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Black Friday with KBShimmer: Deals and the New License to Chill Winter 2019 Collection!

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! It feels like it has been forever since I've posted to the blog! It's only been two weeks, but it feels like it was much longer with sickness taking over my household. Thankfully everyone's health has mostly returned to normal and I can hit the play button on blogging again.

With Thanksgiving Day upon us to be quickly followed with Black Friday, I wanted to jump start this week by sharing the upcoming License To Chill Collection by KBShimmer with you today. I always enjoy reading Christy's introductions to her collections, so I'm just going to let her take it away and share some swatches!

Winter can be full of joys: lights twinkling against a canvas of fresh-fallen snow, scents of cinnamon and pine filling many a home, and family and friends taking time away from their busy lives to enjoy each other's company. This season, we are embracing all things winter - from the snow that we hate to shovel, to the cozy times we spend relaxing at home. Whether you're over the river and through the woods, or binge watching shows on your living room couch, join us in celebrating the wintertime with KBShimmer's nine-piece License To Chill Collection, launching on Black Friday, November 29th, 2019!

License To Chill

The first snow of the year is magical: flakes dance in the chilly air and tempt us to run outside and stick out our tongues to catch that perfect bit of frozen wonder. After a few months though, those flakes become our license to chill indoors snuggled up with a blanket, close to a flickering fire and our favorite streaming service.

License to Chill is a sheer white crelly polish filled with iridescent flakes in red, orange, pink and gold. Like sparkling snow, the gleaming flakes in this delicate polish shine in the light.

Two coats over a white cream base, topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

My camera always freaks out when it comes to white polishes and never seems to capture all the details, and that really bums me out! This is such a pretty shade and the subtle colours from the flakes are much more apparent in real life. I will note this is a little on the sheer side, so layering over a base as I have is going to be your best bet to avoid visible nail line, unless you want to layer on more coats, that is. I did find the flakes to be of the firmer variety, and this means making sure coats are dry and applying with a slightly thicker coat. Using too thin coats can cause the flakes to pull up the base layers as they drag on your nails. It's by no means a deal breaker, but it is something to keep in mind to make sure your application goes smoothly.

Everyday I'm Shovelin'

When the weather turns cold and snow has fallen, there are so many fun things to do outdoors to keep you active: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, shoveling- wait, that last one doesn't sound so fun! Breaking out the shovel was my least favorite chore. The snow seemed to appear daily. Even when the sky was blue, flakes would dance around in the wind and cover the sidewalk all over again. Everyday I'm Shovelin' is a nod to fresh-fallen snow.

Micro silver holo flakes sparkle like falling snowflakes. With a change of viewing angle, this sky blue multichrome morphs into a royal blue and a bold purple.

One coat over KBShimmer Take Back Ctrl, topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

I love the idea of snow: the beautiful flakes, the crisp cleanness as it first envelops the ground, and the distinct sound it makes on a quiet night; this, my dear readers, is where my love of snow ends. I did move to the desert area of Arizona for a reason! There is no snow shoveling in my game plan, but I certainly appreciate this beauty! It can be built up on its own in three coats, but I opted to layer it over a muted purple hue to help key in on that specific colourway for these photos. You can easily layer it over other shades if you prefer or wear it on its own.

Under Cover

Thick socks, flannel pants, and a warm blanket could be my winter uniform. The chilly air wants to seep into my bones, but being under my blanket and snuggling with one of my cats quickly warms me inside and out. Under Cover is a nod to my favorite blanket.

A rich wine color, this jewel-toned polish is loaded with holographic pigment for a strong linear holo flair.

Two coats topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

There is something about the winter season that makes me want to wear boysenberry hues on my nails, and I was delighted to see this one join the KBShimmer lineup! I may not wear holographic nail lacquers as much as I once did, but this is one shade that is required as a holo and I am living for it! I definitely needed two coats, but if you tend to use thick coats, you may find one carefully applied just might be enough for you.

Living the Hygge Life

While this lifestyle concept has Danish origins, there is no denying that we in the USA find every way to adopt it whenever winter rolls around. We almost instinctually seek out comforts and simple pleasures this time of year, like a crackling fire, candlelight, warm bread, cocoa and cosy pj's. Like receiving a hug from our surroundings: that's living the hygge life!

Living The Hygge Life is a vibrant pine green polish. Like the flicker of flames, a strong shimmer shifts though hues of red, copper and orange, while other angles will bring out shades of lime and gold. A scattering of holo sparkles completes this comfortable shade.

Two coats topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

I knew I was going to like this shade when I saw it in the bottle, and I was not disappointed! One of my favorites from the collection, Living The Hygge Life makes me think of holiday trees that have been strung up with lights carefully placed in the branches. I'm not sure if I was more excited about the flashes of orange or the ultra vibrant greens at other angles, but there is no doubt this is a much have for any green fan this season!

I'm sMitten

I love being warm - which is a problem growing up in Minnesota where the air can freeze hot chocolate in minutes - so I've learned the art of bundling up to ward off the chill. Coats, hats, scarves and mittens are my go-to attire when the temperature drops.

