Monday, June 8, 2020

Use It or Lose It May: Pan and Purge Project 2020

Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and ready for a new week! It was an uneventful weekend here, which is our standard with the pandemic now, but it was still nice to be together. I've got a medical procedure later today, so it was good to lay low.

I've been trying to stay focused on getting my empties posts together to they aren't so late into the month. It's not always easy with not getting away from the kids like I used to, but I'm pretty happy to have this post up today. I set a goal for this year to either use up/pan my beauty stash or let go of 175 things I just don't love and use. It seems like a lofty goal, but combining the two makes it easier. I still should probably take a harder look at some items, but wow is it hard to destash some things! This past month wasn't the most productive regarding destashing as I've been sick all month, but I'm still making good progress in general for the year. Rather than chatting away, let me share more details on what I used up and what I decided to let go.

Use It: The Empties

As the subtitle suggests, these are the items I have finished up this month.


Hydro Boost Water Gel | Neutrogena

I don't have dry skin, but that is largely because I have incorporated hyaluronic acid into my beauty routine. Because my climate is dry, I also have to be sure to hydrate my body and follow up with mists throughout the day on top of using products like these. This is one I've used off and on again(and off is usually when I am testing other similar products). Ot's affordable, readily available, and works really well with my other skincare items.

Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop | Dear, Klairs

I picked this up a year ago while visiting a K Beauty store in New York City, and in spite of constant use, I'm only now finished using this vitamin C serum. It's been a great go-to vitamin C product and also performed well with my other products in my routine. I've got a few stubborn spots that I have noticed lightened throughout the year, and while I still have more to do, this is more progress than I've seen in awhile! I'm currently testing out other Vitamin C products, but I am considering picking up another one of these.

GLOW Glycolic Boost | Pixi Skintreats

While I've tended to stick with the PIXI Glow Serum, there is something nice about having a face mask that does the same thing, especially when you store said mask in the refrigerator and get to treat your skin to something nice and cool as well! I've mentioned many times that I'm not fond of single use products and find the packaging wasteful, but it was nice getting to try this out. I believe this was the last one I had in my stash, and due to my decision to stop purchasing single use masks like these, I'm not going to be purchasing more. I'm going to stick to my cotton rounds and the glow serum.

Olive Real Power Cream | Innisfree

For those that have dry skin, is this a good moisturizer to check out! I have more normal skin that occasionally has oily patches, but I prefer to use a rich moisturizer at night as part of my night time skincare routine. This one has been a go-to for me as well, and I really enjoy it! That being said, I've entered the time of year where this moisturizer is a little too rich for me, so I finished it off just in time! I am likely to pick up another in several months when it starts cooling off again though.


Chai Tea Moisturizing Lip Balm | Burt's Bees

I love chai tea, so when I spotted this lip balm on an end cap during a store checkout, I was sure to snap one up! I finished it, and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure how or why. It had a light spiciness that I enjoy, but it was missing that creamy sweetness I like with my chai tea. I had hoped to like it more as I used it more frequently, but that just never happened. At least it is actually empty, so that's one small win in all this!

Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara | L'Oréal Paris

After being betrayed by many mascaras, this Double Extend tubing formula has been the only mascara formula I have found that keeps my lashes coated. When my allergies are in full on mode and my eyes are watery, I do experience some of the mascara coming off on the outer corners of my lashes, but at least I'm no longer experiencing the awful raccoon eyes other mascaras insisted on leaving on me. I've not tried other tubing mascaras, and I'm not too thrilled with the idea of having to pay more than twice the cost of this one. I already have another one of these ready to open and put into my makeup rotation.


Mocha Cuticle Oil | Northern Star Polish
Mocha Mint Cuticle Oil | Northern Star Polish

Northern Star Polish has been creating scented cuticle oil sets as part of the Polish Pickup, and I have purchased many of them! I really love the quality of these oils, and they always smell so good! These two are no longer available as they are from a previous Polish Pickup, but there is currently a Soda Shoppe set available now. The Polish Pickup ends today so I recommend picking up a set before it is too late!


Pumpkin Patch Sugar Scrub | KBShimmer

Speaking of the Polish Pickup, another item available for purchase is the Sugar Scrub by KBShimmer! This particular one was available this past fall only,  but the summer option available today is superb! I really loved this particular scrub and used it sparingly in the shower. I also enjoy using these for on my feet during a foot bath treatment and on my hands while doing a manicure. I'm really hoping to see this scent or something similar return at some point when the days cool down again.

