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KBShimmer transitions us into warmer weather with the upcoming Suns Out Collection

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Greetings, dear readers! I hope you've been having a wonderful week! I got home from New York City early Tuesday morning, and I've been attempting to catch up on a few things at home before diving into the blog. I'll have a post about my time in NYC at The Makeup Show up soon so keep an eye out for it hopefully by the end of the week! Until then, I have a stunning nail polish collection to share with you!

 KBShimmer will be releasing the latest collection on Friday, and you will want to get your hands on all of them!

After a long winter inside, you can feel the excitement all around a temperatures finally start to rise; shorts and sandals come out of storage, the kids are outside, and soon, summer will be upon us! This collection of nine tri-thermal polishes featuring shifty aurora shimmer is the perfect way to bring on the new season. Whether you like to sunbathe by the pool or beach, love to go boating, or just enjoy spending the season in your own back yard, this collection has a nail polish for every warm weather occasion!

Thermals are often hit-or-miss for me as I often love the cold state, but as I tend to run warm, it is rare for me to see it. These tri-thermals, on the other hand, let me experience a range of colours on my nails all at once, and I am living for it! All photos are shown with three coats plus KBShimmer's Clearly On Top top coat.

Slay La Vie

This tri-thermal polish starts as a vibrant magenta color that quickly shifts to a bold rose hue, which then morphs into a shocking hot pink. Sparks of an indigo to blue aurora shimmer set off this pink hued polish.

Aft Backwards

This tri-thermal polish starts with a deep midnight shade accented by a bright indigo blue aurora shimmer. As your fingers warm, a grape purple gives way to a hot pink.

Aloe There

Aloe There is a tri-thermal polish that, when cold, is a rich forest green hue set off by orange-red to green aurora shimmer. Then, as your hands warm, a vibrant Kelly green changes into a bold lime green, really making that shimmer pop!

Reel Good Time

Reel Good Time is a tri-thermal polish that starts off as a deep eggplant burgundy color accented with an aurora shimmer that shifts from a flashy coppery red to green. As your hands warm, a purple-leaning indigo shifts to a light orchid pink.

Just Glow With It

Just Glow With It is a tri-thermal nail polish that when cold, starts as a near neon red. As your hands warm, a neon coral orange hue shifts to a vibrant hot pink. This bold polish is accented with classic aurora shimmer, going from a coppery orange to a bright green.

Pool Shark

This tri-thermal polish starts as a deep slate-leaning navy blue accented by a soft pink to green and gold aurora shimmer. When warmer, a deep periwinkle blue gives way to a light and bright sky blue for a truly pool-ready shade!

Grow With The Flow

Grow With The Flow is a tri-thermal polish that starts as a deep grape purple accented with a soft pink to golden green aurora shimmer. As it warms, a lavender-leaning-periwinkle gives way to a bright robin's egg blue that's just perfect to welcome spring and summer days!

That's S'more Like It

That's S'more Like It is a tri-thermal polish that starts as a milk chocolate brown glowing with bright aurora shimmer. As your hands warm, a fiery red gives way to a light orchid, while the shimmer shows off flashy gold and green tones.

Best Buds

This tri-thermal polish starts as a jean-like deep slate blue, then warms into a deepened orchid that gives way to a bright minty lime, all accented with classic aurora shimmer that goes from a coppery orange to a bright green.

I adore this new collection by KBShimmer, both because the colours are stunning and the formula is fantastic. Every shades applies beautifully to the nails and builds to opacity nicely. It was particularly warm in my house while I was swatching so I used three very thin coats on my nails to make sure it dried well and prevent bubbling. I think two normal coats would be sufficient on most people barring long nails or a very white free edge.

The Suns Out Collection will be launching May 10th at 10am EST at and select retailers.

Are you a fan of thermal polishes? Do you have any favorites from this collection? My top picks are Aloe There, Pool Shark, and Just Glow With It!

Until next time, dear readers, have a good night!

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  1. The S'More one is stunning!! Love that shift!

  2. I have some many favorites in the collection!

  3. Wow! What a great collection of shades!

  4. Reel Good Time is such a stunner! I like that one!

  5. I love these colors! They're so much fun!

  6. Fantastic colors. I surely need a minimum of one. I'm thinking Pool Shark. I don't know how the thermals will change on me.

  7. Well all of these are just SUPER fun!

  8. I am the same with how thermals are NORMALLY on me but holy cow you can really see the tri-thermal on your nails and I LOVE it!


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