, and happy Tuesday! Here's hoping to a better week with more blog posts to share! For today's blog post, I wanted to share an indie cosmetic brand I stumbled across while attending The Makeup Show in New York City.

Dirty Mind Cosmetics is a newcomer to the beauty industry, and I purchased all six items in the brand's current product lineup to share with you. Dirty Mind Cosmetics launched in October 2018 with a four-piece Tim Burton character-inspired lipstick collection. Since then, two new shades were added for this past Valentine's Day. Vegan and cruelty-free, Dirty Mind Cosmetics encourages you to let your mind wander to the naughty thoughts without fear of judgement. I hope you're ready to strap-on and learn more about the products!

But first....

Warning! The sexual nature this post may be offensive to some readers. Please proceed with caution!

Yes, I know it seems a little obsessive to mention it again, but I want to be very clear with all my wonderful readers that this post may be a little too risqué for your preference. As much as I love having you here, I respect you and want to give you the opportunity to step away if necessary.

Let's get a closer look at the colours!

The six shades of the brand lineup consists of:

Red Rocket (Valentine's Day 2019 duo)
Just The Tip (Tim Burton quad, Fall 2018)
BJ (Tim Burton quad, Fall 2018)
Heart On (Valentine's Day 2019 duo)
Wanna Scissor? (Tim Burton quad, Fall 2018)
Carpet Matches The Drapes (Tim Burton quad, Fall 2018)

I've been wearing all six shades since purchasing them at The Makeup Show in New York City, and I have a few looks I wanted to share with you. I'll be adding more details about each specific shade as I mention them. Let's let our guard down, get our minds in the gutter, and get a little dirty!


Let's start off with the original four shades from the Tim Burton original launch. First up is BJ, a sexy black hue with a warm red undertone. I love a good black lipstick, but with my warmer skintone, I find many have a blue undertone that isn't particularly flattering. Thankfully Dirty Mind Cosmetics realized us warm-toned girls want to sport a black lipstick too! Inspired by Beetlejuice, this lipstick is super creamy and applies easily to a smooth finish. The colour stays on the lips for longer than most bullet lipsticks I have used although is does need a little pick-me-up... which is something a BJ is good for, after all! It did bleed a little outside my lips when I first tried it without lipliner, but this isn't something unusual for me when it comes to rich and dark lip shades.

Just The Tip

While we're on the topic of Beetlejuice, we might as well continue with the Lydia Deetz-inspired shade, Just The Tip. A light peachy-pink shade, this is one of those shades that can be a true nude on some people, a subtle hint of colour on some, or give your lips a serious dramatic WOW factor. On me, it definitely has the peach and pink combination. At TMS, I swatched it next to a makeup artist with very pink undertones, and it looked very peach on her. Whether or not this shade will work for you ultimately depends on the type of look you want and how your own colouring with play with this lipstick. While this is true of makeup in general, I wanted to point this out with this particular shade; even I was shocked at just how different it looked when swatched next to me. I'm kicking myself for not snapping a side-by-side photo at the booth to show you!

As for this lipstick itself, Just The Tip is already a favorite of mine for this summer! Easy to apply with colour that lasts for several hours (barring that cheeseburger I scarfed down the other day), Just The Tip is the perfect quickie.... for when you want to get a little shade on your lips and out the door fast, that is!

Wanna Scissor?

Continuing on, Wanna Scissor? is another one of those shades that will look vastly different depending on the undertones in your skin. Inspired by Edward Scissorhands, this cool, muted purple has a touch of grey. On me, it is definitely somewhere between those two with an added pink flush. It looked much more purple on one of the ladies who was working at the booth while it pulled even less purple than it does on me on yet another makeup artist that swatched it. In truth, I don't find this colour to be the most flattering on me, but when paired with a similar colour on my cheeks and eyes and this killer wig, it almost works! I still really enjoy this, and I like that it applies smoothly to a beautiful, even finish. On that note, I'm sure many would agree with me that the finish is the best part....

