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KBShimmer for the November Fairy Tales-Themed Polish Pickup

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! It's been crazy around here the past few weeks as the hubby has been out of town, my mother-in-law has been visiting, and trying to finish up last minute things for Halloween. I'm playing catch up and wanted to get this post up in time for the November Polish Pickup. Today is the last day of the Fairy Tale-themed pickup, and I have two special items to share with you. Created by indie brand KBShimmer, I have the pleasure of sharing a sugar scrub and a nail polish with you. Let's jump in and check them out!

In a land called Thra, two new races, the Skeksis and the urRu came into being when a powerful crystal cracked. The evil Skeksis use this cracked crystal to grant immortality. Jen, a Gelfling and the hero of the story, learns that the crystal can be repaired if done before the three suns aligned. This sets off the quest that makes up the story of The Dark Crystal.

The Dark Crystal sugar scrub is inspired by this story. Like the crystal from the movie, its rich fuchsia color is warmed by the lush scent of amber. Sugar and citron combine with juicy plum notes, accented by cashmere musk for a deep and complex scent.

Check out that sparkle! This only decorates the top layer of this scrub, but what a great introduction to a new jar!

I'm a big fan of KBShimmer's sugar scrubs! I like to use them to keep my hands soft, and they work perfectly to remove any residual shimmers hanging out on my skin. Of course you can use them on your body as well, and I often have a jar in my shower for gentle exfoliation.

I'm a fan of fruit scents in general, and this warmed plummy option is a delight!

Retail: $10 per 9.5oz jar

"We all have movies that we loved as children that can still bring to mind fond memories when we look back on them as adults. For me, The Neverending Story was one of them. Maybe it was because I loved to read, but the thought of reading a book and becoming part of the story was captivating to me. Bastian, a young book-lover, steals The Neverending Story against the wishes of a bookstore owner and is soon caught up in a world called Fantasia, its fight against The Nothing, and a journey to save the Childlike Empress. I won’t spoil the movie, but I was caught up in the twist toward the end and really wanted a pearl headdress."

A magnetic polish, this shade starts out as a rich emerald green color that shifts to navy blue. When a magnet is used, the added array of holo glitters and pink-to-blue-shifting micro flakes give this polish a galaxy-like feel.

There is something about a magnetic polish that I really enjoy. Perhaps it's the idea of having two polishes in one: apply as a normal polish and you have one look or pull out the magnet and you have something quite different.

As seen with magnetic polishes in general, the formula of The Nothing is a little thicker than your average polish. On my short nails, one coat actually was enough to cover any visible nail line, although I followed up with a second coat for these photos. Once a second coat was applied, I held the KBShimmer Neodymium ring magnet over my nail for about 45 seconds while the polish dried. Once I had finished all my nails, I followed up with Clearly on Top top coat for a glossy finish.

Retail: $10 per 15mL bottle

Both these items can be picked up from the Polish Pickup website. Please note today is the last day to submit an order, so you'll want to jump on this quickly if you haven't already. Also, all orders are submitted as a preorder. Please allow three weeks for orders to ship out to you.

Have you pickup up any items from the November Polish Pickup yet? Have you added either of these items to your list? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love the fairy tale theme, and both products fit it well. The scrub and polish are gorgeous! I think I would love the plum scent of the scrub because I am totally obsessed by Molton Brown’s Muddled Plum shower gel, body lotion and eau de toilette. Some day I need to try a magnetic polish - looks like such fun!

  2. Eveything KB Shimmer creates is so beautiful and these are no exception. The nail polish is very unique. I've yet to master a magnet with my polishes but someday I will.

  3. This polish looks so magical and I like their sugar scrubs, a lot. I had a jar, a while back and it was perfectly exfoliating and left my skin moisturized and so soft.

  4. KBShimmer does magnetic polishes like no one else. Also I want to buy some sugar scrubs for stocking stuffers this year!

  5. Both look so gorgeous. I really want to try this brand so I'm keeping an eye for their Black Friday sale

  6. The polish looks amazing! I’ve never tried a magnetic polish but it’s on the wishlist. And the sugar scrub looks good enough to eat. Plum scented anything is one of my favourites

  7. Omg, that polish is stunning, I love the different lighting effects it gives off! Gorgeous!!

  8. I hate that I had to miss this month but we’re trying to get back on our feet after moving. There were so many great polishes and that scrub sounds amazing.

  9. I am all about sugar scrubs so I really need to give KB a try!!!


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