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KBShimmer Winter 2016 Collection

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Happy Friday, dear readers! It has been a long week around here with me only getting about four hours of sleep at night, so I'm going to spare you my loopiness and keep the chattiness to a minimum this evening. Besides, I have the new winter collection by KBShimmer to share with you, and that is far more exciting than anything else I could possibly share with you. Buckle down and get those wallets ready because the Winter 2016 Collection has 16 new mouth-watering shades for on those digits! Let's dive on in and check them out!

Yeti Or Not
Three Coats

What the most fashionable Yeti’s are wearing, this pale gray polish is loaded with iridescent and holographic glitters for a manicure that glistens more than fresh fallen snow. Wear alone for a textured feel, or pair with topcoat for a smooth, sparkly look. 2-3 coats recommend recommended.

It's not that common to see textured polishes by an indie polish brand, and I just had to leave this in it's textured glory to share with you. It is such a fun polish! I did need to use three coats for opacity, and while it applied easily enough, it does have a bit of a thick appearance on the nails due to texturizing ingredients. I really love this combination, so I think it may be best layered over a white cream so as to not seem so thick on the nails.

Ink Again
Two coats

This vibrant holographic ink blue shade looks like it just spilled out of your favorite Bic. But don’t worry, this inky blue shade is one you will want to wear, on your nails! This doodle worth color covers in just 2, for a bright colbalt linear holographic shade.

I am really digging the brightness of this beautiful blue! It dries to a beautiful shiny finish, and I just had to show that off by sharing swatch photos without top coat. The formula was a little on the thinner side, although it could just seem that way to me since I've been swatching thicker polishes lately. I had to work a little more slowly to prevent cuticle flooding, but it still went on nicely for me with just a little extra patience.

A Walk In The Park-A
One coat plus top coat

This lush orchid colored cream is the ideal winter purple.  With almost 1 coat coverage, this warm red toned shade is a cozy as a parka!  1-2 coats recommended

This name is so cute! A Walk In The Park-A is quite densely pigmented, and I found it to easily be a one coater with a coat just a touch thicker than I normally apply. KBShimmer creams are so deliciously smooth, and this shade is gorgeous! 

Whiskey Business
Two coats plus top coat

This warm, golden yellow is ideal for those that love warmer, metallic polish shades, or whiskey, pick your poison.  Loaded with metallic flakes and a scattering of micro holo glitter, this tawny shade will make you thirsty for more.  2 coats recommended

I'm not a whiskey fan in general, but this polish is fabulous! I was a little unsure of it in the bottle, but I was swooning with the first stoke across my nails. The formula was also fantastic, and this stunning yellow gold polish is one of my top picks from this collection!

Spruce Things Up
Three coats plus top coat

On a cold winter’s morning, looking outside, the branches of evergreens seem to sparkle and glisten from frozen bites of ice and snow catching the light.  This Christmas green jelly polish emulates that sparkling snow, with millions of micro holo and sliver glitters to catch the light. 2-3 coats recommended

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the tree, and just the name alone triggers that cozy smell to memory. Green and a jelly? Sign me up! Spruce Things Up applied really nicely to my nails, and I had no visible nail line with three coats.

Soot And Ladders
Three coats plus top coat

Well past bedtime, nothing lighting the room but the twinkle of colored lights on the tree, the fireplace cool and nothing but soot to greet St. Nick.  This soot black, Christmas light inspired, jelly is filled with micro flakes in a rainbow of colors, which pop in the light.  2-3 coats recommended

Oh man, I am so upset with how this photographed! Soot And Ladders is divine, and not only is it my top pick from this collection, it is actually vying for position of top KBShimmer of all time. It is so pretty in person and it certainly reminds me of walking around at night to admire the beautiful lights. The formula was on point and gave me no troubles whatsoever.

Take Me For Granite
Three coats plus top coat

This soft, pale gray crelly is accented by bits of black, sliver, and gray glitters.  This nature inspired polish will make your nails look stone cold awesome. 3 coats recommended

I may be slightly biased in my love for this polish as a rockhound, but this pale grey crelly is beautiful! Even though it doesn't contain a wide range of colours, it is so well thought out and still complex. I'm happy to report it applied beautifully on my nails without any issue.

Get To The Pointsettia
Two coats plus top coat

This linear holographic red polish just screams holiday!  As red as Santa suit, a candy cane stripe, or the perfect poinsettia, this red holo polish deepens with every coat.  2 coats recommended

I don't think a winter collection can be complete without a red polish, and I must say, Get To The Pointsettia is stunning! Some red holo polishes lean a little pink or orange, so if you want a true red, this beauty is for you! The application was smooth as well!

Haute Mess
Applied with sponge plus top coat

You can’t walk through a Vegas casino without seeing glittery stilettos on the feet of women.  This polish is loaded with silver, copper, rose gold, and holographic glitters reminiscent of those sparkly heels.  Wear over your favorite cream, or layer for the ultimate full coverage sparkle.  2-3 coats recommended

I definitely had a giggle at the name of this polish, and I had to make it live up to its name by wearing it solo. I applied it to my nails by dabbing with a sponge, and my nails were so blingy, I couldn't see any bare nail. Of course, my camera found a few thin spots, but I don't think anyone else would know! Because it is a dense glitter, you will need a few coats of top coat and/or Gelous to get a smooth look, especially if you go in full-on bling mode.