Carpet Matches The Drapes

Last up from the Tim Burton quad is this dark, vampy burgundy lipstick inspired by Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Given the name, part of me wonders if Dr. Finklestein put that much thought into creating this fabulous humanoid ragdoll. Either way, Carpet Matches The Drapes is a glorious shade! I will sport a good red lip no matter what time of day or season and this one is just sexy! Like BJ, I did find that I needed to use a lipliner to keep it from feathering outside my lips, but as I already mentioned, this is a common occurrence for me with dark shades. I did have to touch up after eating and several hours of wear, but the colour was longer lasting than a traditional bullet-type lipstick for me.

On to the two newer shades to the brand lineup!

Heart On

You really can't go wrong with this berry pink shade from the Valentine's Day 2019 duo! While I normally consider myself a red girl when it comes to lips, I really enjoy this hue on my lips. This vibrant shade will look beautiful any time of year, but I love it for the spring and upcoming summer in particular. It just makes your lips look so juicy, and let's be real, that's exactly what you want when paired with a hard.... I mean Heart On. Application is creamy, the colour is beautifully pigmented, and it stays put: what more could you want?

Red Rocket

Coming up the end of this post is Red Rocket, the second half of the Valentine's Day 2019 duo. After all, can a Valentine's duo be complete without a red shade? Red Rocket is a beautiful brick red hue that looks particularly lovely on warmer skin tones. I find it to be a great hue for day-to-day red lips! I know a lot of people tend to shy away from reds, especially during the day, but if you're wanting to step a little outside your comfort zone, this is a good way to do it. I have found that I want just a little taller and my head up more confidently on the days I wear red! Like the other lipsticks from Dirty Mind Cosmetics, the formula is really creamy and imparts long lasting colour onto the lips. I have found that I don't gravitate towards these types of reds as much during the spring and summer months, but I know this is going to be a favorite transitional shade into fall! 

I have been impressed with the overall quality of these lipsticks from Dirty Mind Cosmetics. While some shades are more my style than others, I can certainly appreciate the slip....errr, creaminess of all these lipsticks. The colours leave a *ahem* lasting impression and don't require the hourly touchups like most bullet-type lipsticks. I can generally get several hours of wear between touchups with the exception of when I am eating lip-intensive foods like burgers or tacos. Speaking of which, if Dirty Mind Cosmetics is needing a name for a new pink shade...... Yep, I totally went there.

All six of these lipsticks can be purchased from Dirty Mind Cosmetics on their website located here. Each shade retails for $20. Alternately, Dirty Mind Cosmetics is going to be at the San Francisco Pop-Up of The Makeup Show Beauty Shop. This particular event is open to the public, and if you are in the area, you can check them out in person and purchase them there! They have announced that there will be more products coming soon, so keep our eyes peeled for what Dirty Mind Cosmetics releases next!

Prior to this post, were you familiar with Dirty Mind Cosmetics? Are any of these shades speaking to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts about these colours or what you're hoping to see the brand launch next!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hahahaha not offended at all - pretty funny! I like the Tim Burton tie in. Wanna Scissor is my fave and also my fave TB character!

  2. I've never heard of this brand before but the shades do look nice. I think the Carpet Matches The Drapes one looks really good on you.

    1. Thank you! As I mentioned, it is a newer brand but I'm looking forward to watching them grow!

  3. not offensive at all. I like the shade wanna scissor, it's great for daytime wear

  4. Carpet Matches the Drapes is so sexy on you. I think of all these pretty colors that's the one that stands out on you. Your husband must love these beauties since it would be like being with a different version of you each time you wore one.

    1. Hahaha! Between makeup and the occasional wig, he never knows what he is going to come home to! And thank you!

  5. Hadn’t heard of this brand before, but that carpet Carpet Matches Drapes shade looks stunning on you!

    1. Thank you! It does seem to be a favorite of all the shades!

  6. All of them look so nice on you!! The second one if my fave!

    1. Just The Tip! Yes! It's become a favorite daytime shade for me since picking it up!

  7. The price is a little steep for me but the names are hilarious and the longer lasting is giving me a second look. I think you look great in all of them.


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