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KBShimmer returns for the June Polish Pickup

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Greeting, dear readers! This upcoming weekend is the first in the month, and that means it is time for another Polish Pickup! This month's shopping experience opens tomorrow, so you won't have to wait long to order the fun items in today's post. The theme this month is "Cocktails & Mocktails", and KBShimmer has two offerings you will not want to miss! KBShimmer is offering another custom scented sugar scrub in addition to a nail polish. I'm really excited about both offerings and you should be too! Let's get a closer look at both of them!

On a hot summer night, a cool drink can make the ills of the world seem so distant. If it's fruity and made in a blender, even better! With many forgoing the beach for backyards and vacations for staycations this summer, let KBShimmer’s Hot Summer Nights sugar scrub take you away to paradise without leaving your home.

Hot Summer Nights starts with the scent of a blended tropical drink. Juicy pineapple is the star of the show, while subtle supporting notes of coconut and mango give way to the sweet heat of spiced rum. You can almost smell the warmth you feel after a sip of the Captain, adding depth and heat to this unique scent. Accented by soft swirls of peach, cream, and gold, this scrub mimics the frozen look of your favorite blender drinks for a tropical tub-time treat.

Our scent preferences often change throughout the year as the days and nights heat up (and cool down for our southern hemisphere crowd), so it's not surprising to see scent offerings change to fit the season. That being said, KBShimmer has a knack for creating scents that are not only appropriate for the season but really knock it out of the park. Every time I think KBShimmer has found their best scent, they floor me time and time again! I love fruity scents in the summer, but tropical fruit scents in particular are what really win me over, and this one has me swooning.

The higher temperatures in Arizona are already making my sugar scrubs get a little melted and separated, but a quick little mix and it is good to go. I really put my KBShimmer sugar scrubs to work by using them as hand scrubs, foot scrubs, and just in the shower as a full body scrub. I have a sensitive nose and have to be mindful of the scent levels in the products I use, but this one is just right. I can appreciate the fruity tropical explosion without getting a headache, even when confined in a smaller space like in my shower. My family and I are staying home this summer, but at least my senses can be transported to someone fabulous!

Retail: $10
No cap on the number of jars available.

Soft pink drinks, fruity purple drinks, ombre drinks, and more; with a siren in its logo, it is no wonder that the Seattle-based coffee joint tempts us with promises of pretty drinks. Hacking the menu to create beautiful and delicious drinks is a popular trend. These concoctions pop up on the internet, are blasted on social media, and quickly become staples on secret menus, much to the dismay of many a barista.

Secret Menu is inspired by the aptly named, "Pink Purple Drink." Secret Menu starts with an indigo base that quickly shifts to a bold purple and berry-like fuchsia. At some angles, a siren-like green shows, while in different lighting you may see hints of lime or a softer pink. This shifty shade is a must-have for purple lovers and is best in 2-3 coats.

This nail polish is stunning, and these photos don't even come close to doing it justice! In brighter lights, like outside in the sun here, the prominent colour is purple with a vibrant flash of pink. Turning my fingers shows of the indigo hue at another angle.

If you take away the intense lighting, you can really see the green shades come through.

My camera didn't want to cooperate for me when it came to photographing all the colours in a slightly low light setting, but it did capture the pink and purple nicely here. I opted to switch over to my cell phone camera for the following photos to help show off the pop of green on the nails.

The sunlight may hide the green, but it is far more apparent once I am indoors. Secret Menu is a gorgeous  colour! Whether you look at your nails under the sunlight or indoors with softer lighting, this shade is sure to win your heart! The formula is also top notch and applied easily for me. I used two coats for opacity for these photos before adding top coat. In the bright sun, I may just barely have needed to add a third coat, but my camera picks up the subtle differences that I cannot see on my own.

Retail: $10
No cap on the number of bottles available.

In other Polish Pickup news, proceeds from any charm purchases will be donated to We Love Lake Street. Funds will be used to clean up and help rebuild small businesses in Minneapolis.

The June Polish Pickup opens tomorrow and will run through Monday, June 8th. Please note orders are submitted as a pre-order and to allow at least three weeks for shipping out to you.

Until next time, dear readers, have a great evening!

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  1. I love how it shimmers! The color is also beautiful!



  2. I approve 100% of the enamel that has wonderful metallic reflections, but do we want to talk about the beauty of the scurb? I love it must be great!

  3. Scrub seems to be very interesting..and the color of nail paint looks so stunning and attractive as it is too glittery and shimmering then the nails will be centre of attraction for everyone...Great work...(World in Eyes)

  4. I need to try a sugar scrub on my feet. I do love that shade of purple

  5. Woah I need this shade! Absolutely stunning!

  6. I can. Just imagine that pineapple sugar scrub on my skin. That sounds so yummy. I could definitely go for. Full body scrub right now.

  7. I only bought two polishes this month and this was one of them. I have a lot of purple but none that seem to stand out as much as KB's. The scrub sounds great. I probably should go back and buy that too.

  8. love your nail color shade and the scrub seams awesome to me! very nice!

  9. I love this nail polish. I wish I had nails to try something like this out!

  10. oh wowwwwww!!! Your nail polish looks out of this world! I love the color and the glitter, so cool.

  11. This looks like something I would definitely try. I love the color dear!!

  12. First, I love using sugar scrub to make my skin smoother. I even use sugar scrub to my lips. Also, your latest nail color is truly dreamy!

  13. Wow, i really admire the purple nail polish. Not sure I could pull it off, but it´s very nice to look at to say the least.

  14. This scrub sounds SO good, and the polish is LOVELY!


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