Just Duvet It
Three coats plus top coat

Admit it, some winter days, calling in sick, snuggling up with your favorite blanket, and watching reality TV is all the adulting we can handle.  This rich grape shade is a throwback to my favorite duvet, a bit of sparkle, and a hint of pink shimmer y flakes, this is one color you will want to snuggle with all winter long.  2-3 coats recommended

Just Duvet It is a sneaky bugger! The flashes of sparkle are very subtle but still beautiful, so if you want something with a hint of sparkle, this shade is for you. Part of me wanted this polish to be more sparkled, but with so many others that do just that in the collection, it's really nice to have a muted option. Fantastic colour with equally fantastic formula!

Have A Look-Ski
Two coats plus top coat

Like a good 80’s or 90’s child, I had the post epic ski jacket, with the most awesome shades of teal and neon.  This deepened teal shade is a throwback to my youth.  We amped up this shade with linear holo pigment for the most bodacious shade ever. 2 coats recommended

These photos aren't the most accurate as Have A Look-Ski is a little more green in person. No matter how I changed my camera settings, I just could not capture the shade accurately. Photoshop left my hands green but the polish still as blue as ever..... It is a gorgeous shade though and another favorite from this collection. And to keep sounding like a broken record- the formula was perfect!

The Holy Kale
Three coats plus top coat

You cannot go to most eateries without seeing kale on the menu.  This leafy green has been hailed as the new miracle food.  Inspired by this green wonder, The Holy Kale is a green linear holo polish with micro glass flakes that shift between blue and pink for a fun shimmer shade. 2-3 coats recommended

Eek! I don't know if I can find the words to describe just how much I love this polish! Kale is not food (I just have to throw that out there), but this polish is everything! I am crazy about the blue to pink glass flakes against this green; The Holy Kale is definitely a top shade from this collection! The formula was perfect as well, so what more could you possibly want, besides real food, that is. ;)

Two coats plus top coat

On a colds winter’s evening, nothing is better than snuggling up with a warm cup of chai, and your favorite Chihuahua.  This polish was inspired by the spices that make chai such a winter drink, cinnamon, cloves and anise.  This warm brick red covers perfect in 2 coats

This brick red shade is beautiful, and I don't think there is a more perfect name for it! I'm a fan of chai tea, and I will certainly be sporting this shade while sipping my cup! Chai-huahua is another favorite from this collection and the formula was divine!

Bling In The New Year
Three coats plus top coat

Shiny silver hats, half glasses of gold champagne,  noise makers long forgotten, all covered with a dusting of confetti  are a signature of New Year’s Eve parties.  Inspired by that aftermath, this polish features colorful flakes in pinks, greens, gold and blues dancing among silver holo glitter and metallic flakes. 2-3 coats recommended

Can I say how much I love all the blingy shades in this collection? I don't wear bling on my nails often, but this is the perfect time of year to do so! KBShimmer certainly captured the celebrations of the season spectacularly with this shade and the formula is perfect to boot!

Royal To A Fault
Three coats plus top coat

Our favorite shows and books are often filled with one thing, two faced drama queens. This royal purple shade is filled with micro glass flakes that shift from blue to violet at different angles.  With this polish, like our favorite drama queens, you will never know which type of shade you will get shown.  2-3 coats recommended

Those glass flakes! I love glass flakes in general, but the blue to purple shift is drool worthy and makes this polish something special. Hopefully this is the only drama you have to deal with this holiday season, but it not, I'm sure you can distract your favorite drama queens by waving your fingertips in front of them! Another fantastic formula and colour!

Ornamentally Flawless
over Such A Vlad-Ass
One coat plus top coat

Like the jewel toned ornaments that decorated the trees of many a home, this jewel toned glitter polish sparkles in shades of turquoise, fuchsia, gold, green and sliver.  This polish is perfect worn over your favorite cream, but is loaded with glitter for full coverage. 1-2 coats recommended

I had the hardest time deciding what colour to swatch this glitter over, and in the end, I decided I really liked how it looked layered over last fall's KBShimmer shade, Such a Vlad-Ass. It is densely packed so you could use a few layers on its own rather than layering it, although I do like seeing the base shade around the glitters. This applied easily my dabbing on the nails rather than stroking down the nail bed, and you will need a couple coats of top coat for a smooth finish on your nails.

Phew! We did it, dear readers! This gorgeous 16 piece collection is set to launch on the KBShimmer website located here on November 1st. With a range of colours and finishes, there certainly is something for everyone! My top picks from this collection are Soot And Ladders, The Holy Kale, Whiskey Business, and Royal To A Fault, but they are all so gorgeous that you can't go wrong with any of them!

Not only will these 16 shades launch on November 1st, KBShimmer is also going to be relaunching older holiday favorites including Holly Back Girl and sELFie.

What polishes are you most excited about from this collection? Are you preferring the blinged-out look or something a little more subtle? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!


  1. Soot and Ladders is a really interesting black. What a great winter collection overall!

  2. I love Whiskey Business, Bling In The New Year, and Chia-huahua.

  3. Love KB Shimmer! Bling in the New Year is my fav of the collection.

  4. That white is gorgeous! I might need that one!

  5. I should get Take Me for Granite. It matches my new counters.

  6. There really are some beautiful polishes in this collection!

  7. Whiskey business was my favorite and it looks great on you too

  8. Great swatches! My favourite is Bling In The New Year, but I just might purchase a few others, too. ;)


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