Monday, May 23, 2016

The Indie Shop: A Shopping Extravaganza for Indie Polish Enthusiasts

Happy Monday, dear readers! As you already know, I had the pleasure of attending The Indie Shop event this past Saturday. It was so wonderful to meet new people as well as see old friends, and more importantly, support the small independent polish and supply owners we all know and love! Because there were so many that wanted to attend but could not, I snapped a few pictures and wanted to get a post written up about my experience. Ready? Let's do this!
Attendees were given a reusable tote bag, and these were very useful for the large hauls purchased at the event.
As many of you already know, several of the indie vendors present created exclusives for the event. This checklist was so handy to know who had an exclusive in addition to the name so you could find it quickly.
The exclusives and limited edition shades available at The Indie Shop came in a range of shades and finishes; there was certainly something for everyone! I particularly loved the Californian names for these. Perhaps someone will create a Santa Rosa for the next event? *hint hint*

Let's check out all the brands present! First up is Envy Lacquer, the brand that organized the event!

I spy an event exclusive!
Watermelon Madness and Mint Chip smell so delicious! I also dug the nail vinyl display!

The one thing missing from this photo are Yvette's fabulous heels!
San Diego was the Bliss Polish event exclusive.

Row and rows of beautiful polish!
You can't forget the cuticle care!

Natosha is all smiles for the camera!
I am currently fixated on these bubble vinyls so you can expect to see them show up here soon!

I've been loving indie body products lately and love these solid lotion bars and this gorgeous coffee scrub!

What goes better with polish than colourful hair! Alix and Lynnae make such a great team!
Customers got to spin the wheel to win a prize of discounts at the event, online discounts, or free polish. The Jackpot was the Baby Shower duo OH and Deer!, which yours truly won, I might add!

Yes, those are Girl Scout Cookies, and yes, I did try to buy them.
Malibu was the Stached Polish event exclusive.

Photo Credit: Rugger Productions

Lexi had a great display! I love the lights and the flowers! My photos of the Painted Polish booth turned out way too dark so I'm including one from Rugger Productions.

There were several bottles and refills of HK Girl top coat ready for purchase!
Who will win?!?

Welcome to holo heaven!
Packaging up a customer's order

Corona Del Mar was the Sea Lore Limited Edition shade available at the Indie Shop.
You can't travel without your mermaid mascot!

Waiting in anticipation for the grand opening of the Indie Shop event!
 LA Chismosa, the event exclusive

Another great polish display!

Taking care of another happy customer!

Vinyls and charms for your nail art needs!

So many ways to display polish! I adore this sweet little heart of event exclusive shade, Beverly Hills.

Calabasas was the Drip Drop Nail Paint exclusive.

The Exotic Sands Collection debuted at Indie Shop!
Event exclusive, Santa Maria

The Harry Potter May subscription box on display!
Mani squares, event exclusive polish, Cuticle Crelly and Hand Crelly, oh my!

SCLA was the Lavish Polish event exclusive.

With so much polish and other products to see and enjoy, it was easy to spend a small fortune in a short period of time! I also decided at the Indie Shop event that I really need to invest in a better camera and flash. With all the activity, many of my customer shots ended up blurred, but thankfully I have some from a photographer to include in this post.

Photo Credit: Rugger Productions
Photo Credit: Rugger Productions
Photo Credit: Rugger Productions
Photo Credit: Rugger Productions
Photo Credit: Rugger Productions
Photo Credit: Rugger Productions

Photo Credit: Rugger Productions

A photo of all the indie vendors!

In order to attend the Indie Shop, I flew in for just the day. I didn't check any luggage so I was limited to what I could bring in my carry on. I thought you might have a little giggle at my quart sized bag stuffed to capacity with polish. I don't think I could have fit any more in there if I tried; it barely closed for me! I'll have more coming soon on what I bought, swatches, and a little surprise for my readers!

The next Indie Shop event is currently in the works for in November, and it will be in California as well. Hopefully this post gave you a little taste of the experience and something to plan for in the fall!

Did you attend the Indie Shop event? What was your favorite part? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!


  1. Jen, you did a wonderful job! I hope you enjoyed being there! Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Jen it was a pleasure meeting you! Awesome post!

  3. Wow! What fun! Jen, you know I make Sonoma County themed polishes, right? I'll be selling at the Railroad Square Music Festival on June 5th. Hope you can make it!

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! It is so fun to see for those of us who could not be there.

  5. What a fun event! I really wish I could have attended this one.

  6. Great write up of this event! It looked and sounded like it was excellent. I love opportunities where you can meet other people in the community in real life! I look forward to meeting you at Cosmoprof soon!

  7. Great write up of the event! If I weren't at a wedding, I definitely would have been there! I hope I can make it in November!!!

  8. This sounds like such a fun event!

  9. Oh my gosh, amazing photos and what an awesome review! I'm loving all these events being planned!

  10. Wow, so many awesome makers! Wish I could have been there! :)

  11. Looks like a fantastic event! I'm hopeful they can get an east coast event planned for next year, I would so love to attend an indie event!

  12. What an amazing event! I can't wait until Polish Con in September.

  13. Looks like you had a blast! I can't wait to see swatches of everything you got. That Jonesy Lou exclusive looks AMAZING!!

  14. I really hope to be able to get to go to one of these events one of these days. I'm always so far away, it looks like you had a blast!

  15. It was so much fun. <3 I really wish I had snagged more of the exclusives. But that doesn't diminish the fun I had at the event by any means. :-) Excellent post. <3

  16. That looks like it was such an awesome event!!


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