Beach Mango Intensive Hand Lotion | eos

This was part of a hand lotion set that no longer is available, but don't be upset about that, dear readers! I wasn't crazy about the formula of this one, and eos has actually reformulated their hand lotions to something that works SO MUCH better! The original formula like in this tube left me wanting more hydration, and eos thankfully now is able to deliver exactly what I want. They have some great scent options already in the new formula, and I am hoping to see this scent become an option at some point. I really do love my tropical scents, and this one smelled SO GOOD!

Mint Condition Pedi Prep | Julep

I have a complicated relationship with Julep. I am still bitter they cancelled their Mavens program and yanked away points from their members that could be spent on products. Thankfully I had been spending my points as I accumulated them so it wasn't a huge loss for me, but I know several that lost points worth several hundred dollars. While that keeps me from ever purchasing from the brand again, I still wanted to use up this pedi lotion as it is really good. It exfoliates your feet, leaving them ready soft with constant use. I'm not sure if Julep is still offering this product of not, but I'm looking into other brands now.


Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo | Not Your Mother's

This dry shampoo has made an appearance several times her on my blog. It is my go-to affordable dry shampoo that I can easily pick up at Ulta or Target. The smell is nice and coconutty, although I will add my hubby is not a fan in spite of actually liking coconut. This dry shampoo can leave a white cast if you're not careful, so spritz from a distance at your roots, let it sit a couple minutes to absorb oil, and then brush throughout your hair. I already have another one of these on hand, and I want to do a comparison between this and one by Klorane that I also like.


Lose It: Purged Products

These are the items that are not empty but I have decided to let go.


Night Dweller Magnetic Luminous Eye Color | Nudestix

I REALLY wanted to like this eye pencil, especially since it is a really pretty shade of green, but the formula unfortunately left a lot to be desired. I used this a handful of times with assorted primers (and even no primer), but no matter what I would use, this just did not want to blend out. After realizing this pencil was not performing how I want, I decided it was just time to let it go.

Bright Eyes Magnetic Luminous Eye Color | Nudestix

I've been really on the fence about letting this one go as this pencil actually blends out quite nicely, but I decided I just wasn't loving this colour on me. I have a few pressed eyeshadows in a similar colour that can get the job done for the few times I may actually want this shade, but since I opted to let the other Nudestix pencil from this collection go, I might as well say good bye to this one as well.

Haute Couture Le Monochromatique | Lancôme

I love the idea of a one-product-does-all, but this one just wasn't quite winning me over. It would blend out pretty ok although there would be a little bit of patchiness left behind. Layering with other products and building it up would help, but after one particularly rough day using this product, I decided I was just done with it. I have other products in a similar shade that I like the performance of so much more, and I want my makeup application itself to be an enjoyable experience as well.

Monthly Stats
Empties: 12
Purged: 3
Total: 15

Yearly Stats
Empties: 62
Purged: 50
Total: 112

I'm making pretty good progress for the first five months of the year! Not feeling well has really slowed down my testing and emptying (I've had many days of barely washing my face), but I should still hit my goal. This month has been slow so far, but I've got three weeks to go yet. Wish me luck!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I normally just can't get through a lot of products but last month I actually finished two foundations I've had for years that I hated and a bunch of too-old cuticle butters. That was a real triumph for me!

  2. I actually finished a lot this first semester but didn’t get the chance to write it. Good job keeping tab of what you’ve used up

  3. You are really on your way to winning this challenge. I have one of those Lancome shadows from a subscription box and never really fell in love with it. I should get rid of it too.

  4. I am always inspired by your progress. You are so much better at purging old or unused stuff than I. From your empty list, i need to try some from Innisfree

  5. I have yet to LOVE dry shampoo but that is one I would try since the scent sounds great and so far the ones I have used I dont like the scent of!

  6. I like the Hydro Boost line, they have a fragrance free version which I'm trying out because my skin is acne prone, but even the normal version doesn't irritate me!

  7. I love Northern Stars cuticle oil!! Certainly one of my favorites out there. I wish I could purge like you, 50 items! Holy cow that's an accomplishment for sure!

  8. I'm with you on eos hand creams, they just aren't as moisturizing as I like my hand creams to be. Their shaving creams, however, are totally fabulous!

  9. You’ve done so well!!! I love reading these posts as you know and it really does motivate me to use my stuff up. I’m not nearly as good as getting rid of things but still!


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