I'm sMitten is a pale lilac shade perfect for chilly winter day. This delicate color has a color-shifting shimmer that shows off hues of red, orange, gold and lime. A dusting of holo glitter completes this sparkly shade.

Two coats topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

Have you ever had a polish that seemed so unassuming that took your breath away upon application? That's exactly how I felt when I applied That's sMitten to my nails. Sure, I thought it looked pretty, but I wasn't expected to be blown away by it. There is just something so delicate and feminine about this nail lacquer that spoke to me. The first coat was a little patchy an uneven, something I generally expect from this type of shade, but a slightly thicker second coat evened out my nails perfectly.

All Downhill From Here

When asked to go skiing, I loved to say I would come and, "rock the chalet," because I never actually liked to ski. I would feel so out of control while zooming downhill on the slopes and could not wait to reach the bottom where the skis would come off and I'd get to sit in front of a cozy fire with a hot cup of cocoa. I have to admit, though, the snowsuits were cute!

All Downhill From Here is a vibrant blue shade that flips to a bold indigo and shows off an aqua shimmer.

Two coats topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

I love wearing blue polish over the winter, and this is exactly my type of blue Christmas I want to be having! I love the colour shift in this one, especially since at more extreme angles it pulled a grape purple hue on me. The formula of this one was a little thicker than I generally see from KBShimmer, although my cap did seem loose so it might have thickened during transit to me. A couple drops of thinner made this my perfect consistency quickly!

Stay Toasty My Friends

From rosé to ale to cider or cola, meeting up with friends for drinks can add cheer to any season. Spending time catching up, reminiscing and sharing laughs is a perfect way to end a chilly winter's day.

Stay Toasty My Friends is a warm, rosé-colored chrome that quickly shifts into golden shades of champagne. A strong pink shift and micro bits of holo glitter complete this toasty shade.

Two coats topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

Now this is one fun polish, and not just because of the name and the inspiration! I rarely gravitate towards rosé hues as I don't find them the most flattering on me, but the golden shift on this baby is positively exquisite! It seemed pretty sheer with the first coat, but the second coat seemed to make my nails opaque enough. With my camera and bright light setup, I can see a hint of nail line and could have used a third, but unless you have long nails or very white nail line, you likely will find two coats to be enough. I really want to play with this one and try layering it over other base shades!

I Feel Pine

I'm so thankful for pine. That bit of green peeking through a white (or gray), snow-covered world adds a pop of color to the otherwise drab hues of winter. Indoors, pine offers a scent that is synonymous with the holiday season, and is the perfect way to deck the halls.

I Feel Pine is a shifty magnetic shade with a strong and deep emerald shimmer. In some angles and lighting, a dark purple hue comes out to play. The magnetic shimmer dances though shades of pink, peach, gold and rose, while bits of holo sparkle and shine.

Two coats topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

Some people love than, some people aren't fans at all, but there is no question that KBShimmer knows how to knock it out of the park when it comes to magnetic nail polishes! As for me, it kind of just depends on the final colour combination, and this one is fabulous! The added touch of holographic flair really takes it to the next level for me. The combination with magnetic effect makes this anything but your typical pine green polish!

Under Pressure

Life is crazy: work, school, friends, family, laundry, cleaning, cooking - the list never ends! Whenever we find a shortcut that saves time, we must embrace it! That's why I love my shiny pressure cooker! The many meals you can make in that chrome-like pot (thanks to thousands of recipes online) ensure that the daily pressures you feel won't have to come from making dinner.

Under Pressure is a pale silver, almost chrome polish. This foil-like shade is loaded with linear holo goodness.

Two coats topped with Free and Clear Quick Dry Top Coat (5 Free)

I'm definitely slow to join the party, but I got an Instant Pot less than a month ago! I'm still learning the ins and outs of using it and have had a mix of successes and flops after following recipes, but my Instant Pot is already used often in my house! You can never go wrong with a gorgeous silvery hue this time of year, so Under Pressure is sure to be getting as much love as its inspiration!

The License To Chill Collection will be launching on the KBShimmer website this Friday; each shade will retail for $10. In addition to the new shades, KBShimmer will also be launching the new Free and Clear Quick Dry 5-Free Top Coat. Free & Clear will retail for $6.

Black Friday Promotion
Black Friday is the official start of holiday shopping season, and with several people to shop for, you do have to watch your budgets and spend wisely to avoid the post-holiday debt. This year, KBShimmer is holding a sale for Black Friday weekend! Starting Friday, November 29th, use the code BLACKFRIDAY25 to save 25% off any order on This code can be used on any polishes, including shades from the new License To Chill Collection, sugar scrubs, lotions, and whatever your heart desires on the KBShimmer website.

The sale ends at 11:59pm on Monday, December 2nd. Discounts do not apply to shipping, taxes, or gift certificates. Not valid on prior purchases. Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to ship. Delivery by Christmas is guaranteed on all orders placed during the sale.

Are there any specific shades from the License To Chill Collection that have caught your attention? What all are you planning to pick up from the KBShimmer Black Friday Weekend Sale? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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