Monday, October 6, 2014

Elevation Polish: My Fall Picks Swatch Spam

Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you have had a wonderful start to a new week! As for me, I've got a case of the Mondays, but I do have five stunning shades by Elevation Polish to make it better! Lu has a new collection that will be debuting tomorrow evening, but I wanted today's post to be a flashback on polishes from earlier collections that still scream Fall to me. I hope you're ready for some awesome holos! Let's do this!

Bohai Sea
The Sea Collection, June 2014
I go through phases when it comes to colour: I love a colour family for a little while before I move on to the next one. Recently, I have developed a love of cerulean blues, so naturally I had to put Bohai Sea on my list! I love it for Fall because it adds brightness to the darker colours usually found during the season without being too intense. Bohai Sea is one of those shades that just seems to work for every season, and if you can only have one Elevation Polish, I would pick this one for that reason alone. Bohai Sea is very pigmented, and while I used two coats for these photos, I might have got away with just one if I painted my nails just a tad thicker than I normally do. The formula is really nice, and it painted easily for me.

Aiguilles d'Arves
Fan Collection, December 2013
This is one sexy brown polish! If you would have told me five years ago that I would be in love with a brown polish, I would have thought you were crazy! Shades of brown tend to be popular this time of year, and there is just something about this one that I cannot get over. It is a red-based brown, and I find this shade to be so warm and inviting. I used two flawless coats for these photos.

Summits Collection #1, March 2014
It should come as no surprise to you that I put an orange polish on this list; I can't get enough of them! I've been drawn to jelly polishes lately, so Aconcagua is a win-win for me. If trying to match seasons is important to you, this shade is a good one that can be worn throughout most of the year. I personally don't associate orange with Winter, but then I'm the kind of person that would wear this year round anyway. It is a great pick for Fall, Spring, or Summer though! I used two perfect coats for these photos. There was still a little bit of visible nail line, but that is to be expected with jelly-based polishes.

Everest 2
Summits Collection #2, May 2014
If darker browns like Aiguilles d'Arves aren't really your thing, perhaps you would like something like Everest 2. This deep taupe is another fabulous shade, and I love the subtle flashes of copper shimmer! Darker browns are more my style, but I had to include this beauty on my list. I used two coats for these photos, and like the other polishes I've shared already, the formula was great on this one too!

Epidote 2
Stones Throw Collection, September 2013
I don't think I've shared a green polish on my blog in a while! I actually really like greens, and this olive green shade is one of my top green picks in addition to being a Fall pick for today's post. Now that I am sitting here and writing this post, I think I may have to use this again in some Halloween nail art; it is certainly a great shade for that too! Epidote 2 appeals to the rock hound in me as well, and I think I need to check out the rest of the Stones Throw Collection. I used two flawless coats for these swatch photos.

At the time of this post, I have confirmed that all five of these shades are still available at Lu's shop here.

Elevation Polish has restocks twice a month: one on the 7th at 9PM Central time and again on the 22nd at 9AM Central time. If you aren't sure of the time zone conversion, check out this handy site. Yes, dear readers, there is a stock tomorrow night! The Africa Collection launches tomorrow too, so definitely check it out. I don't have the new collection to share with you, but Sheila at Pointless Cafe wrote up a nice review and kindly provided me with this image for you. You can check out her review with more images here.
Elevation Polish now has a Facebook page, so you can follow along here for shop announcements and updates. You can also follow her on Instagram and on her blog.

Do you have these colours in your collection already? What are you planning to pick up at the restock?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. Gosh, these are all so pretty. And yay for orange nails!

  2. Bohai Sea and Epidote 2 are gorgeous, just my type of colours!

  3. Egads!! These are beautiful! And that red! Oo-lala!


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