Friday, June 19, 2020

Love Sun Body: A Truly Safe and Natural Mineral Sunscreen

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Can.....anybody.....find me.....somebody

Greetings, dear readers, and happy Friday! Does anyone else have certain songs pop in their heads when it comes to product or brand names? I keep finding myself singing this line from Queen's song every time I think of the brand Love Sun Body. Thankfully this brand also allows me to answer the question with a resounding YES! Yes, you CAN love both your body AND being out in the sun thanks to this natural mineral sunscreen!

We all know we're supposed to be wearing sunscreen every day, and we're also supposed to be reapplying it throughout the day. I was gifted a travel sized bottle of Love Sun Body's Fragrance Free SPF 30 to try out, and I really enjoy this sunscreen. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sunscreens on the market to choose from, but many use chemical filters as their active ingredients along with inactive ingredients that are hazardous to your body. When I'm applying sunscreen so often, I want to know that I am protecting myself from the sun without causing other issues because of the included chemicals! Love Sun Body sunscreens are the first and only sunscreens in the US that have been certified by Ecocert Cosmos Natural and both meets and exceeds the FDA OTC Monograph System, the European Commission's recommendation on UVA protection and Health Canada Natural Health Products Regulations. This sunscreen is reef safe, so I can use it without worrying about runoff destroying my beloved oceanic ecosystems.

The first thing I noticed about this sunscreen is it is thick. It came out of the bottle without much effort, but now that I'm on the last half of the bottle, I'm starting to struggle to squeeze product out.

I split the initial line of sunscreen from above between my forearms, and it is definitely covering my skin!

Between the thick formula and it being a mineral sunscreen, this sunscreen takes some work to blend it in. I have it mostly rubbed in here, but there is still a little bit of white cast on my skin. In the grand scheme of things, it's a price to pay for wearing sunscreen and protecting my skin from the sun's harmful rays, but I did want to note I still observed it on my skin.

This is a pretty good mineral sunscreen option for those that want a healthier sunscreen! I'm not crazy about the white cast, but those with paler skintones than me likely won't notice it. I would love for Love Sun Body to release a tinted version to help combat the white cast finish. It may not be a deal breaker for me, but I am less likely to grab for sunscreen as much as I should when I know it's going to have that effect on my skin.

The other drawback to this sunscreen is the thick formula is not particularly compatible with the packaging. As I mentioned already, I have about half a bottle left, and I'm really struggling to squeeze product out at this point. I'm not sure if this issue is observed with the full sized bottles, but I can only write about what I know, and that is this travel sized bottle.

Love Sun Body sunscreens can be purchased from their website here. They are available in SPF 30 and SPF 50 options as well as with a Fragrance Free and Lightly Scented option. The lightly scented option is a combination of tiare (a gardenia like floral from Tahiti, and one of the few floral scents I like) and vanilla. The Fragrance Free version does not have added fragrance, but because one of the inactive ingredients is almond oil, my sensitive nose can still pick up a hint of almond.

Have you picked up your sunscreen yet for this summer? How are you spending your time outdoors? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I only use mineral sunscreen. So I need to check out this brand the next time I need sunscreen.

  2. I need a good and natural sunscreen, I will check this one out for sure, I hope I can find it in Amazon.

  3. I've been looking for a high quality mineral sunscreen. My sister in laws swears by it for her family!


  4. I don't really like creams so thick, although I use 50+ protection I appreciate when they are more liquid ... but the formulation is not bad.

  5. I was looking for a good mineral sunscreen lotion. I would love to try this one. Thanks for sharing all the details.

  6. This sounds like the perfect sunscreen. I love how easily it seems to soak in.

  7. I love that the sunscreen does not impact reefs and is mineral based. Do you know if it is cruelty free?

  8. This is great to know. I've always just picked up whatever they have on my normal shop, but I have to admit I've never considered the implications.

  9. Have heard about this sunscreen before but haven't ever tried..Will love to try this sunscreen seems much effective Thanks for sharing

  10. I'm loving my SuperGoop SPF50 spray on sunscreen.

  11. That product sounds amazing. Would love to try it. Yay for minerals

  12. I do like the idea of a mineral sunscreen. However I usually use about a 70, and spray is my fave as I usually dont have help putting it on my back! LOL! Will keep an eye on this brand though, maybe they will release more in the future!

  13. It will be nice to try a mineral sunscreen for a while. I always use the same one.


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