Monday, June 4, 2012

I Won Shoes!

Happy Monday, dear readers!  I'm having difficulties writing up one of my posts, so I thought I would share a short and fun one with you today instead.  One of my favorite bloggers is Tamala of Tall Girl in Heels, and she recently had a giveaway sponsored by Apparel Dynasty.  The winner of the giveaway got to choose any pair of shoes they offer, and I was the lucky winner!  After debating for a little while and getting feedback from some friends, I finally decided to pick the Fruit and Candy Flats.
Looky!  So colourful!

In addition to shoes, Apparel Dynasty carries bags, scented shoelaces, and graphic tees.

I hope you having a wonderful week!


  1. Super cute! I love your pictures.

    1. Thanks! I decided to take advantage of the broken/cut trees around my house. They work rather well! LOL

  2. Super cute shoes and love both you and Tall Girl in Heels

  3. Those are adorable! You totally deserve a special treat! :)


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