Thursday, September 1, 2016

Polish 'M: Back to Reality Collection

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Good evening, dear readers, and happy September! It certainly has been a busy summer, but it's all coming to an end. Schools have started up in many places already, and we bit adieu to the season with the passing of the upcoming holiday weekend. While it may not technically be fall for a few more weeks, many of us look at these two events to signify the change. With the end of summer vacation in mind, what could be better to share than the Polish 'M Back to Reality Collection! This collection will help you transition between the two seasons in vibrant style. Let's check them out!

Back to Reality
Two coats plus top coat

An absolute gorgeous shade of bubblegum pink leaning magenta with blue and silver micro flakes.

The best place to start is with Back to Reality, a stunning deep pink shade. While the base shade is lovely, it's the combination with the micro flakes that has me swooning. I love the extra flashes of colour when the lights hit my nails just right. The formula of Back to Reality was perfection, and it applied easily for me.

Hit Snooze. Repeat
Two coats plus top coat

A rich teal green with silver, blue and green micro flakes.

I have a place in my heart for teals and the various ways they can lean, but I still wasn't quite prepared for just how gorgeous this polish is in person! This polish truly is breathtaking, and with the divine formula and ease of application, I don't know if anyone could resist this beauty!

The Last Mile Home
Two coats plus top coat

A bright (not neon) summery orange with silver, orange, gold and a hint of aqua micro flakes.

Wowza! I may have a slight orange bias, but The Last Mile Home is arguably my favorite shade in this collection. I love that this orange is so vivid but not quite neon- it definitely is the perfect polish that you can wear any time of year! The application was effortless; it almost applies itself!

Inbox is Full
Two coats plus top coat

A true concord grape with silver, lavender and purple micro flakes.

Ugh, I know the feeling of opening my email after a vacation and having so much to go through and just wanting to go away all over again. At least Polish 'M has figured out a way to make a full inbox look good! I was initially a little worried when the first coat went on very patchy, but the second coat smoothed my nails out perfectly.

Hello, Monday
Two coats plus top coat

A unique and fun chartreuse with bronze, gold and teal micro flakes.

Now this is a fun take on Mondays! I was unsure of this polish at first with other swatch photos, but it wasn't quite as pale as I was anticipating. This polish is phenomenal and definitely not like anything I've seen before! The combination of micro flakes works exquisitely against the base shade and the formula is impeccable.

Post-Vacation Blues
Two coats plus top coat

A beautiful cobalt blue with bronze, blue and purple micro flakes.

I definitely have experienced the post vacation blues many times. Of course my last "vacation" ended up with my youngest becoming very sick and having to go to the emergency room.... I certainly need a vacation from that! At least I now have this stunning cobalt polish to chase my blues away. The formula of this polish is on point and I have no issues to report.

The Back to Reality Collection is currently available for purchase from the Polish 'M website located here. Each polish currently retails for $9, but you can save 25% off either individually or the full collection with discount code BTR25. I am crazy about all six shades in this collection- it's those micro flakes that I just can't get enough of! This collection is so well thought out, and it is sure to make your return to school/work/everyday life much more pleasant!

What are your favorite shades from this collection? Are you loving all the micro flakes? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!


  1. Your accent nails are always on point! I've been seeing this collection around so much lately I may just end up getting it after all lol.

  2. This is easily one of the best summer collections this year!

  3. Nice polishes and I love your accentnail :)

  4. Gorgeous collection, sad to see this summer coming to an end. For a change the weather has been nice to us in the UK lol x

  5. I keep seeing swatches of this collection and it's so gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful, your accent nail is everything!!

  7. This collection is so great. Love your little accent nail.

  8. I love how well this collection works together on your accent nail! Hello Monday was a surprise favourite for me.

  9. This is a fantastic collection and I love your accent nail!

  10. I love this collection and your swatches look fantastic. I especially loved the accent nail you included. I still think Hit Snooze, Repeat is my favorite. :-)

  11. Gorgeous collection; I'm glad I snagged it! Love your accent nail!


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