Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Wear Purple in Support of my Furry Friends!

Good morning, dear readers!  If you are not already aware of it, this week is Animal Abuse Awareness Week.  Sadly, many critters are abused and neglected, and the SPCA commercials raising money for abused animals makes me tear up every time.  I always wish I could take a poor baby home with me, but my house is already filled with animal shelter rescues.  Instead, I have painted my nails purple to raise awareness.  I have decided to use Dollish Polish "The Walk of Shame" from Dolly's adult themed collection.  While the name was given because of certain adult situations, I find it fitting in this case as well: anyone that abuses animals SHOULD be ashamed of themselves.  This is with 2 coats of polish. 
I'm generally not a purple girl; I don't like the way most purples look on me, but I will totally wear it for a cause!  This particular colour is BRIGHT, and I half expected to see my nails glow in the dark (they do not).  The formula on this was a little odd, and I had some serious problems with application.  Even though the lacquer was clearly still very liquid, the polish was drying almost immediately after touching my nails.  I love when polish dries quickly so I can move on with my day, but this was drying faster than I could even apply a couple strokes on each nail.  I added a little thinner, thinking it might help, but that was not the case.  I was able to get it to smooth down some with the second coat after working insanely fast.  Dear readers, I am not kidding when I say you have to work quickly with this one- it felt dry within seconds!  In all honesty, I did not care for the formula, and I have made an inquiry into this to determine if it should be behaving this way or if I just got a bad batch.  Nonetheless, I am still rocking this colour in support of fur-babies that need love and attention!  Dollish polish can be found at the Dollish Polish online store and at Llarowe in a few weeks.
Ludo thanks you for reading and for your support!  All my animals are from the shelter, and while we don't know much about his past, we know Ludo had an abusive owner.  Thankfully, he has gained a lot of weight since we brought him home (he was emaciated), and he is currently curled up next to me on the couch while I type this post.  Have you given your friend a hug or pets yet today?

Until next time, dear readers, stay good, and give your pets some love!  <3


  1. What a lovely, thoughtful post. The polish is lovely, but the thought behind it, much better.

  2. Awe super cute puppy and purple polish! The purple is gorgeous.


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