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Darling Diva Polish: Naughty Bunny Collection

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Happy Monday, dear readers! It is Monday, right? I feel like everything in my life has been so crazy the past several weeks between my kids being sick over and over (and over and over and OVER...AHHHHHHH) again, my computer going berzerk, and a very recent death in the family; my poor blog is sadly the first thing that has to get put aside when the shoe drops. I don't want to even get into how things are going right now as I do not want to jinx myself, but I have carved away a little time for myself to get a post written and shared. Ready? Let's do this!
I have a beautiful new collection of creme polishes by Darling Diva Polish to share with you, and in true DDP fashion, the names are hilarious! I don't know why it has taken me so long to fall in love with cremes, but I certainly have, especially not that I've been into nail art! The Naughty Bunny Collection is a fantastic collection composed of six creme polishes and two toppers. Let's check them out!

Cute But Psycho
Two coats plus top coat

This is a very VERY pale lilac creme polish. Let's face it, we are all a little psycho AND very cute:)

Let's be real here, I think this thought on a daily basis, although it is more in regards to my toddler. As for myself, yep, this is a rather apt description as well. I may *ahem* have a bit of a tempter thanks to my Sicilian heritage, and I have to admit sometimes I go a little bonkers when I've been set off. As for the polish, Darling Diva Polish certainly makes crazy look beautiful with the unsuspecting lilac creme! The formula was fantastic, and I had no issues with application.

Crazy Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It
over Cute But Psycho
One coat topper plus top coat

Holographic top coat that is perfect for pale polishes because its light enough to not dull the color yet is perfect in one coat or can be built to the desired holo intensity. I wonder if my husband realized when I said this to him when we first met.....if he really believed me or just found it out when it was too late.....BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAaaaa

I am in awe of this topper! I've always wanted a good holographic topper for light polishes, and Crazy Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It suits the bill perfectly! I could still enjoy the gorgeous lilac base with a holographic kick in the patootie for just a little extra oomph of insanity. I only used a single coat here, but you can definitely layer more coats on. The formula was perfection!

Go Suck Someplace Else
Three coats plus top coat

Pale delicate yellow creme. I bet I say this in my head at least 18 billion times a day. I am not exaggerating. Well.....ok maybe a little. BUT NOT MUCH!

This is one of my favorite cremes in this collection. Admittedly the name might play a role in that; I know I have certainly said this in my head many times! This polish is for all those people with horrible attitudes, arrogance, and those that know how to suck the life out of you. At least it's yellow so it's a cheery screw you? I don't know, but I will say this shade is so sunny and bright and so perfect for spring. I was really impressed with the ease in application, especially given the colour, so you definitely need this shade in your collection!

Hating You Makes Me All Warm Inside
Two coats plus top coat

Pale rose creme. Perfect to wear when hatin on that particular KNOW you do it. ;)

This is one of those sentiments that just doesn't apply well to me. While there certainly have been people in my life I've not cared for, I generally am not one that "hates" others. Even when I do strongly dislike someone, it just makes me feel bad inside. I'm clearly not quite cut out to be a hater, so that's all the more reason for me to wear it on my nails. I apparently have to fake it until I find my cracker-eating b**ch. The formula was a little trickier on this one as the lid was loose upon arrival. I know this shade got thicker because of it, so I cannot accurately give a review on this particular bottle. Darling Diva Polish releases fantastic formulas so I suspect this is a winner as well.

P.S. If the household thieving gnome reads my blog post, you can return my polish thinner now. Thanks!

Hi Loser
Two coats plus top coat

This is a pale pistachio creme. The name just makes me giggle, how many people do you want to say this to?? ;)

Whoa, now that was a flashback! I felt like I stepped back into the 90's with this name! How can you not think of Regina George and Mean Girls with this baby! Sure, maybe it would fit more if it were pink instead of this fabulous green, but I bet your mind is fixating on going shopping now with our favorite evil dictator! I have been loving green polishes in particular recently, and this one is so pretty! The formula was impeccable and applied easily for me.

I'll Be Nicer When You're Smarter
over Hi Loser
One coat topper plus top coat

Color shifting flakie topper with holo sparkle. OMG tell me you don't think this too.

You know, for when you know the difference between "your" and "you're"... I like the think I am a nice person, but these grammar mistakes annoy me. It's one thing if it's the occasional not-paying-enough-attention mistake, but when it happens all the time, my brain hurts. I'm happy to see DDP got their grammar correct with this one! I'll Be Nicer When You're Smarter is a beautiful topper, and I used one fairly thick coat on my nails. My normal one coat didn't have quite as much flakie as I wanted, but I thought two would be too much for my preference at the moment. Whether you choose to wear this sparingly or load your nails up with flakies, you're going to love this beautiful polish! It applied flawlessly for me.

I Made a Little Sculpture of You
Two coats plus top coat

Pale orange sherberty creme. Such a naughty name for such a pretty fun color!!!

Let's just ignore this photo, shall we? My camera freaked out with this beauty, and my colour correcting skills only made it worse than this. This polish really does resemble orange sherbet and arguably my favorite from the collection. I'm an orange girl, remember? The formula was on point, and I had no application issues whatsoever.

It's Ok If You Want to Drop Dead
Three coats plus top coat

Very pale blue Tiffany type creme. Wut, it is ok if some people want to drop dead......;)

What a beautiful shade of blue! The sentiment might be a little more on the extreme side for me, but I have heard others use this expression. This applied really nicely for me, and I had no issues to report.

The Naughty Bunny Collection is currently available for purchase at the Darling Diva Polish website located here. The cremes retail for $8 each, and the toppers are $9 each. Alternately, you can purchase the entire collection for only $60.

This is such a great little collection with beautiful colours, but you may want to take care while wearing these should someone ask you what polish you're wearing. Or you can always hope your nemesis is the one asking so you can tell them how you really feel without them knowing...

Until next time, dear readers, I hope you have a wonderful night!


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