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Darling Diva Polish: Batshit Crazy Collection

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Happy whatever day it is, readers! It's certainly been a trying day so I'm not entirely sure what day we're on now- Tuesday? We'll call it Tuesday and leave it at that. I'm in no rush for the weekend as my husband leaves town this weekend for a conference next week and I have toddler herding duty all to myself. I'm going to do my best to keep up with posting, but my posting schedule may be a little scattered as these boys wear me down.  I'm sure I'll be passing out right after their bedtime! Until then, I'm going to try to get a few posts in the pipeline so I'll have fun things to share with you next week. Now let's jump in to today's blog post!

It's no secret that I adore the crazy Carrie from Darling Diva Polish, especially since she tends to bring out my snarky sassiness that often lays latent under the surface. She always comes out with the best inspirations for nail polish collections and polish names, even if sometimes they are Rated R. For tonight's post, I present to you the newest upcoming collection inspired by Helena from Orphan Black, the BSC (Batshit Crazy) Collection! This collection boasts eight polishes in a range of colours and finishes; there is definitely something for everyone in the collection! Let's check them out! 

Two coats plus top coat

Just.............google it. It’s hilarious. This elegant nude polish has pink to gold shimmer and a very slight holo sparkle.

I love a good nude, and Oinks certainly qualifies as one! It may not be the most flattering against my skin tone, but I'm gonna do what I want and wear this baby! I just love the added pink to gold shimmer; it really adds something a little extra something that makes this a must-have nude shade for any collection. This applied beautifully in two thin coats for opacity.

Two coats plus top coat

This is the semi affectionate term Helena uses for her sisters and her sister brother, Felix. This hot pink jelly is full of holographic flakes and blue shimmer.

Hot damn, this is one sexy shade! Even though it is a jelly, I was able to combat the dreaded visible nail line with only two coats! What is this madness?!? Seestra is a stunning shade with perfect formula; I don't know how anyone could possibly resist this beauty!

I Gave Her Darkness
Two coats plus top coat

Intense indigo jelly full of flakies and shimmer. Inspired by Helena popping out the eyes of an offensive nun at the orphanage. She had the nerve to give Helena a little darkness by putting her in a closet, this was Helena’s way of returning the favor.

Yikes, now that's a scary thought! I get squeamish when it comes to things happening to the eyes so this polish gives me the shivers. That being said, I really love the dark moodiness of this lacquer, and it fits the fall season so perfectly. This applied really nicely for me, but you will need to break out the Gelous as it is top coat hungry. I used three coats here, and while it was fine for my closeup shot, the top coat apparently settled in a little bit when I switched over to full swatch photos. This shade is fabulous and definitely worth it so don't let an extra coat or two deter you!

Two coats plus top coat

Sarah’s affectionate nickname for Helena. Multichrome flakes that go from copper through to green.

I am smitten with this particular polish, especially for this time of year! It is loaded with flakes such that I only needed two pretty thin coats for opacity, but some readers may find they need a third coat. I had no issues with this baby and will be rocking this a lot this season!

These I Like
Three coats plus top coat

Don’t bother having a serious conversation with Helena unless she initiates it. This white crelly is full of sparkle and flakies and holo flakie shimmer.

I really need to apologize for these photos of These I Like as my camera threw a fit at me and refused to capture the beauty of this polish. In person it has the most gorgeous orangey-pink sparkle and the holo flakies add such pretty rainbows on your nails. And yet my camera will photograph invisible fuzz bits, bah! Because this is filled with so much sparkled goodness, it does have a little bit of a textured appearance to it although the polish isn't particular textured itself. While I have it worn alone here, I think I'll be layering this over a white base to limit some of the textured look. I had to push a couple troublesome flakies back up onto my nail for a smooth finish at the tip, but that's the only issue to note with this shade. I'm definitely thinking of nail art looks for when it gets closer to the holiday season with this one!

Three coats plus top coat

That damn scorpion. Was it for Helena? Against Helena? Sarcastic little shit! “Were you expecting a cheesecake??” This black jelly base has color shifting shimmer and a slight holographic sparkle.

I effing hate scorpions, and I am so conflicted over my love of this polish for that very reason. Pupok is gloriously dark but sparkled, and it was love the moment I laid my eyes on the bottle. The formula was such perfection that it practically applied itself. It's definitely one of my top picks from this collection; we'll just choose to ignore the inspiration.....

Bloody Angel
Two coats plus top coat

Helena is often the avenging angel come to wreck vengence upon who she deems unfit. Who will ever forget “You should not threaten bebbehs......”. Red holographic with gold flakies and shimmer.

Be still, my beating heart! I can't believe there was a time in my life when I wasn't particularly fond of red shades, but there are divine shades like Bloody Angel that can knock me back to my senses. Red and gold fit together like peanut butter and jelly, wine and roses, yin and yang.....you get the idea! I'm digging the depth of this red: it's just rich! The formula is impeccable, and this is another favorite from the collection.

Sleep Now
Two coats plus top coat

Helena being Helena, Sleep Now still gives me shivers. When my husband pisses me off, this is my usual come back to him;) Purple scattered holo with color shifting micro glitter.

If that expression doesn't make you just the slightest bit uncomfortable, nothing will! At least your nails can look fabulous while you are issuing threats, ha! The base shade is perfectly menacing and the added micro glitters are the perfect touch to let others know you mean business! From the polish design to the ease in application, Sleep Now is another favorite from this collection. While I used two thin coats here, if you tend to use thicker coats, you may find that you only need one coat with this stunner.

The Batshit Crazy Collection will be launching on the Darling Diva Polish website located here on October 28th. This collection is single pour only so once shades are sold out, they will not be restocked. If you have any favorites, be sure to mark down the date on the calendar and grab them while you can! My favorites from this collection are I Gave Her Darkness, Pupok, Bloody Angel, and Sleep Now. While not a colour I would wear year-round, Meathead is another favorite, especially for the fall.

Are you a fan of Orphan Black? What do you think of Darling Diva Polish's interpretation of Helena? Are any shades in particular catching your attention? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!


  1. I honestly can't decide what I love more out of all of them. I love these on you.

  2. These are all gorgeous! Great collection!

  3. Oh my goodness!! These are fantastic!! Oinks might be my fave!

  4. Lol I love the name of the collection! These look lovely on you!

  5. Lol I love the name of the collection! These look lovely on you!

  6. The name of the collection calls to me.

  7. Did you get a new nail shape? It's great! Beautiful swatches

  8. these are crazy beautiful! I love Meathead!


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