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Maybelline ColorStay 24 LongWear Lip Color: Constant Toast

Sample provided for free by Influenster for my honest review

Happy Saturday, dear readers! After a painfully long week, I don't think I can find the words to express just how happy I am the weekend is here. I've been neglecting myself lately with having to take care of sick kids and the husband out of town for work, and today has been primarily about me. My husband took the kids to the park to play this morning so I could have some peace and quiet in the house to rest. Naturally, my mind would not slow down until I got a few things done, but it was nice not having a little one under foot so I could get things accomplished. As if that wasn't awesome enough, I laid down for a nap when my youngest went down for his. I could get used to this! Now on to today's post...
I am a member of the Influenster community, and I occasionally am selected to received VoxBoxes which contain products for testing. Each box is specifically themed and can include a single item or a range of products for testing. Many of the boxes I have been selected to review have included food items, things for children, and household products, and while I certainly know my way around these matters, they aren't exactly products that fit with my beauty blog. Someone at Influenster must have been paying attention because lately I've been getting more beauty products to test. Today's blog post features a product from my latest box, Maybelline SuperStay24 LongWear Lip Color.

Ah, the quest for the long lasting lipstick has haunted many a makeup connoisseur. While many people identify me as "nail girl", makeup has been my passion since I was three years old and smashing thick layers of waxy tinted goodness all over my cherubic face. That arduous expedition to find a lipstick that stays in place without drying? Oh yes, we've met. I wasn't sure it would be possible to find a lipstick that applied relatively easily and stay in place through many sips of coke, lunch fry dates, and more importantly, kissing a new significant other. Nothing ruins a first date like having the perfect kiss only to pull back to have your date's mouth covered in lipstick and your lips a disaster area. I may know a little about this topic.... Maybelline's SuperStay 24 lip color isn't a new product, and I actually started using it several years ago. Today's blog post features the shade Constant Toast.

Even though I have a few of Maybelline's ColorStay 24 lip shades in my stash already, I've never picked up this particular shade. Until recently, my lipstick had to be either brighter or darker, so I was happy to have the opportunity to try out the Maybelline formula in a lighter shade.

As with other long-wear lipsticks, I definitely recommend starting out with smooth, flake-free lips. If your lips are already peeling, the lipstick will not apply to a smooth finish and leave a very undesirable look. I used a lip scrub while in the shower in preparation of my makeup application for the day.

The first thing to note about this lipstick is the applicator. This lipstick applies with a bent doe-foot applicator. While I like that the bent applicator is better able to remove product from the tube, the application on the lips themselves takes a little extra effort for control. It certainly isn't impossible, but it you aren't used to the bent style, you may need a little practice. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be problematic when applying a lipstick that dries within two minutes on your lips. If you overshoot your lips and it starts to dry, you need to use an oil-based makeup remover to get this off your lips before starting over again. It's not a deal breaker, but you are going to want to work carefully with this applicator. 

I have shown this with two coats of Constant Toast. The first coat went on very patchy and uneven, and I had to use a second coat to obtain an even appearance. After the lipstick was dry, I then applied the balm over the colour. I set my timer to go off every hour after the initial application so I could give you a detailed account of my experience with this lipstick. Don't worry, I didn't test it for a full 24 hours. Let's check out the results!

One hour post application
My makeup didn't make it on early in the day, and I had just finished eating lunch prior to this photo. As you can tell, my lips were due for a balm touch-up and I already have some colour flaking off the inner region of my bottom lip. Immediately prior to eating, my lips felt moisturized and flakefree with routine drinking, but the consumption of my sandwich started up some serious damage. You can even see the lip colour flaking onto my balm with just a quick swipe over my lips prior to this photo.

Two hours post application
At the two hour point, my lips were feeling dry and I needed another swipe of the balm over my lips. I had already removed all the flakes from the balm that came off the first hour, so all the flakes in this photo is new shedding at hour two. As you can see, Constant Toast is still flaking off my lips with most of the activity centralized to the inner portion of my bottom lip. Also to note, even though I *did* put this balm directly on my lips, some of the balm migrated to the area just above my lip in the minute of so it took me to sit down and get my camera set up for a picture. In hindsight, my top lip likely did not need a balm touch up although my bottom certainly did. 

Three hours post application
Another hour and more fresh flaking on my lip balm. My bottom lip is staying pretty consistent, but you can see more flaking off the out portions of my top lips. The past hour only included drinking water from a glass, and again, even though my lips were starting to feel dry enough to need a balm touch-up, I still had some balm falling into the upper area above my lip again.

Four hours post application
Four hours in and I definitely have lost a bit of coverage on my lips. I could deal with little bit of flaking off the first hour, if not the second hour, but by hour four, I was going crazy. My lips were feeling dry about the hour point and needed a balm top-off, but even with a quick and gentle swipe over my lips, it started to feel like the balm was caked on and made my lips feel heavy and uncomfortable. I had to remove this immediately after taking the photo.

I was actually surprised about my unpleasant experience with Constant Toast. While I've never done an hourly update with other darker shades I have used previously, I don't recall any of them wearing off and flaking quite so early in the wearing process. I'm not sure if this is due to the nature of it being a lighter colour or if once it started flaking, it hit the point of no return and spiraled downhill quickly. I have eaten while wearing other shades without flaking, and I'm curious if the lighter shade made it susceptible to quicker flaking. I'll definitely have to give this another trial run to see if I can figure it out, but based on my first experience with Constant Toast, I'm afraid to say it was just a constant disappointment hour after hour.

Here's a photo of my face when I wore Constant Toast. I needed a little bit of brightness to pair with a pale lip. At least my eye makeup stayed in place all day long!

Have you tried any of Maybelline's SuperStay 24 long wearing lip shades? I would love to hear about your experience with the product, especially with lighter shades like Constant Toast!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer: Products in this post were provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Please note any opinions stated above are entirely my own unless disclosed otherwise. Your experiences with products may vary.


  1. The hourly post was really interesting! I don't think I would have tried this anyways but very helpful! I love getting VoxBoxes from Influenster!

  2. This color looks so amazing on you and I love your eye makeup!

  3. I like the color on you a lot actually but too bad about the wear time. I don't have time to reapply every hour so that would be a killer for me

  4. That shade is lovely, but it's too bad to see how it wore. I really like how you did the wear text though, very informative! :)

  5. I really do prefer you with darker lips. Shame about the wear test. Who has time for that kind of maintenance?

  6. I love the "play by play" wear time!!!! That shade looks perfect for you!

  7. I like seeing the hourly posts - it really lets us know it's staying power. I do love this color on you, but I'm bummed that it needed touch up already at the 1 hour mark.

  8. I remember liking these longwear lip color and balm combo products, they're great! Sorry to hear this one didn't stand up to your expectations; maybe you got one with a wonky formula.

  9. Oh, I'd have to say I would pass on this one. These peeling long-wears are a nightmare for me.

  10. Aww man, I got one of these as well but haven't worn it yet! That's a bummer it is so flaky!

  11. I had one in wine shade and it was same like you shared. But the shade looks lovely on you


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