Friday, June 22, 2012

Ozotic 522: the Perfect Red Holo!

Good morning, dear readers!  I have a holo treat that I have been trying to share with you all week, but life got in the way for a little while.  "No more!" I say, because this colour is just too beautiful to keep to myself any longer.  For those of you that may not be aware of this yet, Ozotics has discontinued their 500 series of polishes, so if any you have been thinking of purchasing one of these beauties, now is the time to do it.  Earlier this month, I made a post about UP Colors Rosa Star, and I mentioned that as much as I loved the colour, it just wasn't winning me over on my nails.  I think it was the fact the the colour is already a bright pink, but once you add the little hints of purple in the holo effect when you go out in the sun, the colour that I really liked disappeared.  I thought that perhaps a slightly more red colour would win me over, and Ozotic 522 certainly did!  I wanted to be frugal with this since I may not be able to purchase another bottle, so I only used 1 coat over Zoya Nefertiti (a gorgeous red and my first Zoya by the way).  The colour (522) seemed a little thin, and I didn't want to be using 3 or more coats to reach opacity.  I must say I am happy that a little went a long way, and it applied like a dream!  On to the pictures!

This is just stunning, if I do say so myself!  All of the pictures above have been taken in the sun.  This is the main issue I have with holos and most blog posts about holographic nail lacquers: you see amazing swatches of the holos so you rush and buy them as soon as you can, but then you're disappointed.  Why? Well, as stunning as they are in the sun, they are kind of boring once you go inside or stand in the shade.  I didn't really realize this until I used the UP Colors in my above-mentioned post, but I'm not a fan of holos when I don't have the best lighting on them at all times.  That being said, let me show you what this looks like without the holo effect.
This isn't quite so flashy, and in my opinion, looks a little odd!  It definitely has a "dirty" appearance that won't be winning everyone over.  I actually liked this particular one even like this, but I think it explains why some people just are not dazzled by the holos.  The point I am trying to make and not articulating very well is to think about whether or not you like "dirty" colours when you are selecting your holographic polishes and decide if you will be majorly disappointed if you spend most of your time indoors.  I personally love many murky colours- especially blues.  Greige?  Yes, please!  Dusty purples?  Gimme, gimme!  At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.  That reminds me, I need to find a good sea foam green holo!

Until next time readers, stay good and remember: watch the road while you're driving, not your nails!  ;)   


  1. Very pretty! I just got my first (and hopefully not last) Ozotic, LOVE! I must get this one, it's a real beauty. BTW, just found your blog, love it!

  2. Looks awesome on you Jen! I'm not a holo fan myself but it's cool to see a red holo. You're nails are gorgeous!


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