Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lyn B Designs: Staycation Collection

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Happy hump day, dear readers! This week feels like it is flying by! I'm really excited about that because I'll be covering the Indie Shop event on Saturday! It's only a few days away, and I need to decide what to wear on my nails! That's on the agenda for tomorrow...
It's another toasty day here in California, although it is cooler than yesterday and will be even cooler later this week. I wanted to give neons some more love, so what could be better than the Staycation Collection by Lyn B Designs! This fabulous set of neon cremes will make your mind drift off to relaxing destinations. Ahhhh, bliss! Let's check them out!

Three coats plus top coat

Pastel yellow neon creme

If you're going to wear yellow, might as well go all out with this searingly bright highlighter shade! The formula was flawless, and this may be the best neon yellow polish I have ever used!

Three coats plus top coat

Pastel orange neon creme

Cabo is a fantastic shade for those that aren't quite sure about orange. It is softer than the traditional orange and quite pretty! The formula was really nice and it applied easily for me.

Three coats plus top coat

Pastel purple neon creme

Eleuthera is such a pretty in-between pink and purple colour! It makes me think of a slightly more neon version of the 2014 Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid. This applied nicely for me and is one of my favorites from this collection.

Three coats plus top coat

Pastel blue neon creme

Ibiza is such a pretty shade of blue, but the formula was a little difficult to work with. It managed to be thick but still on the sheerer side. The final result was a little uneven and I ended up with some unflattering thick spots on my nails. Hopefully a couple drops of thinner fixes the issue I had because this colour is gorgeous.

Three coats plus top coat

Soft coral neon creme

Miami is my number one pick from the Staycation collection- the polish, not the destination! I love coral shades, especially this time of year, and I am thrilled to see this one in the collection! The formula was a touch on the thicker side and you do need to take care not to overwork it during application. I didn't think it was that difficult to work with, and it's well worth just a little extra patience!

Three coats plus top coat

Pastel magenta neon creme

Oh Hawaii, how I miss you! I'm more of a Big Island and Kauai person, but Oahu is still beautiful, much like this polish. This colour makes me think of hibiscus flowers. The formula was pretty easy to work with overall, but again, you do want to take care not to overwork it during application. I did on my pointer and ended up with a little unevenness.

Three coats plus top coat

Pastel green neon creme

Like, Ibiza, Santorini was another shade from this collection that was giving me fits during application. It went on thick and did not want to self level out at all. I'm a little sad by that because this is such a gorgeous green shade! I'm hoping thinner and a little more patience makes this beauty a little more easily workable.

Three coats plus top coat

Pastel pink neon creme

Rio is a pretty pink colour. I am, admittedly, not fond of this type of pink, but it grew on me as I was wearing it. This is not the colour I think of when I think of Rio de Janeiro; instead, it makes me think of Prague, although that could just be my desire to travel around Eastern Europe one day! I have no application issues to report with this polish.

Bora Bora
over Cabo, Ibiza, Rio, and accent nail of all shades
One coat plus top coat

Clear galaxy holo topper

I've not been to Bora Bora specifically, but I did visit French Polynesia with my husband for our honeymoon. We've talked about going back at some point, sans kids, of course, so it's going to be quite some time before we consider going again. Bora Bora is the most expensive of the islands, but I would like to visit for a couple days so I could say I've been there. Until that happens, I'm just going to have to enjoy Bora Bora on my nails, and with this holo topper, I can do that all the time! This is such a pretty topper, and I love that you can get the holo look without greying out the base shades. Look how vibrant they still are! Bora Bora is perfection and another must have from this collection!

The Staycation collection is available for purchase now at the Lyn B Designs etsy shop located here. Each colour retails for $6, or you can purchase the entire collection for $50. In addition to the bonus of having all the gorgeous and bright shades, the full collection ships for free in the US! You gotta like that!

What are your favorite colours from this collection? Do you need any for a special vacation this summer? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!


  1. I think these are really pretty on you, and I of course love that yellow!

  2. I like these more muted neons; still bright not necessarily eye searing. Miami is probably my favorite; I love coral pinks! Sadly, of all these places, I've only been to Oahu!

  3. Okay, these are just about perfect1 I am not an orange or yellow lover, but Bondi and Cabo are amazing.


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